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Welcome to my Sandbox! I have listed a few links for easy locating. Don't touch anything unless I directed you to. Otherwise, just look. No stealing coding or ideas, I will confront you if you do. If you do find something interesting here, feel free to message me/ask about it! These are mostly just my dabbles, don't expect most of anything to come out from here. ^^ Thank you!


The Deathbed Scandal (you are cursed to lay on a bed, seemingly dead, until your true love comes along and snogs you) Always Tell the Truth Curse (you are cursed to always tell the truth, no matter what) kidnapped u stuck in a genie's bottle Always Tell a Lie Curse (you are cursed to always tell lies, whether you want to or not. This could get really nasty, especially if the love of your life asks you if you love them and you say "no.") The Body Swap Clause (your "self" is switched with a horrible evil person or an animal. While you are running around as somebody else, they have your body. Think of all the terrible things that they could do! [Especially if you switched places with a dog.] Yeesh.)

The Aging Curse (you are turned into an octogenarian and forced to live that way the rest of your life. Can be tragic, especially if you're turned as a teenager.)

Mirror Image Curse (you are trapped inside a mirror) The Nose Knows Curse (you ever tell a lie, your nose will grow. monica lewinsky pls Forced to relive the same day over and over again plot??


Katty's 2.0 Claim (BLANK)


'''Gender:''' •SEX•

'''God Parent:''' •G.P•

'''Mortal Parent:''' •M.P•

'''Species:''' •SPECIES•

'''Age:''' •AGE•

•Insert Personality

'''Weapons:''' •WEAPONS

'''Model: •Insert Model's Name'''

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•Insert History

Sung Yoona

Name: •Sung Yoona•

Gender: •FEMALE•

God Parent: •Ariadne, Nike, Themis•

Mortal Parent: •Sung Park•

Species: •Demigod•

Age: •16•

Personality: •‘Did you just smell me?’ This was one of the many responses to something Yoona did. The girl just appreciated men... A bit too much sure but what was the point of them on living on Earth if she could've even study the beauty right in front of her? Their physique, that 'v’ bone, their well chiseled jaw. In her younger years, she was more of an observer, not a stalker, only an observer. However, as the years went on, everything hit the fan. The youthful brunette is not why when it comes to making her point shown. She may be just a little eccentric, but her hormones definitely play a tad, okay, huge part in this.

Crazed fangirl, pervert, closet stalker. Call her what you want, Yoona has no problem with it, because it’s the truth [Though that doesn't mean she just wants to be insulted out of nowhere]. Why should she be ashamed for the feline that she is? Move aside girls, Yoona's here, and she’s here to attempt to steal your man.

Weapons: •WEAPONS

Model: •Yoon Bomi

Juliette Macaulay

Name: •Juliette Macaulay•

Gender: •Female•

God Parent: •Asteria, Mnemosyne, Athena•

Mortal Parent: •Aiden Bae•

Species: •Demigod•

Age: •blank•


Weapons: (Unknown Atm)

Model: •Kwon Ri-Se•


Angelina Baptise

Name: •Angelina Baptise•

Gender: •Female•

God Parent: •Idk•

Mortal Parent: •Idk•

Species: •Demigoddess•

Age: •IDK•

Personality: •Insert Personality

Weapons: •WEAPONS

Model: •Ryan Destiny

•born in glasgow, she was born to a preacher dad and stay at home mother. she was the youngest in the traditional family with one older brother. the family moved to new orleans when angelina was around 15 years old due to the culture being stronger there and wanting to start up their own church. middle class life. with their move to new orleans, her brother became star quarterback and she was on the gymnastic team as well as a science genius.. a bit of a nerd but it later would inspire her to move into spirituality and conspiracy theories due to being open to new ideas. their family was stereotypically perfect (think w the big breakfasts that people would have in the morning in those movies except they actually finish it) and a big part of the community. a true daddy’s girl, she was spoiled to a t. if she asked her father for it, chances were she’d get it. she was never a difficult child growing up. she followed the rules for the most part or at least in front of others she would. as a preacher’s daughter, she was never caught in any public quarrels. her mother would have big family dinners and invite their whole church on sundays. her father would actively participate in any high school bake sales or fundraisers. angelina was relatively popular in high school, a social butterfly of sorts never quite sticking with any one group. college was not a thought for the girl. she did not know who she was and thus wanted to take a gap year. what was the point in going to college if you did not know what you wanted to do? instead, angelina wanted to start her life immediately through traveling all over the world independently by living in hostels. her father and mother were against this and she only agreed to going to university if they would fund her journey around the world after graduation. she chose the stem program at radcliffe to get a proper job to fall back on if her true goal wasn’t going to occur. later, she was glad she went. in college, she found herself and truly became fascinating by things beyond the world. it wasn’t like her family stopped her but they ridiculed ideas of supernatural beings (aside from God/the devil/Angels). from mermaids and ghosts, she became obsessed with it all. it was to the point where she became a bit of an escapist, she could get lost for hours in going on online forums and arguing with others on theories. she became a free spirit. in spite of her spiritual nature, it was almost as if angelina had an alter ego she liked to entertain. from years of having to be seen as jovial and quiet, it allowed her to break free every once in a while. through her anonymous gossip blog she curated on campus, she’d talk shit about anyone and everyone. she convinced herself it was for her writing practice and would help her to become a ruthless investigative journalist. her peaceful nature made people feel comfortable enough to talk to her about anything and so she used that to her advantage for her blog… she originally had her own podcast but when it wasn’t picking up, she took advantage by creating something that was guaranteed to make noise. she was a real-life dan humphrey, typing away scandalous exposes about the people she knew. no one was truly safe. angel’s goal is to become an investigative journalist above all. if there was anything she was determined about, it was this. she has a one track mind when it comes to this and she is vicious in her efforts to get what she wants. people are often surprised in how clicked in with her ambition she is. she wants to research everything from the unknown to how to enlighten yourself as well as exposing how ignorant society could be. one of the reasons she decided on attending radcliffe: the lore around it was just the cherry on top aside from the closeness of the people attending the school (similar to a family and growing up in a tight-knit family, she’s always liked the comfort of radcliffe). her future plans include a nomadic lifestyle but if she ever settled down and had a similar life to the one she grew up in, she’d either live back in glasgow or somewhere around san francisco. points n quick facts

aesthetic: ethereal spirit, peaceful nature. people are drawn to her due to her transcendental vibe. she’s into manifestation and vision boards. meditation, yoga, and prayer are daily morning activities. every 5 am, it’s become ingrained in her. she truly is a morning owl. totally big on tarot cards + astrology. probably will remember your sign stats before your name. her style is reminiscent of the 90s mixed w/ early 2000s. rare drinker but a regular weed + drug user. clear skin, amethyst, lazy saturday afternoons, exploring the world, government conspiracy theories, fluttering eyelashes, short oval shaped french nails, the empress card, murder mysteries, lipgloss, a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, monarch butterflies. shea butter baby. SAY YOU'D HATE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT ME IN IT SAY YOU'D HATE IT MORE WITH EVERY MINUTE SAY YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT ME LET ME KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE TO HOLD ME THEN FIND A MILLION DIFFERENT WAYS TO SHOW ME SHOW ME, THAT I'M ALL THAT YOU NEED. sagittarius sun/aquarius rising/leo moon.


Valentina Lucia Ramos Daughter of Ouranos Model: Cindy Kimberly Basic Ideas: locked in mirror; Name: •Valentina Lucia Ramos

Gender: •Female•

God Parent: •Ouranus•

Mortal Parent: •dfg

Species: •Demititan•

Age: •18•

Personality: • You don't know what's true and what's not. This girl wants to be what you want. Romantically, platonically, whatever you want in a person is what she becomes. If you like rock, she does too. If you hate cats, she can’t stand them. You will never know who she really is because she’s been lying and changing for so long, that she doesn’t know either.

Weapons: •None

Model: •Goo Hara

Thomas "Tommy D" DiFiore was one of the most high level, sought after mob bossses in the continent of North America, his allegiance never retreating with the Bonanno Crime Family. With hardly having enough time for a social life, the man was extremely busy and would rather be feared, respected and admired rather than making friends. It was a waste of time according to him. One day, Thomas met a woman named Fiorella Giuseppe. Meeting her through an alliance with another mafia family grouping, he was instantly attracted with her beauty. He didn't care for her in terms of romance, it was more for just... the sex in all bluntness. The man wasn't a marrying type of man at all. But when it came to that rare chance where he met a woman with the cunningness and the beauty he found so great, he would literally bow down to her, if it interested him. However, with his old age and herself being married already as she stated hundreds of times, she wouldn't get together with him. The man enjoyed the chase... for a while. That's when it grew boring to him. Usually women would come racing to his bed after a bit of time, if not for his charm then for his ranking, the money they would receive. Not being used to getting what he wanted, he decided to plan a rape. Bringing her to an alleyway in the Bronx when no one was around, he talked casually as he would of with his men. Cigarette in hand, gun in pocket, all ready to go. Giving her a beer, he knocked her out with some Ketamine that he put in the liquid and that was when he gave her a night that she would never remember as a result of being raped. Little did he know that this woman, well, she was Hera, queen of the gods and goddess of the sky/heavens.

Becoming pregnant with the man's child, she was fine in the beginning because it was at first assumed it was Zeus'. This caused for the pregnancy to be carried on. Later finding out that it was actually Thomas', she was furious however she didn't want to kill the little baby as she was the not only the goddess of the sky/heavens, but also of marriage and birth. As she carried out through with the pregnancy, she made such the alliance was broken between the two mafia groups by making up lies so the current mafia she was in would hate the Bonanno's. As soon as the baby was delivered, she left the baby with Thomas and shot him in the left arm due to him causing this result to happen in the first place. Thomas not caring enough for children nor ever wanting to have a bunch of his spawn around him while he was trying to go on Mafia-centered business decided to give the child to Romano "The Fork" Bonanno who was a child of Ares. Romano, being his 2ic [Second in charge], kept the child and figured he'd get rank up if he did this and so using the child for his own greed, he said yes to the man and raised the boy who was later named Luca.

The child grew up differently from the other people he knew in his Manhattan neighbourhood of course. Not exactly following the cliché of a bad boy but not exactly defying from it either, his juvenile p


Name: •Conner Grimaldi•

Gender: •Male•

God/Titan Parent: •Koios•

Mortal Parent: •Diana Grimaldi•

Species: •Demititan•

Age: •18•

Personality: •He's too immersed in organising and law to pay attention to the world around him. He isn't laidback at all and is extremely opinionated--so much to the point where he becomes judgemental. Failure isn't an option for him.

Weapons: •CB Sword

Model: •Max Irons

• Conner Grimaldi was born to Diana Grimaldi and Koios in 1999. Born out of wedlock, Diana was a criminal justice lawyer and Koios in the case of how Conner was known as "Rhys Watson", at least on Earth. The man was her client and he was on trial for murdering someone. They had sexual tension as things advanced but Diana refused to do anything with him. It had to be professional. On the day he got acquitted however, she threw that all out the window when they went out to celebrate. After a few glasses of wine and champagne, they had sex in the bathroom of a bar. They never saw each other again afterwards considering the embarrassment of doing it in a public bathroom.

Once Diana had found out that she pregnant though, she informed him immediately. Despite doing this, she refused his money and his help. Diana was a #IndependentWoman and considering her background of going from rags to riches without help, she wouldn't start taking it now. After years of trying to privately talk to her about the child, he had soon given up but he remembered to tell her that the child would be a demigod and he'd have to go to camp. Diana had taken it as a joke or a lame excuse for him to take the child so she tried to forget about his words and yet somewhere in his heart, she believed him.

The boy grew up wanting to go to law school and getting into politics. He loved American politics especially from learning about FDR to Nixon. He was intelligent in all his subjects but stayed to himself mostly. He was a bit mature for his age so he refused to hang out with all the other children claiming they "didn't get it like he did". By the age of thirteen, he had his first monster attack. It was a harpy. He had a very minimal chance of surviving if he tried to fight it so he ran and hid until he got him and was sure it was safe. Assuming he had hallucinated, he hadn't worried about it until his second monster attack at the age of fifteen when a hellhound had attacked him. The only reason he hadn't died was because a satyr had fought it. The satyr had brought the boy to a hospital by saying he was a "friend of the boy". The minute Conner had woken up, he had claimed that he hadn't known what happened because he forgot about it all. His mother remembered everything Koios had originally said to her and worried that what was said was true. Remembering the notes he had given her, she had decided to see if everything was real. She had told him everything and he considered it with an open mind, something he never really did. Agreeing that this may be true, she drove him to camp and then he was claimed immediately by Koios.

One year became two years and that's when he realised it was probably not best for him to go back home. While he had missed his mother and they spent lovely Christmas' together, the risk of a monster attack grew higher and higher and he wasn't trained for the real world. It seemed idiotic to return home when he'd just always have that risk of dying like that. As life in camp had continued, he had come across the Sanctuary and met those from the BC. As a result, he had decided to apply for Civitas which then got him accepted.

The gods care for no one but themselves. If we let Olympus stay as a dictatorship, we'll forever be at their foot, never on the same level as them. Zeus cares more for the pleasure of life rather than ruling accordingly (nor does he do this without extreme bias). Demigods are being sent on slaughter missions and for what? A sense of pride? No. Nothing. There isn't even any acknowledgement and I simply cannot stand by here and take it anymore. A democracy is what we need, a fair say in what goes on in this world. We need justice, it's the only hope for the future of this world.

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