aka 秀玉

  • I live in Somewhere in Asia
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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For all the funny jokes and for all the late nights. For all the random laughs and awkward silences. For being there throughout my times of trouble, toil and need. And most of all, for being a true friend
-Son Of Apollo

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HI there! I'm Karikamiya nice to meet you! I live at Philippines. Somewhere in Asia! I'm just a 7th grader. Also don't mess with me:)) I love Egyptian stuff even before reading the PJO books. I also love reading books about mythological creatures. I know they don't exist but I don't really care. I love the House of Night. The main character is Zoey Redbird. I love Nyx who they considered the only goddess that exist. Five hundred years ago I was a princess. I have blue hair back then but then I betrayed my kingdom so they killed me now I'm reincarnated and I'm about to do the same mistake all over again"History has the habbit of repeating itself"

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