Yeah I'm going through a zombie, The Walking Dead faze right now ...


"This is who I am,

I won't apologize."


Colton Dixon - "Noise" (Official Lyrics)

Basic Info:

Full Name: Sorry, but I'd rather not tell you...XP

Born: September 7

Age: All I'm going to say is that I'm in my early teens

Gender: Male

Species: Half Blood! Just kiddin', I'm a mortal. :)

Sexuality: Straight

Status: Alive

Personality Type: Peaceful Phlegmatic

Languages: English, Japanese (Not very fluent, yet) and Mandarin (learning)


Music: Rock, pop, country, soul and classical

Anime: Bleach, Naruto and Hayate the Combat Butler

Manga: Rebound

Actor: Oh, I have a lot! Will Smith, Logan Lerman, Andrew Garfield and many more!

Singer/Band: Colton Dixon, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Phillip Phillips and Hans Zimmer.

Percy Jackson character/s: Percy, Leo and Nico.

Favourite Percy Jackson Book: The Battle of the Lybrinth (mainly because of Calypso, XP)

PS3 Game: Assassin's Creed series, Telltale Game's The Walking Dead, NBA 2K series and the inFAMOUS series


Angie Miller Performs "Love Came Down" - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12


Nickname Use
Lego Can be used by anyone
Legolas Can be used by anyone
Marius Used by User:~Rose Witch~


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My Badge:

Legolas' Approval.jpg
You have my bow.

You have earned my friendship through acceptance and kindness. For that I will protect this fellowship with every ounce of my being.
-Legolas of the Woodland Realm

My friend's badges:


With this badge, know how dear you are to me. I don't know what's happening on the other side of my screen; however, you still did what you have done for me, so thank you. You revived a life and gave it wings. May I be of the same friend to you.

Awesome Face.jpg
Koala's Badge of Approval

You have earned my friendship though kindness and roleplaying. Thanks for being an epic friend who I can trust!
- Koalaaipom :D

Astrid's Badge of Friendship

You are one awesome person thanks for being my friend!


Mel's Friendship

If I could catch a rainbow, I would do it just for you. To share with you its beauty on the days your feeling blue.
If I could build a mountain, You can call your very own. A place to find serenity . A place to be alone.
If I can take your troubles . I would toss them in the sea.
But all these things I'm finding are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain or catch a rainbow fair. But let me be what I know best at. A friend that's always there.

-peace sign-smile-.jpg

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