aka LaJaveyon Saunders

  • I live in Kansas City, Ks
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is High School Senior, Game Designer, Freelance Writer, Modeler, Air Force National Guardsman
  • I am Male

My User Page

Wasup? My name is IceFireWarden14. You can call me Warden, IFW, IFW14, or Warden (don't call me Ice please, it confuses others because we already have a Ice >.<)

I am a role player on the wiki, so if you need any help, tips, or want a page coded, just ask me on chat or here. That's about all I can think of so why don't you visit my other pages using the links above?


Hydro's badge of approval

Th (18)

YOU ARE MY NAKAMA! (friend) You’re a great friend! You’re fun to rp with! It’s great chatting with you! Basically I’m trying to say your awesome and deserve this badge!

Astrid's Gift Badge

You've done a lot for me whether that's simply rping with me, helping me with "newb questions", or doing me a favor! So, thanks sooo much, I owe you one! :) If you'd like I'll code one charrie page for you as a thank you gift :D
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About Me

My name is IceFireWarden14, and I'm as cool as can be. Well, at least I do. My friends on this probably would say something different.

My Powers in Chat

I am the god of Eladoria, a realm I own and created in chat. I have powerful and infinite powers of ice and fire, and can create jails out of either substance. I can turn into a coyote.

My Friends

  • Starke
  • WT
  • Mouse
  • Nar
  • Lott
  • Shady
  • Nicki
  • Rawr
  • Comic
  • Slay
  • Bach
  • Blood
  • Bloom
  • Lele
  • LCO
  • Staro
  • Me, Myself, and I
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