aka Lindsay (BTW, my last initial is not F)

  • I live in Camp Half-Blood... duh... also Subway XD
  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is eating french fries and being AMAZING!!!!!
  • I am not a guy. Do I look like a guy to you? No. So I must be a girl. How genius.

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Hello. My real name is Lindsay. I am a 16 year-old-sophomore in the United States of America. I like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Glee, Imagine Dragons, Les Miserables (GAH SO AMAZING!) and Taylor Swift. Life is amazing. Amazingly horrible at some points. But still pretty amazing. 

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OK enough of my (how do you spell it?) phylosiphing... phlosyphing... 

pyloshiphing... whatever. So... I'm level one now. Yay!!! After FINALLY getting my character claimed, I don't really wanted to do it again. Tired of begging people to check out my claim. Some people have twenty demigod characters. How to do they do that, I have no idea, though.

"When I say I hate you while I'm smiling, I don't mean it. But when I say I hate you while 

I'm glaring, you better run!"~LindsayF"

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