Hecate Grimm

aka Hecate or Delphi von Doom

  • I live in Pittsburgh
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is Assistant Martial Arts Instructor
  • I am Female

Greetings Hemitheoi, I am Hecate Grimm.
Do not let my unfamiliar username scare you away. I might be new to you, but I am just a friend you have not met yet.

You may call me Hecate, Grimm, Scarlet, Delphini, Trubel, or if you want, call me Dr. Mrs. Delphi von Doom.

As is custom for me, I was invited to this wiki by not one but two mercurial beings; James and Khione. It took a bit of doing on their part, and a number of days to mull it over on mine. Suffice it to say this particular area of the great and wonderful fandom is not where I feel like I can shine at my brightest. Nevertheless, I relented and here I am.

Some stuff you might want to know about me:

The best time to catch me ontheline is (Eastern time) after 5am and before 11pm.
I am forgetful. If I am in an RP with you and it is my turn to post PLEASE let me know.
Sometimes when my RP partner has nothing to post, for days, I abstain from the RP ... but I might post again. #Sorry, I ain't sorry
I have this weird thing about naming the various extended family members and friends of my characters.
Lyric free music is my favorite above all other kinds! I adore this song and this song You are welcome.
I am obsessed with parapsychology (paranormal and psychic phenomena).

Cellar Door

Wednesday, 8 April 11:49 am (ET UTC -5)

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