Twinzies >.< 

  • Names: Elizabeth and Amelia Kerslake (birth name); Elizabeth and Amelia Bonheur
  • Ages: 19 (born 1885; were Huntresses of Artemis until 2014)
  • Model: Iga Wysocka
  • Mother: Victoria Seahill Kerslake (Seahill's maiden name btw)
  • Father: Apollo
  • (Step?? I'm not sure what you could call him) Father: Gerald Kerslake
  • History: TL;DR (here's what u missed on glee: mother married gerald (the twin's alleged father) despite knowing she had sex w some random peasant @queen victoria's ball and she was all like yikes much regrets but hey maybe if i have sex w gerald and have his children, it justifies my actions for not saving my virginity and cheating on my engagement!!. the girls lived a good life until they had their 1st attack @12 and went on once a year. they tried to tell their mom but she wasn't having it so @15 they ran away together, traveling with different names so no one would find them and living the peasant life but it made them really learn a lot about everything. @16 they found out what they were from som poor "fortune telling" merchants who were actually demigods/demititans 2 and they started 2 train and travel n stuff so they could deal w the attacks and then @19 they go 2 artemis to become huntresses after a huntress finds them and tells them all this stuff. up until 2014 they were huntresses and now they're just @chb hanging out ig and that's what u missed on glee)

Victoria Seahill was a dainty little socialite in the Victorian era. She was popular and delightful to be around. She wore dainty gowns and she attended only the most elaborate parties. She had many fancy tea parties that only the high and regal may attend, by invitation of course. She was very sought-out for her expensive lifestyle and resplendent cheekbones. An abundance of men were fond and were attracted to her for these reasons and the fact that she hadn't had a mean bone in her body. The lady was the kindest soul you could meet. Of course it ceased gradually after everyone ascertained her family set her up with a man in the Kerslake family. It just wasn't respectful to court someone who was already courted! Her new, lovely fiance was designated Gerald Kerslake, they were soon to be married in a few weeks time.

One day, an important invitation arrived from Queen Victoria, the queen of the era that was later to be known as the Victorian era (hence the name Victorian). It was a invitation for the prominent masquerade ball that only few got invited to each year. It always had a different date and location from the year before. Since it was once a year and in-demand, anyone who was anyone that got an invitation would cancel all plans and prepare. It could determine your social standing, maybe even get you a husband.

The green-eyed brunette had picked a silk cream-coloured ruffle dress with golden laces and white flowers in a bow shape on the backside. Along with that she had soft, white flats and a diamond bracelet and rosettes entwined in her hair. She was truly a sight to see (Think every version of Cinderella when she walks into the ballroom) when entering the ball with her stylish dress. She danced with such joy as she was tossed and twirled around the room by all the men there from the short to the those who were young and charming.

After a while as the people at the ball were starting to leave considering it was starting to end, she met a handsome peasant that was obviously not invited to the ball. He had an obviously stolen suit that was specially made for Henry Wainwright a year ago and it wasn't properly tailored for his athletic body. Once she saw him, she couldn't think about how he got in here nor why he was here. All she could think about was how much she wanted to press her lips to his, it was love at first sight. Walking over to him, she decided to chat him up a bit and as they talked, he had charmed her with his wits and flirting. Knowing that people were around and she hadn't wanted to ruin her reputation as a wonderful lady, she had brought him to a private sector where no one would see. The two had kissed and made beautiful love there so that they could avoid being caught by anyone leftover at the ball.

The woman felt guilty that she had cheated on her sweet fiance and lost the virginity that was supposed to be for the one she would wed to a peasant but she hadn't regretted it. The way the peasant had made her felt... no one else could've done that for her. Compared to the peasant, her fiance was a bore. Going to church to reveal her sins to this priest there in confessions, she had told him all her troubles and finally came to the conclusion that this would help both her and her family if she had just married the man without complaint. It was best to keep this a secret as not to tarnish the Seahill name. This ended up being exactly what she did and she had a gorgeous wedding with a rose gold and white colour scheme and food that could literally contest anyone rich person's Thanksgiving dinner table. As soon as they had got married, they went to their mansion estate bought by Gerald and consummated the marriage. It made her feel a little better and a little less guilty for what she had done. It was her justification for doing it---cheating. It was her way of trying to cheese out of the problem, surely it was fixed if she had bore him children?

After about 4 months, the young socialite realized she was pregnant. Victoria had went to a soothsayer (Soothsayers were less in demand by the first half of the 17th century but they were still used by the Victorian era) to find out what would be of her child and she had told her that it would be twin girls who would have a special type of power different from others. They'd end up being fine young ladies who'd be in some type of group. While she had not understood this perfectly, Victoria was excited to have twin girls nevertheless. Everyone was happy and full of joy for her. Victoria was fine until she remembered the ball where she had slept with the peasant and cheated on her fiance and guilt took over once again. Denying it all and trying to push it out of her mind, she constantly reminded herself that it was Gerald's child and not the man she had met at the ball. She had tried to convince herself by making clothes and doilies and other things for her future bundles of joy. Once they were born, she had chosen the names Amelia and Elizabeth. She chose Elizabeth from her grandmother and the name Amelia because of her great aunt, Amelia.

The two girls had grown up with three important ideas in their heads: elegance, grace, and wit. It was the secret to getting anything they had wanted. They had drowned in their riches and were spoiled to the very end with gilded jewelry and closest bigger than some people's homes. Their rooms were constantly being renovated and they had only the best tutors causing them to be fluent in many different languages and having great manners. The young girls had learn how to fence seriously and did this with each other alone frequently. They sewed a lot with other girls their own age that came because their mothers were visiting Victoria. Although they were both reserved and sweet in public, they enjoyed other things. They liked to try and sneak out the horse for riding. They usually were never caught as they did this. They had cute teeny tea parties with their mothers large hats and wore tiny fancy gloves. They made their butlers and maids play with them and bickered from time to time about who got to do this and who got to do that. Of course this quickly wore off as they loved each with all their hearts---they could never stay angry at each other for very long.

One day when they were both 12 years old, they were sitting quietly in their lace dresses doing some needlework. Serene music was playing in the background, the sun shone greatly through the stained mirrors. Everything was perfect until they had encountered the ferocious hellhound. The twins had a King Charles Spaniel since birth so they used to dogs at this point and got excited whenever they were even close to one. When they had saw the dog from afar, they immediately were smitten of love for it. The dog was soon known not to be trusted when it Elizabeth on the hand (which is why she has a scar on her hand today) making her bleed and scream. Amelia, trying to protect her twin, said, "Bad dog!" and it pounced on top of her. With a speed faster than the movement of light, Elizabeth got a ball left by one of their dogs and threw it down the garden. The hellhound whisked it's way to the ball, forgetting the twins. The brief time they had together before the creature had come back, they tended to Elizabeth's wound and made sure Amelia had no marks on her face. When it came back, Elizabeth threw it with all her force and might. It sped down the garden ruining the flowers, crops and plants. It never came back after that (It went off and I'm just saying that some neighbour killed it or whatever?). When their mother and the people she was talking to (grandmother, her friends, etc.) came out, they gasped at the mess. They blamed it on the twins even though the twins kept saying it was the huge dog that did it. You could imagine that was a very bad excuse and Victoria became very disappointed. They were sent to their room as they didn't understand what the huge dog was. They tried to think that it was nothing and they actually did it but used their imagination for the whole fiasco to go down, of course they were still unsure. Trying their best to keep their mother happy, they sat there in denial and managed to blame it all on themselves.

When they were 13 years old they were hanging by a cliff while their mother was visiting someone who lived in a cottage. They were eating little butter sandwiches and assorted candy with expensive tea. All of a sudden they saw a galloping horse on fire! They got the tea pot/bucket, filled it with water from a nearby stream and splashed water on it. It was still on fire on its tail and snorting it out through it's nose. It then began to chase the girls around, trying to reach them. Eventually both their dresses were on fire. They ripped it off themselves, standing in their undergarments and stockings. They threw the ripped up pieces down into the cliff, where there was a ocean. They ran near the cliff thinking to fall down there when suddenly the horse fell down there instead making little gold puffs pop up from the ocean. The twins stood in triumph at what they did. But when their mother finally came out, she was horribly angry at them. They wanted to explain but they saw the look on her face and thought against it. They were horribly sad about it and tried to make it up to their mother. 

As life went on, it seemed that every year (At fourteen they were braiding each other's hair and a giant scorpion came out of from the corner of their room and attacked) the twins would get a new attack. For what reason, they hadn't known. As the years had gone by, they got scarier and more odd to the point where they felt that staying here would endanger their mother and everyone that stayed in their mansion. At fifteen, they had packed their stuff and had ventured out secretively. Being as wily as they were allowed them to leave without anyone noticing (Until of course they came into their rooms and saw everything gone). They travelled with various names such as Charlotte and Adela Stone, living the life of peasants. They worked low-end jobs as well such as tending to the pigs to keep up their lifestyle and learned much about the world around them through this. Without an ounce of training in them, this was extremely difficult. The only option they had was to run as a result of these unexplaininable, illogical attacks.

By 19, they get cornered in a forest by a scorpion. A huntress finds them and realises they’re completely clueless on their life as demigoddesses. She explains a small summary on CHB was and how they’d have to wait to be claimed as well as the huntresses of Artemis group.

@15 they ran away together, traveling with different names so no one would find them and living the peasant life but it made them really learn a lot about everything. @16 they found out what they were from som poor "fortune telling" merchants who were actually demigods/demititans 2 and they started 2 train and travel n stuff so they could deal w the attacks and then @19 they go 2 artemis to become huntresses after a huntress finds them and tells them all this stuff. up until 2014 they were huntresses and now they're just @chb hanging out ig


Eleanor is a 19 year old child of Apollo. She was born in 1885 but spent her years as a huntress. Finally, she became a ex-huntress of Artemis in 2014. She is single and her sexuality is straight. She is also a twin of Amelia Kerslake/Bonheur.

Blueheartmg Elizabeth Bonheur Blueheartmg
Ex-Huntress of Artemis ~ Camp
Owned by: Margaery Tyrell
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Basic Info
Full Name: Elizabeth Katherine Bonheur
(Formerly) Elizabeth Katherine Kerslake
Titles: Ex-Huntress of Artemis
Daughter of Apollo
Born/Created On: ____ 1885
Current Age: Seventeen
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: Morpheus' Cabin
Affiliation(s): Camp
Current Status: Alive
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Accent: Neutral
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: Fashion Obsessed Demigod
Love Interests: Archived:Ryan Coleman/User:Hydrocarbon1997 (Broken up; unsettled tension)
Active RP's: Page comments
Created Page On: 9 Feb 2014
Last Updated On: 3 December 2016
Plans: None
Model: Nina Dobrev
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'8
Weight: 119 lbs
Blood Type: A+
Voice: Soprano
Distinguishing Marks: None
Body Style: Fit
More Images
Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Esme Carmichael
Father: Morpheus
Creator: None
Half-Siblings: Other children of Morpheus
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: N/A (Though if anyone would like to do this type of thing and plan it out, I'm sure we could arrange something)
Home: Toronto, Canada
Schooling: all the way up to High school
First Kiss: Unnamed boy in school
First Sex: Archived:Ryan Coleman
First Love: N/A
General Info
Nicknames: Bella, Bells
Native Language: English
Language(s) Spoken: English
Character Flaw: She's too caught up in her dream fantasies to pay much attention to reality
Fears/Phobias: Reality
Being alone
Hot Air Balloons
Hobbies: Fashion designing
Moral Compass: East; Compassion
Most Important Person Before: Esme Carmichael
Most Important Person Now: Herself
Alignment: Neutral Good
Dream Job: Fashion Designer
Current Job: None

Arabella is as sweet as sugar but don't let that mistake you-- she isn't someone to be messed with. Her trust issues make her anxious easily so she tends not to be open to making any new friends at all. Although she has been used and hurt time and time again, Bella is oblivious to those who might do so even with her trust issues. Once she falls, she falls hard. Fashion is one of her favourite passions and with that passion comes no censorship which can be both a good and a bad thing with her.


Note: This character's history is getting a whole re-do; stand by for changes.

Before the girl who would later be known as Arabella Carmichael was born, a woman named Esme Carmichael would later be said to be her mother. Being a fabulous designer, the brunette was skilled with her fingers, always sewing here and there. Starting at the age of fifteen, her hands would usually get aches and pains just from sewing so much and quickly as she did. Esme was always in her little world daydreaming, which then resulted in what was seen as wonderful dresses from her imagination. Nothing extreme but something that was so creative, it seemed to have surprised everyone on how good it looked. No one could say she wasn't skilled in the trait.

One day, a guy named Harvey Lincoln came into Esme's second shop for men 'The New Urban' to buy a suit. The girl most likely would've left if it weren't for him entering the shop at that moment, it was love at first sight. Soon, they became almost hard to break up. Connected by the heart, they ended up staying together for only eight months at best. Despite their love being so fierce and sometimes too intense for others who would go on casual flings or weren't with anyone at the moment, he had always seemed to be disappearing at night and Esme was worried he was cheating on her. She always prepared to ask him in the morning but as soon as he kissed her like she was Cinderella, she forgot all about what she was going to say. Having a tiring job as a God kept him away from his beloved as he had to leave her to attend his duties on Olympus. Always doing this caused the woman with her young, bright ideas, to have dark, gloomy ideas. She was just too heartbroken and irate to imagine, to dream, to believe. Finally, after a while, she got a letter about where Harvey had been all this time, since he needs to attend the dreams of people, and that if she ever had a child, she would be a demigod. The letter explained Mount Olympus and the ancient Greek Gods who were said to be mythical. Surprise, surprise, like many other average mortals, Esme thought it was a joke and just thought it was his fake reasoning for leaving him. Did he not love her enough to at least say there was another woman? Or did he just not care anymore to tell her this now? Thoughts swirled through her brain as she thought on this. Two months later Esme realized she was pregnant with a baby child and decided to name her Arabella after her grandmother, Arabella. Her middle name was then Caroline, it just fit with her smile that was like a sky full of sunshine and happiness. Arabella Caroline Carmichael. She was born in Toronto, Canada. Although she had now siblings, she managed to keep to herself and still have fun. Loving the camp she would go to, Camp Bow-waka, where she learned how to shoot an arrow [hence the title], she became excellent at it a young age. She always had dreams about how her father would look like due to never knowing him but her mother would usually exclaim that he was a "great man with pearl blue eyes". On days where her mother would drink and the nightmares would take over, she would say that he was a a total jackass who left her with a child. Arabella ignored this and took this as a normal thing for what would happen to people when they were to drink. When her mother tucked her in at night, sober and clean, she'd smooth her hair over and apologize although the young girl wouldn't understand what for, but she still replied that it was alright.

Her childhood was pretty basic and easy to understand really as she went to a huge prep school and as a result of her mom being a great designer, always had the newest clothes. When she became 13, she was voted president of her year, something she was later proud of. But her Vice President, Marisa wasn't always as she had seemed... Or at least how everyone assumed she was. Her huge shirts were taken off and that's when Arabella saw huge but raggedy wings. Marisa screeched, "Time to die half-blood!" All of a sudden a boy named Nick through her a sword and swooped in to her rescue. At first he sliced away one part of the harpies wing. She was totally freaked out. Finally cutting off the head, the harpy evaporated in a huge puff of golden sparkles. The boy, told to be Nick, told her it was time. She was confused and shook her head. She then ran home terrified. She told her mom about it, concerned at first but hoping they could just laugh it off and pretend it was all but a dream. Her mom would gulp and then remember the letter every time it was mentioned, but she kept quiet about it knowing that Arabella wouldn't get it. It was far too early to show little Bella the truth about it all. She thought many conspiracies until she realized-- it couldn't have possibly made sense. And so she settled with telling her mother and herself that she was just daydreaming. It was easier to believe it wasn't real than face reality, and life seemed okay until her next few birthdays. It was monsters, monsters, and monsters. It was like she couldn't escape them. Somehow, she avoided them. Either with Nick by her side, who she typically avoided or just by trying to run away/hide from it.

Her monster attacks came to an end when an empousa arrived at the store. Being terrified and trying to run away, she ran into Nick where he finally just decided to bring her camp with her mother's opinion. Loving her but not wanting her to keep going through this, Esme finally allowed Arabella to go. Both Nick and Arabella went on their way, with only the gods and pack of necessities on their side.

As they tried to get camp, it caused them to take two cabs. She worried about her mother, but he assured her she was safe. The trip was about 3 days long as she liked to walk with him and ask questions about "camp half blood" and the mist, and the Greeks. At first she was confused. Why were they going through a farm? He then told her that they were going through the "fake-berry farm" as he called it. The farm terrain was just so humans don't get suspicious. When they were about to go in, he took off his "pants" to get comfortable. She screamed, "GOAT!" He huffed, "Quiet down and the political term is "Satyr". All of a sudden, out of a dark area where no one would catch it coming, a huge Scorpion crawled out of there. He then stole her sword and ran and the scorpion jumped. The jump failed and it fell on its back. He then pierced it through the stomach. Throwing up from the shock and trauma, the girl fainted. He carried her as she fell asleep in his arms. Soon, the whole camp found out who her godparent was after a few tendencies she was shown to have. The whole drama happened so fast that she didn't even realize that two days before, she turned 17 years old.

Powers of a Child of Morpheus (3/6/9 Month Powers unlocked):


  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to create dream-like illusions of attacks so realistic that they are most likely to catch an enemy off guard; however, if they miss they are left vulnerable to counterattack.
  2. Children of Morpheus can absorb the dreams of others for a short time, removing their memories of them and empowering the user to be faster and stronger. Once the enhancement subsides, the target will remember their dreams if they wish to do so and are immune to further use of this power for a moderate time.


  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to make someone think they are seeing their worst nightmares brought to life for a short time; attempting to scare them into not attacking. The user cannot attack while they are using this power.
  2. Children of Morpheus have the ability to cause a person to day dream as if the child of Morpheus was a friend, causing the person to no longer desire to attack them for a short time. If the user attacks while the day dream is in effect, it will instantly stop working, so the power is purely defensive.


  1. Children of Morpheus often receive the current thoughts of people in the surrounding area while asleep. They can turn off this ability if they wish.
  2. Children of Morpheus heal faster while they are asleep and dreaming.
  3. Children of Morpheus are partially conscious while asleep, able to wake themselves up at will.


  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to send a small wave of energy which will cause anyone affected to fall asleep and enter a vivid dream for a short time; after the effects have worn off, a person is immune to further effects of this for a moderate time. If the user wishes, the wave may just force the target into a vivid daydream for a short time. This will require less energy, but will have the same limitations.
  2. Children of Morpheus have the ability to look into people’s dreams as they sleep and even manipulate them as they wish.
  3. Children of Morpheus are able to astral project, they can use this for multiple reasons, however, their physical body is vulnerable and they can not effect anything on the physical plane while astral projecting.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Morpheus can create dream-like illusions in order to twist other's perception of reality or make everyone around them see something that isn't really there. However, the illusion isn't physical and therefore is only a trick of sight. The bigger the change in perception, the more power drained. They can also confuse single individuals in the same fashion.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to manifest a small shadowy creature to fight alongside them for a short time; the shadow takes the form of whatever a person’s worst nightmare is when they fight it, however, it is smaller in size if the thing from their nightmares is large. They can command the nightmare and can create up to 3 copies of it, it cannot be bigger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user and doesn’t wield any extraordinary abilities. Ex: the nightmare can fly if the target’s nightmare is something winged like a bird. But if it’s a dragon, it may not breathe fire.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Morpheus are able to transform the surrounding area into their own dream-world, an alternate reality fabricated from the user’s dreams. The dream-world will take any appearance the user desires. Anyone within 30 meters of the user will be trapped within the dream world as well. Within it, the user can fly, teleport, are able to create psychic constructs and are immune to all attacks. They’re also aware of everything happening there. After a short time, the dream-world reverts to a normal environment and the user is left incredibly drained. The user will not be able to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Morpheus are normally well adept at interpreting the dreams of others.
  2. Children of Morpheus often tend to be daydreamers, with their heads always in the “clouds”.
  3. Children of Morpheus typically love dreaming, able to master the concept of “lucid dreaming” at a young age.
  4. Children of Morpheus sometimes accidentally enter other people’s dreams when sleeping.

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Esme Carmichael Mother Probably the most important person in her life, Esme is her world.
Morpheus Father She never knew him

  • Her iPhone 6 Plus
  • Her dog
  • Her sword
  • Her Mace
  • Her fenty slides
  • Her lana del rey album
  • Her ABH Glow Kit
  • Her LUSH Bathbomb and Bubble Bar Collection

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Daughter of Apollo ~ Owned by Margaery
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19 years old
120 lbs
London, England
Bow + Arrow
Our backs tell stories

no books have the spine to carry

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