Halle Schultz
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Basic Info
Full Name Halle Schultz
Meaning stone
Born 26 Augest 1998
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Human, last I checked xD
Sexuality Depends on the day.
Status Alive

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Hi I'm Floating. I have been RPing online for a couple months now and I am hooked. I would rp with a squirrel if he asked nicely XP. Anyway besides RPing I enjoy researching criminals horseback riding, wrestling, reading, and writing. Reading is a passion of mine and I can read a book a day if I have enough time. My favorite types of books are phycohistory, true crime, horror, and the classics such as Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde. But I will read about anything I can get my hands on. Although I have roleplayed since I was 5 but this is the first time I've done it online. All my characters symbolize a part of my personality except Cole and Aubin those two characters represent Yin and Yang. Good and Evil. Light and Dark. So in a way they represent the human soul. I am currently able to do claims and HTML5 coding If you need help with anything or have any questions you can leave a message on my talk page or send me a message on Skype UnderstandingTheEvil. >.< WIP

Background Info
Hometown Delray Beach, Florida
Religious Views Complicated
Earliest Memory Playing on a plastic slide.
Firsts Kiss = My cousin

Sex = ~
Love = ~

Family Info
Mother Karen
Father >.> I refuse to accept that I have a 'father'
God Father Franky
Grandmother Sally and Frank
Grandfather Martin and Harvey✞
Uncle Craig
Aunt Susan
Cousins Rachel


Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown with natural red and blonde highlights
Height 5'4 1/2
Weight 139lbs
Nationality American
Ancestry Italian 50%

German 25%
English 25%

Native Language English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Accent Not any typical American accent
Handedness Right
Shoe Size 9
Blood Type No clue
Voice Depends
Eye Sight 20/20
Languages Spoken English
Spanish (maybe 4 words XP)
Bit of German
Health Status Healthy
Abilities Swimming

Photographic, albeit selective, memory

Clothing Style Casual
DC logo shirts
Distinguishing Marks The usual, scars a birth mark, yada yada yada
Body Style Athletic

General Info
Relationship Status Single

Nicknames Fuher (only by one of my friends)
Halle Berry
Sign Taurus
Meaning of Sign Element = Earth

Ruling Planet = Venus
Symbol = The Bull
Birth Stone = Emerald

Current Location Texas
Pets Tigerlily (my baby)
Caption Jack
Likes Sweets

RPG (obviously)
Horseback Riding
Comic collecting
JOKER!!! >.<

Dislikes Heat/Humidity

Animal abusers
Stupid people
Ignorant people
...Just most people in general

Fears/Phobias Being normal
Hobbies Writing

Comic book collecting
Horseback riding

Motto Life's a joke so why not laugh?
Things She Won't Do Hurt a child in any way.
People They Secretly Admire Bachy


Most Influenced By My father


Moral Compass Destroyer, according to the online test I took
Most Important Person Before the wiki Mother
Most Important Person Now Myself
Immediate Goals Start rping again

Do well at Duke TIP

Long Term Goals See the wiki live long and prosper for a very long time

graduate from college

Little bit crazy sign by mirz123-d3eag8x-1.gif

Vices Lack of empathy
Bad Habits Biting lips and nails.
Sleeping Habits Bit of an insomniac, odd sleeping hours
Quirks I observe my environment before interacting with any one.

I eat with small dishes, spoons, and forks.

Colour Black and red in a swirly pattern
Music Rock 'N' Roll

The masters
Michael Jackson

Food Japanese and Greek
Animal Big cats, small cats, any type of cat
Book WAYYYYYY too many to list


Gifs I like
You Can Also Find Me On.....

General Personality

I am a person of a million faces >.<

<div style="width:97%; border:3px solid #000000; background-color:#7FAAFA; color:#000000; -moz-border-radius:3ex; border-radius:3ex; -moz-box-shadow: 0 0 10px 3px #000000; -webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 10px 3px #000000; box-shadow: 0 0 10px 3px #000000; padding:10px; padding-bottom:15px; background-color:#7FAAFA; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient0AFF58
Reacts to a Crisis? Depends on the crisis
Face Their Problems? By calling my lawyer >.<
Reacts to Change Well, change is fun as long as it doesn't consist of my mom touching my room
Alignment Shifty

Attitude nihilistic
Personality eccentric
Social Skills >.> psh who needs social skills
Mannerisms my hands are expressive
Peculiarities I either stare you down or don't make eye contact

I always wear a sweatshirt, even when it's 100 degrees out.
I'll avoid talking to people at all costs
I eat with small dishes, spoons, and forks only.

One Word to Describe Enigma
Best Physical Trait Hair (according to others) and legs
Worst Physical Trait Abs
Things to Change About Self Lose weight
Mental State *shrugs*
Mental/Emotional Disorders According to bach:

traits of Borderline Personality
traits of narcissism
lack of cemented personality

Medical Disorders SID
Emotional Stability Unstable

Fears Losing my mom

Bees, wasps, hornets

Most at Ease When? on the wikia
Priorities School

The Wiki

Past Failures ...
Biggest Accomplishment getting on the boys highschool wresting team
Darkest Secret Wouldn't be a secret if I told you
Secret Known by Anyone? I'm a fire setting cutter?
Personal Tragedy Eh...
One Wish To watch the world burn
Character Flaw egotistical and fiery temper


Relationships With Others
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? Not well
Perceived by Strangers Oddishly creepy
Perceived by Lover Hard to read
Perceived by Friends Insane
Perceived by Family Rude? :P
First Impression Odd
Family/Friends Like Most? My mother
Family/Friends Like Least My father and his side of the family
Name Relation Feelings
Bachy Probably a mis between adoptive mother and psychologist who I happen to share sadistic tendencies with >.< What can I say about bach. She's my rping buddy together we've shattered the hopes and dreams of characters, lol. I don't know anyone who's put up with me as long as she has. It's never a dull moment with her and I can sincerely say she is one of the few people who has bored me. I consider her a true friend.
Wonder Master We originally got off on the wrong foot but now were friends and now I enjoy tlaking to her so much that I wake up at 5:40am to see her. She's fun to rp with and is one of the few people I rp with on a regular basis.
Icey Good Friend ;) >.< Long story.
Ale Friend Even though he left the wikia he'll always be my Mexican Taco >.<.
Del Friend She's intelligent and fun to RP with, although we haven't been able to do so lately I still enjoying conversing with her when she is on.
Bloom Bestie She's a really fun person to be around, and I love talking with her about anime and Joker :P.
nicki Good Friend

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