• I live in your closet
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is Asylum Patient
  • I am an
The King of Insanity, The Master of Annoying, and the God of Transformers blesses you with this righteous Badge, for being a Friend


I changed my username. I'm now Captin' Rin! Feel free to still call me Leno or whatever you'd like, though the reason I'm changing it is because

1: Lenobia's weird.

2: My boyfriend said it yesterday and I thought it was cute..

3: Please, no one give me a problem over seriously.

Why hello peoples! I'm Lenobia---Real name: Nikki!

You may call me what you please; Len, Lenny, Lenobia, Nicole, Nikki, etc!

For now I'm just going to say the basics, since I thought I'd probably do my user page.

One: I'm weird. So if some of my characters are weird...that's why.

Two: English is not my first lanuage, so please excuse my grammer and spelling mistakes!

Three: I try to be as nice as possible...though if I'm uncomfortable with something I won't keep my mouth shut (I almost just typed "I won't keep my mother shut" lol.)

Four: I have my bad days. That's your warning.

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