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Cel Singing

Music makes me feel like flying. What does it do to you?

Hi! I'm McConnell48, or you can call me Emma! Or Ema Jean... Whatever floats your boat! Let me tell you a little about myself!

Gender: I'm a girl people!

Age: I am a teenager.... Thats it

Skills: Im a writer. I write a lot of fanfiction, and my own pieces as well. I draw, and have a Deviantart account under the same user as well. I can bake, paint, and I'm ok at singing too. I am also very good with kids, babysitting or helping at my church

Hobbies: Same as above, excpet I dont babysit or bake as a hobby...

Personality: Im one of those people that you need to get to know, before I open up. Then, you can judge me all you want. Not really. I dont have any time or patience for bullies. I've been told im wise and old fashioned.... No, I am not a child of Athena. I believe in love. I'm kind, protective.... And I know how to defend myself.

Fav books: I like Percy Jackson; Twilight; Witch and Wizard; The Ink series (Inkheart, Inkspell, ect); The two princess of Bamarre; And I love Manga! I like Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, and Action! Passions: Music, Art, Writing, Drawing.... And Life

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