you have made it to my user page where you will see some unusual and horrifying pictures and/or videos. my characters are all usually nymphs but i do have some demigods, although my theme of my characters is gory and horror. so i recommend that viewer discretion is advised. my characters (and thier pages) will be gruesome and will always have some type of unfinished business that they would need to complete in order to survive on this wikia. if you have any suggestions on characters or themes, or wanting to roleplay with my characters then all you have to do is iris message me in my talk page because im always active. so do remind you again; some content isnt suitable for some viewers.

· abrandon : to help all animals, keeping them live
· windsor : to have a good time, and drink wine
· renesseme : bullied in mortal school, to get revenge
· leila : to heal the sick, and forget the wealthy
· farrin : to scare mortals, crating more fear for his creator
· nessar : already to make daydreams
· dreama : already to making nightmares
· quemuel : to create darkness in the lightened world
· aurora : to protect nature; both plants and animals
· erina : to make good luck, but she's cursed with bad luck
· aamon : to create discord for his creator

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