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Heyya, <insert name here>! My name username is Ezghad but it's up to your creativeness on what you want to call me and I'll just add it on my nick list. ;-) But mostly, I go by the nick Ez around here. I was a former Official Wiki Helper but I retook the test again and passed it so technically I'm still a helper. I enjoy checking claims (shoutout to those claims that have 5k+ history) and helping new users around.

I'm enjoy watching anime and jamming to their OSTs especially the openings/endings that I certainly love. I'm a hardcore fan of One Piece but if y'all be hatin' OP, I'll be hatin' you too. One Piece is like an inspiration for me that gives me the courage to not give up on my dreams and work hard for it. :--) I've watched/finished several animes like Ao Haru Ride, Shingeki no Kyojin, Tokyo Ghoul (also the 2nd season), Kuroko no Basuke, Guilty Crown and the list goes on and I certainly enjoyed it! On manga, The genres I'm into are of course RomCom, Sci-Fi, Mystery, School and a little bit of.. Hentai.

I'm a hardcore/diehard fan of Kpop! I've been a kpop fan for 4 years and counting and I've never regret it. I even made a quote for it: "Kpop is not an addiction. It's an inspiration." My main bias groups are GOT7, BTS, EXO, SVT, iKON, MX, VIXX & ASTRO.

Two instrument that I can confidently play are the piano and guitar. I've been playing it since I was on 4th grade(?) (Can't remember) I enjoy playing piano versions of my favorite songs! (Anime ops/ends & kpop songs) I'm not that good but atleast I know how to play the piano. I want to learn drums tho.

I LOVE BASEBALL! I love the sport very very much but I haven't played it even once. Idk but I've been inspired by Major (a baseball anime) and since then, I badly wanted to play baseball. I have enough knowledge thanks to the anime and for Google! I haven't even touched a hardball or softball before. Meh.


Nickname People who use it Okay to use?
E Someone I can't remember Yes
Ez Everyone Yep
Ezzie Everyone Of course
Is God Can't remember When you have permission
Ezra Gummy No
Nez Jie Bish please, no.
Ezz Ash No! *facepalm*
Ezegg Ace Nu, uh, uh
Ezgoddess Wompy Nopity nopity nope
Esther Diva 'Course not!
Ezzette Brock N.O
Ezhyun Oil NAHHHH

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Wompy Wiki sis! Wuvs her
Sedah Wiki bro! Wuvs him
Diva Wiki sis! Wuvs her


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