• Name:
    • Daniel Brandon Johnson (birthname)
    • Riley Wyatt Alice Evremonde (chosen name)
  • Age: WIP
  • Family:
    • Nigel Johnson (father)
    • Eris (mother)
    • Megan Johnson (half-sister)
    • Reese Johnson (step-mother)
  • History:

Nigel Johnson was a fairly well known son of Aphrodite in the demigod world. During his own time at Camp Half-Blood, Nigel had accumulated a reputation and was notorious for bedding multiple demigoddesses. That didn't stop when he left Camp either - he had sex with multiple women and often caused chaos for them with their domestic lives. This disorder attracted Eris to the demigod. Eris had little problems in seducing Nigel and soon enough a child was conceived. After the child was born, Eris started to feel worry for it - something she wasn't used to. To her, leaving the baby with Nigel who frequently got intoxicated and had countless near death experiences was basically giving the child to Hades right away. To resolve this, she sent a mortal follower of hers, Reese Paramonte, to deliver the baby and look after it; even if it meant marrying Nigel. When the child was delivered to Nigel, he named it Daniel, for it's sex was male. Not even four months after Daniel's delivery, Nigel and Reese married.

For a year or so, Daniel was the talk of the Johnson family, with relatives from all over the United States congratulating Nigel for settling down and starting a family. This popularity and inter-family fame was short-lived as when Daniel was two, Nigel and Reese had their own child - a little girl named Megan.

Daniel always knew he wasn't 'Daniel' but rather someone far greater and more diverse. It was from this knowledge that 'Riley' was first born from, at only age 5. From that tender age, he'd reject traditional male clothing and would opt for articles that were along the border of masculinity and femininity. Whilst Reese had no problems with this, buying him more clothes to suit his fashion taste (never too young to start), Nigel would refuse it sometimes, unable to bring himself to pick his son up from friends' houses or school. WIP UGH

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