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Hi, some of you may know me as Astrid, Aster, AstridMyx, or simply Myx. I disappeared for a bit, but I'm back now. Unfortunately I was unable to gain acess to my old account, so here I am with a new one.

If you need me for some reason, you can send me an Iris Message!

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  • Astrid

Lolli -Child of Aglaea

 Age: 18  Height: 5'3  Weight: 115 lbs
 Sexuality: Whatever she wants 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Sword
 – Pretty is, as pretty does.


Azael -Child of Pandia
-Phases of the Moon

 Age: 16  Height: 5'10  Weight: 145 lbs
 Sexuality: Depends on the moon 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Lance
 – Loon is for Lunatic as Lunatic is for Luna.

It's just... not a good day for me
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Sinclair -Child of Aphrodite
-Love Dove

 Age: Immortal  Height: 5'8  Weight: 125 lbs
 Sexuality: Hetero  Relationship Status: Single
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Nope
 – Let the wind carry me

Hello, hello, hello... did you come to visit me?

Etty -Child of Astraeus
-Golden Compass

 Age: 17  Height: 5'8  Weight: 145 lbs
 Sexuality: Eh 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Bow and Arrow
 – Travel the Milky Way with me.

Honestly, it's nice to meet you, but I have somethings to attend to.

Aisling -Child of Psyche
-The Butterfly Effect

 Age: 18  Height: 5'8  Weight: 137 lbs
 Sexuality: A-Sexual? 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: None
 – Fragility is all in the mind.

Eyes widen in fear, hands trembling, before looking away.

Igneous -Child of Hephaestus
-Fire Spirit: Raging Flame

 Age: Immortal  Height: 6'3  Weight: 178 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Lance
 – For humans, Earth must really be hell.

"If you're looking for a conversation, look elsewhere"

Levi -Child of Hephaestus
-Fire Spirit: Smoldering Flame

 Age: Immortal  Height: 6'4  Weight: 178 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Lance
 – So much has changed, yet nothing has improved

"I apologize for my brother's attitude, he doesn't like mortals very much..."
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