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<tabber> About Moi= ..HAI

I'm Kookoo/Kookie/Kreme/Nicole =D I'm a girl (is it obvious?) and I super duper love reading :D My current favorite book is the Hunger Games Trilogy <3 OMG. EVERLARK. CLATO. *.*

I'm a Filipino, I'm *beep* years old, I'm 5"3 1/2 and I'm a homebody =D. I like to write stories too =D

I'm only on a few times a month due to school, if you wanna talk just pm me or post on my talk page =),

Da Cookie Monster-- |-| Reserved Pictures=

|-| Characters= Hai again! XD These are my chars, if you wanna rp, just comment on their pages and post on my talk page =D

|-| Some Facts About Moi= 1.I love ice cream
2.I love sweets in general especially COOKIES XD
3.I'm a Directioner
4.I'm a Swiftie
5.I don't watch television
6.I'm a Potterhead
7.I'm a Tribute
8.I'm a Demigod =D
9.I ship Dramione, Romione, Clato, Everlark, Percabeth, Jasper and Lazel =D
10.I'm a Slytherin
11.I'm crazy =3