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Robbie Dalton- The Golden Warrior. Favored Son of Nike. Head Counselor of the Nike cabin. Member of Camp Security. Tech Guide on the War Council. Assault Squad Captain of Ares' Blade.

Lisa Sprocket- The Child of the Future. Daughter of Hephaestus. Automaton.

Christina Holt- The Black Cat. Favored daughter of Eris. Lieutenant of the Eris Cabin.

Rick Brody- The Steel Jaws Camper. Son of Palaemon. Head Counselor of the Palaemon Cabin.

Nathaniel Hawk- The Sky Baron. Son of Notus. Head Counselor of the Notus Cabin.

Jonathon Sanders- The Nightmare. Son of Deimos. Lieutenant of the Deimos Cabin.

Tyler Dent- The Many Faced Camper. Son of Janus. Head Counselor of the Janus Cabin.

Camp Staff Members

Ophelia Dumont- Oracle of Delphi. Voice of the Gods. Speaker of Riddles. Seer of Fate.

Commander Xiv- The Undying Automaton. Head of the Camp Security Team.

Broken Covenant Members

Zachary Aίma- The Light Stealer. Son of Hyperion. Member of Opus Superum.

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This user's character is a child of Nike.
This user's character is a child of Eris.
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This user's character is a child of Notus.
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This user's character is a mortal.
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