Enraptured Misfit

  • I am not that active on here nowadays


About Me

  • I am of masculine identification. c:
  • I am currently fourteen years old.
  • My favorite color has to be cyan, or blue, because I'm that beige and basic.
  • My favorite hobbies include reading and watching movies and television shows, that include:
    • The Shining, MiseryRupaul's Drag Race, Parks and Recreation, Bates Motel,  The Hunger Games Trilogy, Harry Potter Series, and American Horror Story.
  • My account was renamed in August of 2015, as in my opinion, my first username was too long and cheesy. Besides, there was a typo in it, so yeah, you get it.
  • KPOP and Florence Welch are currently the reason why I'm alive.
  • I may come off as rude but in reality I'm just too lazy to use proper grammar outside of RPs sometimes. 
  • Chi Chi DeVayne is my queen and goddess.



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