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About Me

Other Sites I Manage:

Pokémon Wiki

( Light Contributor )

Beyblade Wiki

( Light Contributor )

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Currently Doing:

  • Making Templates
  • Chatting
  • Editing
  • Handling Spammers
  • Fixing Articles
  • Completing Episode Summary
  • Correcting Grammars on Articles
  • Anti-Vandalizing
  • Anti-Spamming
  • Watching Unwanted Edits
  • Making Avatars for Others

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  • Changing Signatures
  • Making Favicons
  • Making Friends

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Funny Edits

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Animator vs. Animation


If you are in darkness,

light is there

to save you

- Pokémon Guru Demi-GodLegend Blader4:31,4/10/2012 

Giving up does not mean you are weak

...sometimes it means

that you are strong enough to

let go.

- Pokémon Guru Demi-GodLegend Blader4:31,4/10/2012 

Life is too serious

to be taken seriously.

- Pokémon Guru Demi-GodLegend Blader4:36,4/10/2012 

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