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Timeline of the Lieutenants of the Hunt

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Characters to Make

Super Cool Dyanmic I Wanna Do

  • a group of demigods who're best friends
    • whether this be that they arrived to camp at the same time/bonded in their first few months/whatever, they're close
      • definitely should be post-arrival that they all meet each other
        • should be named either agape (family love) or henosis (oneness, unity)
  • maybe they cause a lot of trouble???
    • but they're all lovable so everyone's just like *sigh* we love you pls don't do it again
      • and they're like "lol no"
  • i'd say they'd be in the 15-18 range
    • young enough where their loyalty to camp is unquestionable
      • they hate the bc and shit

Names for a Secret Thing™

this can almost be revealed <3


so this is basically a model graveyard/just rough ideas

Model Name Character Name Godparent / Species Current Plans / Who They're Dibbed by
Nolan Gerard Funk Conan Rousseau Psyche??? Collab with Miggy // Older Brother of Best Friend
Jun Choi Gunnar None; Sapphire Gem Spirit GEM SPIRIT B)
Cameron Monaghan Terra "Terrence" Rhoikos
Template:Terra Rhoikos/Page
Gaia // Liberi I think One of the Gigantes (Rhoikos) turned Human turned Giant again and then cursed SIGH
Leigh Anne Pinnock Kianne ??? IDK IDK
Cykeem White Tion ??? IDK IDK
Barbara Palvin Estelle Buckingham Eris Muse let me share /)^u^(\ // triplet mommis
Zayn Malik TBA TBA Spies for the Gods in the BC
Cameron Boyce TBA TBA I think for the dynamic above??
Sean O'Donnell August ... Son of ??? For Kane
Son Chaeyoung TBA TBA Huntress!!

Character Overview

Character Name (Age) God Parent/Species Model Orientations (Sex/Romantic) R/S Status Wiki Positions Unique things
Adonis Karras (Imm.) Hades Froy Gutierrez Bi/Bi Single N/A Survivor of the Labyrinth, Immortality
Cael Monroe (20) Eros Choi Junhong (Zelo) Pan/Homo Crushing N/A N/A
Célestin Loup-Adams (Immortal) Apollo, Music Spirit Jack Falahee Homo/Homo Married N/A Married
Dante Lejos (26) Hephaestus Marlon Teixeira Bi/Hetero Single Leader of Opus Superum Defector from Camp
Elliott (Imm.) Animal Spirit/Hecate Lee Taeyong Pan/Pan Dating N/A Guardian of Dogs
Enzo di Rosa (25) Palaemon Pietro Boselli Hetero/Bi Something? N/A N/A
Leda Won (19) Aetna Kang Seulgi Hetero/Hetero Single Lieutenant Counsellor Princess of Joseon, Former Empress of Japan, Former Lieutenant of the Hunt, Former Attendant to Aphrodite
Luna Zhang (18) Oizys Zhou Jieqiong Hetero/Hetero Single Head Counsellor First Counsellor of Oizys' Cabin
Ryder Crest (21) Ares KJ Apa Homo/Homo Dating Head Counsellor Twin

Family Dynamic xo

Based off this family dynamic bc it's super cool and yeah let me recreate it somehow :P

Hmu on chat or through IM if you want to join!!

The family name is Lovell.

The family is going to be from Chicago, Illinois originally but the five children have spread out across America (where they have will be included so any kids can be born elsewhere but they will be raised where the parents settled.

Mandatory History

Edward Lovell was never anything spectacular growing up. Average was the word most people would use to describe him; never on anyone's radar for any reason. He didn't have a plan in life and was happy to let himself be led by whatever forces of the universe there were. Little did he know that these forces had an interest in him. Why? His average-ness. Many a God and Goddess looked down upon him and found him to be interesting. After procreating with the socialites of societies and having kids that were ensured to be great someday, many deities looked for someone normal to have a kid with. Edward was the unlucky subject of four gods; Pheme, Ares, Thalia and Athena. The resulting children - Emily, Buck, Osborne and Constance respectively - each made Edward's life a little more interesting.

With Pheme being his first taste of the Greek world, Edward found himself thrown into a world he knew little about. Although Pheme never disclosed who she was exactly, she dropped enough hints for Edward to figure out for himself - if he had the prowess to do so. In true Edward Lovell fashion, however, he did not possess such prowess. In the end, after spending days trying to figure out who she was, he gave up and labelled her as some famous indie actress that he had to research after their fling was over. That's what he considered their love; a fling. Nothing permanent whatsoever. Needless to say that when Pheme turned up to his door barely three weeks after he last saw her with a child that she proclaimed to be his, he was stunned. Having no heart to abandon the child, Edward took her in and named her Emily. Only when Emily was roughly three did Edward finally make sense of the hints Pheme had dropped. You see, Emily was a dead ringer for Edward and that, for him, expelled any doubts of her paternity and thus his attention turned to the woman. Pheme stuck out in his head and, upon research, he was lead to none other than the goddess Pheme. Her mythical and powerful aura made sense for him, explaining there and then the three year question of how Emily got there so quickly.

Knowledge of Pheme and the Greek world through extension had made Edward a little more confident. Whilst he was still very much plain and average to everyone else around him, he had the self-gratifying fact that he bedded a Greek goddess and the one of fame at that. This added boost in confidence had attracted Ares to the man. Ares had been interested in Edward before (though plain-looking, Edward had robust features that Ares had some partial feelings to) but the newfound confidence sealed the deal on delivering a child. Unlike his obliviousness to Pheme, Edward was a lot more receptive to Ares' advances and identity and posed the same question over and over on how the god would give him a child. Of course Ares never relented any information and Edward had to sit and wait around after their series of hookups to see how such a child would be given to him. Sure enough, some month after he last saw Ares, the god arrived on his door for the final time with a baby boy. Again, stunned, Edward took the child in and named him Buck.

For the next few years Edward turned down a lot of Greek mythical figures. He had learnt from Ares that his life would be rough with two young demigods and, as a consequence, he was more than happy with just Emily and Buck in his life. Having a good paying office job allowed him to enrol them in a multitude of self-defence classes, even going as far as to give them swordsmanship lessons with a medieval fanatic. His reluctance to having more children with magical beings paid off; as Emily and Buck neared the early teens mark and were attacked, he felt safe knowing that they could handle themselves aptly. Sending the two off to boarding school during term time and then Camp Half-Blood during the summer at their own request, however, opened up the possibility for more gods and goddesses to see if they could chance their luck with Edward.

Thalia, the muse of comedy, was the next to conquer Edward. Though she radiated similar aura to both Pheme and Ares, Thalia wooed Edward with her array of comedic knowledge. It wasn't until after the two had hooked up enough times that Edward had realised he made the grave mistake of having a third demi-child. Was he mad? Not really. Did the thought of having a fourth to even things out cross his mind? Most definitely. He was in luck with the second thought as well; Athena had come along at the end of his relationship with Thalia and took an interest in him. She could sense a lot of buried, forgotten potential within him and was eager to bring it out. She held her identity in high regards with him, telling him exactly who she was and that, no, he wouldn't be able to have sex with her. With Athena's help, Edward was able to display skills that propelled him to the top of his career and, just like that, Athena vanished soon after. Not long after did Thalia return to his door, presenting his third demigod child. Naming him Osborne, Edward already began to preemptively look into the same courses that Emily and Buck had been enrolled in years prior. In the midst of hoping for a fourth and final mythical figure to take an interest in him, Edward was greeted by Athena at his home door after coming home from work. There she stood, miraculously, with a child in hand. She gave him no explanation and left him with the girl who she had taken the liberty of naming Constance.

Osborne and Constance definitely had the easier life growing up with their demigod abilities. Though they didn't come home often, Emily and Buck were always willing to teach them the tricks they knew alongside their younger siblings' paid classes. Subsequently, Osborne and Constance became increasingly proficient in a lot of demigod related things before attendance to Camp had really been considered by either of them.

All four children grew up to have incredible careers laid before them, each inspired by their parent. Emily found success as an actress, becoming a high-profile celebrity with a renowned ability to not crack under pressure and having a way with words. Buck became a high-ranking commander within the military, known for his answer for seemingly anything tactical based. Osborne, much like Emily, found success with fame - becoming a renowned comedian. Constance, whilst her siblings moved to accommodate their careers, became CEO of the major company her father had founded after accumulating enough financial success at his old company. Although each would bring their families (all ironically composed of demichildren) back to their father's home for Christmas and could revel in the similarities between them all, each Lovell child became known for being different to one another.

Notes for Each Parent

These are just some notes so you all have an idea of each parent and how to write them!!


  • Award-winning actress
  • Has only recently moved to Houston
    • Her children would have resided in Los Angeles prior
  • Highly paid and highly sought for a variety of roles
  • Tends to prefer empowering women roles
  • Is proud of her siblings immensely
    • She is, however, somewhat jealous of Constance as she feels her own profession doesn't let her show off her intelligence like Constance's does
      • She's still supportive nonetheless
  • Not a strict parent, loves giving her kids what they want
  • Is married to a mortal movie producer
    • Albert Calvenzano
      • He also has some demigod children; it's how they bonded


  • High-ranking military commander
  • Is perhaps the most detached out of the siblings with one another, given how much he throws himself into his job
  • Is a loving father
    • Arguably the one who dotes on his kids the most
  • Hasn't married a mortal out of respect for his demigod kids
    • Has been in a long-term relationship with a mortal; Bethany Haynes
      • Has two children with her
  • He isn't jealous of his siblings, but he isn't overly proud either
    • He's a rather neutral on the whole thing, believing they should be happy with their own success and not be concerned with each other's


  • Famous comedian


  • CEO of major company

The Parents

Each parent is a single parent but has a high income job to sustain their lifestyle, matching with the scope of their god parent.

Emily Lovell, daughter of Pheme; Award-Winning Actress (Houston, Texas)

  1. ??, child of ?? (Oli)
  2. ??, child of ?? (Brocky)

Buck Lovell, son of Ares; High up in the Military (New York City, New York)

  1. Vienna Lovell, child of Psyche (Frost)
  2. Amie Lovell, child of Apollo (Kane)

Osborne Lovell, son of Thalia; Renowned Comedian (Riverside, California)

  1. ??, child of ?? (Hyu)

Constance Lovell, daughter of Athena; CEO of a Major Company (Chicago, Illinois)

  1. Séphora Lovell-Guilloux, child of Hecate (Jaye)
  2. Nina Lovell-Guilloux, child of Nike (Time)
  3. Ambrosius Lovell-Guilloux, child of ?? (Muse)
  4. Mercy Lovell-Guilloux, child of Eris (Didi)
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