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Yo I'm Clem and I'm a girl and 15.

I like anime a lot, my favorites being: Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Mekaku City Actors, Mawaru PenguinDrum, Free!, and more x3 

I love PJO and particularly Nico di Angelo. I also love Leo Valdez and Annabeth c; 

My OTPs are:  NaLu, JasIco, PercIco, PercAbeth, GrUvia, GrUviOn, EreMika, RivEtra, LeviHan, ShinAya, HaruTaka, MakoHaru, KonoEne, HibiMomo. 

Ayano Tateyama and Mikasa Ackerman are both my quEENs. Haruka Nanase is my bae but my bae bAE is Edolas Natsu xD I also enjoy some cute lil Hibiya ^^

Hopefully I haven't scared you away by now XD I love to roleplay and I'm a little too polite and awkward at first, but once we become friendlier I'll become myself more :D~ 

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