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Hi there! Glad you stumbled across my page :D

I'm aryannaluvsu, or better known as LUV. My real name is Aryanna. Don't call me that. C:

What you can call me? LUV, or Luv. C: 

(EX: "How are you doing, LUV?" Cx )

I am obviously portrayed by this cartoonish person with the same unruly brunnette head as myself. And flowers. 

It's a genetic thaaang.


I like roleplaying and writing... but I hate reading. I honestly cannot bring myself up to read an actual book. Sure, I can read online stores and RP posts, but books? Not a chance. I like wattpad stuff a lot better. :P

On the note of books...that I have read(Camp Half-Blood books-wise): I've only read the last one of the Percy Jackson and then the Lost Hero(I may have skimmed threw a few chapters here and there), and instantly fell in love with the universe of Camp Half-Blood and all that. I bet you're thinking, "Well if you liked it so much, why not read the others?"

Well, amigo. 

I don't like reading. Well I mean I do. I just don't when I don't want to... Which is 92% of the time.

Moar gen'ral shtuff 'bout m'self, y'all:

I like to consider myself pretty nice, and I like it when I meet other nice people. I like being helpful, so don't be afraid to ask for favors because I really don't mind.

I blow the candles out on November 7th and right now I'm sixteen. I like watching movies and hanging out, but mainly movies. I'm pretty decent at RPing(don't quote me on that), especially literate. I like writing big words and paragraphs, so beware.

Smiley face.


Oh will you look at that, my page is a mess. C: