My name is Amelia. Calista Amelia Mavros.

Gender: Girl

God Parent: Aphrodite

Mortal Parent: Tyler Mavros

Appearance: Pale skin, Dark Blonde hair, High set cheekbones, Hauntingly beautiful eyes that change colour to mood, Wiry, Athletc build, 5' 9", 15 years old.

Personality: A nobody, to be simply put. Invisable and not noticed, you're typical nerd. I find this astoundingly suprising considering who my mother is.... I like it that way, no matter how much my mother tries to make me outgoing. Everybody knows how cruel high school is to shy people, and they are no different to me. Since I am not vindictive, I will not fight back, they're not worth it! They all would be dead if I lost my temper...

History: My mother is the goddess of Love, Lust, Beauty, ect. I've heard the stories, and to be honest, I think she's a ditz. Smart, powerful, vengeful, but a ditz. Lucky enough that I have my fathers common sense, or I would be kicked out of school. I think I disgrace my mother. Why? I am beautiful. Gorgeous. Breathtaking. But she, being the goddess of love and beauty, expects me to use my beauty as an advantage. In spite of her, I refuse. Beautiful people get everything, why should I? I'll use it to lure these idiots I go to school with that want nothing but sex to there death. Anyway, onto my father. My father is the most complex creature you wil ever meet. If you haven't known him for more than 10 years, that is. I'm like him in almost everyway possible. He's half Greek, half American. Hence, Tyler Mavros. Our last name suits us perfectly; dark, swarthy complextion, hauntingly beautiful,ect. His mother gave him a common American first name so he wouldn't be teased in school. He was anyway. Ironic. But when the goddess of love met the most complex man on the planet, she, well, 'worked her magic', to put it gently. He fell in love, and in return of not using his common sense, he made me. To my mother: Biggest mistake on the planet. To my Father: Best Miracle EVAR!!!! Although, when I was born, it wasn't like that. My dad hated me because I wasn't a boy and and my mother loved me because in her mind I would get everything because of my beauty.So they named me Calista (Beautiful, Starlike. Mother's choice, of course) Amelia ( To strive or exel. Dad's choice,) Mavros.

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Knives.

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