aka Zilean.

  • I live in Urtistan, in the clockwork tower.
  • My occupation is that I mentally drift through time, from any point I have already lived to the present, unable to impact the events which unfold.
  • I am the chronokeeper.

Hello, {{{1}}}, I am known as ImmortalTime, but called Immortal. I can say that I'm in eighth grade, I'm thirteen years old, and that I'm a male. So that's the basics about me, and that's all I can say at the moment. I'm a square, and a nerd. 


I has one that is on the verge of being claimed soon, so almost there. :D


Float: Well, first off, she's the one who adopted me and is currently taking care of me, she's compassinate about me, and she's helping me on my first steps. She's helped me with my claim, making sure I've done nothing wrong.

Raid: That's what everyone calls him, therefore I am calling him that. He's welcomed me to this wiki and he's very generous to new users, like me. He's checked my claims, and he's really fun to hang out with.


I has none, yet. Gimme some. 

Extra Information

My name is Zilean and I'm bisexual. 

26 Zilean

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