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He/she should be back IDK yet, sorry.


I'll be going back to Uni for the school year and I have to deal with... personal problems

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My name would be Harley Creed. Umm, I'm a newbie, so... yeah xDDD Anyway, feel free to poke me, annoy me, talk to me, marry me (oh wait...), glomp me (if ya daaaare~) or know me better. But I don't even know myself so... I don't know how that'll work out XDDDD Anyway, thanks for visiting my boring page with no fancy HTMLs running around~


This fish made my day numerous times~

Mini About Me

Hmmm~ I'm a FIlipina, lived in the Philippines my whole life. Currently a college student (I'm not that old, it's the education system! We have no middle school during my time! ><). I'm only 17, turning 18 in a few months~ Anyway, I'm fairly easy to be made a friend, hard to anger, but once I do get angry, you're not gonna see the usual bubbly me for... probably half a day. I let go of grudges and anger pretty easily. Yeah~. I could be nice to you even if I got angry with you, but cross me again... I can sock you with my virtual foot. I'm also an otaku; I love Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Busou Renkin, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and a whooooole lot more~ That's all~ ^-^

To Do List~

  1. Learn how to make a Custom Signature based from the existing ones~ DONE~
  2. Actually RP with someone in the forums =_=;;
  3. Eat some more chocolates~ ="D
  4. Eat people~!


Nickname Who thought of it        Can you use it?
Harley Pretty much everyone  Sure, use it~ It's my default nickname around here~
Creed Other people, too Fine~ I feel like a dude being called Creed, though... IT'S AWESOME! XDD
Harley Shake IDK... I forgot... Hmm, I guess... though Kookie uses it more. I suppose you can only call me Harley Shake if we're cool with each other and we goof around on a regular basis. Still, I like Kookie using it exclusively XDD
Eunice Dead... It's actually my real name... and Dead called me that one time... I'm not saying you can't use it, I just want to be called "Harley". Besides, I think Dead's using my name to torture me, his widdle newb =_=


Cana Lacroix


Cana -Demigod
-Daughter of Boreas
Age: 16     Height: 5'4"     Weight: 110 lbs     
Sexuality: Straight     Relationship Status: Single
-Health Status: Healthy     Main Weapon: Katzbalger
- "It's all one big pile of blahahahaharg."

 – 06:34, April 7, 2013 (UTC)


My first character <3 Named after Cana Alberona (of Fairy Tail), model's Daveigh Chase (A.K.A Chihiro's English seiyuu [voice actor], Samara Morgan [The Ring], and Lilo [from Lilo and Stitch]) and is Boreas' easygoing and crazy daughter.

WIP Characters

Lorcan/Lorgan/Logan Enriquez (someone help me choose his name QAQ)

Played by: Derrick Monasteryo

God Parent: Probably Asteria

Purpose: Kitty's eventual boy :"D

Lancelot "Lance" Creed (male) / Harley Creed (female)

Played by: IDK yet... Will look for a good faceclaim.

God parent: IDK... Will seach

Purpose: Pandora Project


My very own badge :'D

Natsu and Happy
Harley's Badge of Approval

"I am not alone. I can hear them... I can hear everyone's voices... I can sense everyone's feelings... I am not alone... everyone's feelings... they support me... they are what give me the will to stand and fight!"
~ Natsu Dragneel
Thank you for being a very special person to me, even if you don't know that you've already been~! Thank you for being a friend, whom I can always laugh with! You are the Happy to my Natsu~ Harley Creed really loves you as a friend, so don't change~!

My very own self-made signature :'D

PatrickSpread Anarchy “DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!“ - Harley

Badges, I guess ^^;;


With this badge, know how dear you are to me. I don't know what's happening on the other side of my screen; however, you still did what you have done for me, so thank you. You revived a life and gave it wings. May I be of the same friend to you.

Tumblr mk1ddaWTwZ1rgpyeqo1 400 “How am I always happy? Like this black cat, you keep me happy”
You're my friend, and you deserve this badge.
- Dead ツ
Kookie's Badge of Approval
Kookie Approves of You!

I give you this badge as a sign that you are my friend. You have always been there for me here in the wikia. So here is some ice cream just for you!
-Kookies and Kream
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