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I'm a sixteen-year-old lover of Riordan's books. Sue me. That is how I found this wiki (I actually discovered it in the middle of a class, so don't tell my teachers!). Due to my attending school, I might not be too active during Monday-Friday, so you have been warned. I will be much more active in the weekend though unless something comes up. The times I am active might be a bit weird for people living in Europe, North America, and South America, so sorry about that, can't really change where I live, it's not my fault.

Some facts about me:

  • I'm a Peruvian
  • I live in Asia
  • I speak both Spanish and English fluently, and I can understand and talk a bit in Russian, so you can message me in any of those languages
  • I have read  Percy Jackson and the OlympiansThe Heroes of Olympus, all the available books of Trials of Apollo, and I have started reading Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

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