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Mirror Unicorn

Wikia: This is your user page.

Nata: Hmm? Yeah, I kinda knew that already, Wikia. It says "User:Nata Roebot" at the top. *cough*

Wikia: Please edit this page to tell the community about yourself!

Nata: Tell the community about myself? Do I have to?

Wikia: *glare*

Nata: ...Ugh. Fine. *stomps to next section*

Stuff about Nata!

So... following an amusing chat discussion some time ago, I made a personal chat bubble. I think it gives a pretty good basic description of me.

Robot Unicorn Attack 1

Nata Roebot, Resident of Procrasti Nation
"We may communicate in binary, but that's the only binary thing about us."

 Yes, that is my fabulous sig of much fabulousness. Usually I put the time here, but I felt the need to comment more on how fabulous my sig it this time.

I probably won't be constantly destroying your talk pages with this, rest assured. But if you're not opposed to it, I might use it for a short message once in a while. *pause* BWAHAHAHA who am I kidding I never leave short messages xD ;-;

You may recognize my word bubble's avatar if you've ever played Robot Unicorn Attack. That's actually one of my close relatives who bears some resemblance to me. (I'm more winged and stalkerish and doomy. And my horn is a sparkly pink.) You might also recognize my place of residence. Heck, maybe you even live there! Even though Procrasti Nation's area is very limited (they promise they'll expand the residential areas tomorrow), its population is very large, leaving it with a high population density that's perfect for concealing a winged robot stalker unicorn of doom like me when I visit your planet. (It was either that or the Amazon. I didn't feel like staying in the Amazon.) Since many people of Procrasti Nation are Internet-savvy, they just assume I'm a fantastic Robot Unicorn Attack cosplayer and don't question me too much, which is totally the definition of concealment. This is one of Hidden's fabulous maps that shows where Procrasti Nation is: linkety link If you ever need a neutral safe haven in the scary world of chat, come visit me here! :D

I guess I should make a bulleted list of stuff now. Why is it called a bulleted list? The dots are obviously square...

  • I go by many names, but in this language of Earth I am called Nata Roebot. (It's an ironic name. Iron relates to metal relates to robots. And I'm also using the meaning of ironic ironically. So many layers of meaning. O_o) Variations I have received on this site so far are Nata, Roebot, Unibot, Natabot, Natal, Nat, Nana, Nada, Nanase, Natari, Atari, NaRo, Naeta, Nate, NATO, Naruto, Nar, Pachu, Charlie (the Unicorn), and Coco. I'm interested in seeing what other variations you can concoct, and I will respond to them so long as A) I know you're addressing me and B) they're not terribly terrible terrors of terrification. (I shall be the sole judge of B) there.)
  • My age is classified information under ACECA 3141 (the Ancient Cosmic Entity Confidentiality Act, version 3141.59) in your sector of this universe. I can, however, tell you that it's OVER 9000!!!1!!one!
  • The date I use as my birthday is April 32. This does not exist in the Gregorian calendar, and it does not have a corresponding zodiac sign. So, of course, I created my own! The existing constellation Monoceros is a unicorn head (it means "one horn"), and it was once called Monoceros Unicornis. To make it more obvious what my zodiac symbol depicts (Aquarius sounds like "aquarium," not a freaking water bearer. What even. -_-), I shall simply refer to it as Unicornis.
  • As you know from my word bubble earlier in this section, I am a winged robot stalker unicorn of doom. I am also a reality warper and a metaphysical cosmic entity. Basically, I am a really awesome person. Though the OP Police (a.k.a. Adoptive Grandpa Toxyca) is now cracking down on reality warpers (;-;), so I'll basically just use my powers to fly through space and make happy-doomy-sparkle rainbows~
  • You also know from that word bubble that I reside in Procrasti Nation when I am on Earth. I also have a hidden space base in the Sombrero Galaxy, but it likes to transcend dimensions out of boredom when I'm away. Recently I've been teleporting between the Crab Nebula and the Andromeda Galaxy to deal with stuff there. Advice to any intergalactic travelers out there, Andromedans are annoyingly fastidious and persnickety (a.k.a. they're the freakiest clean freaks that ever did freak), so if you can, you should avoid staying there for long. Their fussiness is unusual even for a unified galactic civilization. Gah. *shudders*
  • I am gender: unicorn. Yes, it's a gender. Yes, you must, as I have said before, deal with it. I am also race: unicorn, sexuality: unicorn, and religion: unicorn. As a metaphysical entity I do not operate by the same definitions you quaint little humans use. "Unicorn" is, in essence, being used as a placeholder for a space-time-altering null value. (For example, I guess I'd technically be asexual in the same way a rock would be asexual, if that rock were sparkly and doomy and robotic and transforming and reality-warping and only-member-of-its-rocky-species-ing...) Use whichever pronouns you wish for me, though, so long as they are proper English! Instead of "unicorn" I could use "42" since it's The Answer, but that would make even less sense in your language, so I suppose I won't. *sigh* Confusing people is amusing, though...
  • As a newb/n00b (I use the latter) on this wiki, I was adopted by Demonic Chihuahua. The first person I met on here was Omnia Lesvos, a fellow reality warper and really awesome person! (We talk about metaphysical, cosmic ish on our talk pages. It's fantabulous~) I've met more of you cool people in the meantime, and I hope I'll get to know all of you in time! :D ((EDIT: Omnia is now my adoptive mother/twin/distant cousin... it's muchos convoluted...))
  • Hmm... how to describe my personality... Well, as you know from my previous bullet/square points I am fabulous. (It comes with being a winged robot stalker unicorn of doom.) I'm generally easy to deal with when I'm not flying troll logic circles around your head, and I do not attempt to instill mass panic amongst crowds very often. (The Third Toxic Pineapple Fiasco was an exception... I'm sorry... >.<) I enjoy conversing with your species, so feel free to leave many messages on my talk page/through PM about questions, comments, advice, and general random life-y things!
  • So far I've roleplayed mainly on forums and location pages, but I do sometimes go lurk visit character pages to RP. I tend to reply every day for about a week or so, end up missing a day, confuse the crap out of the other person, and then mess up the posting pattern so that we only post every other day or something. :\ (I should probably start actually telling people that I posted by leaving messages on their talk pages... Heh... ^_^') Overall I'm consistent enough, and I haven't gone inactive yet (though I've been here for, like, six months so it ain't all that great of an accomplishment), so I shall be perfectly glad to RP! ((EDIT: I've had a few random hiatuses--hiati? Haiti? Hispaniola? Spain? spam?--*ahem* so far, but if you're reading this then it's quite likely that I'm back, like Arnold freaking Schwarzenegger.))
  • I basically have no time zone (in Procrasti Nation there's only the concepts of "now" and "later"), and my activity on this site takes place at wildly varying times. In general I'm on most often near 2:00 UTC, but that's highly fickle and may not apply a week later. D:
  • I think I want to start using the "User Blog" feature of this site (it looks cool and fabulous and interesting), so watch out for the random madness I shall be producing soon! >:3 ((EDIT: Yup, I've made blogs. Go check them out! :D))
  • I also made a Sandbox, if you want to return the stalking, but there's not much on there xD
  • On the glorious day of September 13th, 2015, I got the results of the Wiki Helper test I took! 62%, which isn't that impressive, but it's 12% higher than my predicted grade so I'm still pretty happy with it! ^_^ I'm a Wiki Helper now!

If I left out any essential information in that bulleted/square list above and you are desperate to know, just tell me on my talk page and I'll see if it's not classified. Okay, now time for some less relevant stuff that I feel like putting in a separate bulleted/square list! :L

  • My current diet consists solely of purple cosmic kumquats. It used to be blueberry-cyanide muffins, but the blueberries were shoddily grown (thanks, humans) so I switched. This diet helps enhance my sparkliness, which is an essential part of remaining a healthy metaphysical unicorn.
  • My favorite flammables and explosives are napalm and C4, respectively.
  • I use a rainbow highlighter as my main weapon. I draw on my opponents' faces and confuse them when nothing happens. Then I give them food and they are more confused and I laugh and I fly off and no actual violence happens...
  • This is my favorite ASCII face. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • My favorite keyboard emoticon faces are :D, :L, :3, ^_^, O_o, -_-, TT_TT and ;-;.
  • I can't quite decide on a favorite punctuation mark, but I'd have to say that the ~ ranks pretty high up. (Yes, a tilde is totally a punctuation mark.) Apostrophes and ampersands (' and &) are also quite fabulous.
  • I can haz much meme and such fandom, so talk to meh about Internet stuff and I shall joyously reciprocate~
  • In fact, talk to meh about just about any stuff and I shall joyously reciprocate.
  • If it's evil plotting you're looking for, you've come to the right person! >:D
  • If it's the mafia you're looking for, enter through the secret tunnel and you've got the right person.
  • If it's the Illuminati you're looking for, you've already found it. Illuminati has three i's. Three i's have three points. A triangle has three sides and three points. CONFIRMED. But wait! "Three" has two e's. "Eye" has two e's. There were 21 full words in the previous 6 sentences. "U" is the 21st letter of the alphabet. "U" sounds like "you". YOU have two EYES. Open them. YOU are the Illuminati! CONFIRMED. O_O
  • At least I think you have two eyes...
  • TBC!

Le User Badges

Pixelmango Blessing of Friendship Pixelmango

You, the mortal known as Nata Roebot, have been given the blessing of friendship from the mango goddess herself. This means you have gained her favour by tolerating her... strange behaviour and she has deemed you worthy of her friendship.

The handwriting changes starting here. It looks more cheerful and less stoic than the message above.

Haiii, Coco~! Sorry for the straight-to-the-point and stoic message above. One of my more sour mango servants wrote the message and yeah. >.< But you're a really awesome friend and I love chu. Sure this message might not be unique from user-to-user but my wub for you is def. special and only for u.

____________________________________________________________________Love always,

Thankee, Catty! ^ω^ Though I must say that I am a fantabulous unicorn, not a mere mortal (though mortals can be fantabulous and significant too)~ :D

Manolo's Friendy Badge

I thoroughly enjoy talking to you, and am glad you're on this

wikia. Thanks for being a pal


Thank you so much, Manololololololo! Aww, this badge is so sweet, and Book of Life is freaking amazing too :'DDD

Hello Besty!!

Congrtulations! You've earned a place in my Heart. You've caused our frienship to burn bright, and fly to the stars. In other words, you're an amazing person, whos earned my friendship, and I will always care for you. Even if our friendship sputters out of control.



xDDDD This gif is amazing and your badge is awesome, Games! Thank you so much for making my profile page a more explosive place ^_^

Pichu&#039;s Friendship Badge
Hai there!

It's seems you have earned yourself the best badge anyone can earn, the Pichu Badge, the badge that shows that even though I'm a bit weird, I still have friends... I think! In other words I think of you as my 'Pichu Brother'

~Pichu loves ya!


Oh my goodness, 3 badges in such a short amount of time! :'333 Thank you for your badge and its incredibly adorable gif, Pichu!

Nat Badge
Nat Badge

Natalia's Friendy Badge

This badge shows that you are worthy of my friendship, and that I trust you. This badge shows that you have seen my bad side, and have stuck with me. It represents the good times we've shared and the fights we've had. Thank you so much for being my friend, I will remember you always.

~ Natalia

Nat-twin muchos gracias for your "Owl" and its wonderful cat-containing content! xD

A Well Deserved Paean
Enter Omninsanity

You're probably thinking of something along the lines of "WHAT THE F-?!" If not, then that's great. If true, then, er, still great. You're getting this badge because frankly, you've been awesome to me. Thank you for putting up with my aberrative behavior, aka omninsanity, despite the bumps along the road. Whenever you're feeling down, look up at the sky and remember that the reason I've probably not decided to destroy the stratosphere is because of you. I mean, wait, what? You never saw that.
Please never stop being awesome - which technically is impossible since it's at the very core of your being. No matter what kind of awesome you will be, I bequeath to you my word of honor that I will try to accept you for who you are. Whatever race, orientation, or beliefs you are or have, I care about you; the next time someone decides to be an A-class a$$hole to you, let me know so I can apprise to them on what they're missing out.(I'll try not to go queen of shade on them, I swear. Cross my hearts and hope to die and stew and fry and sauté and broil and bake and every other cooking procedure.)


Before you get tired of reading this, PLEASE HEAR ME OUT. I know I'm horribly annoying sometimes. My Te function occasionally is triggered in the worst possible moments. (that's one of the MBTI ways to say "bitch mode activate", btw.) The mind-in-the-gutter problem expresses itself inappropriately every so often. (I blame my Ne function.) Sorry to disappoint, because I'm in no way a perfect friend, or companion, or all-powerful space deity who controls the entire omniverse human. The sense that I'm human itself already signals the beginnings of imperfection, because we all know humans aren't perfect and have never come close to achieving this idyllic state.

BUT! Here is to a new era/Christmas/year, where maybe I'll stop ramming into wooden trophy cases and thinking that won't hurt, not lash out so much at people (ESPECIALLY THOSE I LOVE, LIKE YOU YOU ADORKABLE DORK), and give a shot at generally minimizing the collateral damage that come with our flaws. I'll help you with yours, and I hope it wouldn't be too much to ask if you helped me with mine. MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA, [MALIGAYANG PASKO]! <3 (I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, [MERRY CHRISTMAS]!)

Remember Granger&#039;s Sage Advice

Remember to read, roleplay, and NEVER stop loving. (ugh, please don't kill me for that cliche.) Emotions are what makes you us human and it's OKAY to not be in control all of the time. You We were born to make mistakes and trudge onward at every so-called "failure." Just note that you don't have to trudge onward alone. cx

Street IQ Lowered

You are stronger than you seem, braver than you believe, and smarter than you think.

–Christopher Robin

P.S. Don't you forget it.

...Galoshes, Omniverse, I'm pretty much laugh/crying because your badge warms my rainbow metallic unicorn heart and I think it may be melting slightly but oh well it'll be alright :'DDDDD Thank you thank you thank you it's wonderful and I'mma just gonna curl up and smile for a few days kthxbye~

Merry Christmas!

Oh hey look, a wild Christmas gift appeared! :D It's that time of the year again! Time for candy canes, Christmas lights, carollers, and gifts galore! It's also the time for little kids to learn that Santa isn't real whoops. And here's my gift to you! You have been able to endure my insanity, drama, addiction to mangoes, and all around annoyingness, and for that I thank you. If I could, I would travel to wherever the heck you are and give you a well-deserved hug! But unfortunately, I can't. But who says we can't give virtual hugs? So here ya go~!

But of course, who would forget a virtual pizza?

Everybody loooooooooooooves pizza! Well, except for an odd bloke but whatever. Anyways, I love you and never forget that. If you ever need anyone to rant at, I'm your mango. c: I'm always right here. Once again, have a Merry Christmas!

Dorky Mango Queen out.

KARD-logo Why those boys I don't care about try to strike a conversation with me-Catty 🃏

Aaaaahhh thank you for this Christmas gift Catty I will treasure these virtual hugs and pizzas and Sherlocks so much you have no idea xDDDD

Name Twins

Dear Nata, thank you for being such a great friend, and twin! (Even if I don't know what pronouns to use and hardly ever use them xD ) You have been such a highlight here at camp since you've been here, and I am proud to call you my friend, my sibling, my twin. Keep shining bright like those stars we love.
(Yes, I am the cat, you are the unicorn xD )

With love,



Hmm, how to shamelessly self-promote? *gestures mysteriously* You will go check out my blog. You will do so right now. You will leave a comment. You will listen to my mind-trickery. Uh, I mean, this is NOT mind-trickery. I don't think this is working. I'll stop before you call the psychiatrist. No, really, no need to call. Come on, really, you had to call them? Whyyyyyyyyyy *flies into distance leaving a fading trail of y's behind*

The first post that I wrote was a power set for Chat Lurkers (which are defined within the blog so go there). Eventually I might write more power sets for Chat Stalkers, Chat Pervs, Chat Serial Killers, and the like... >:D

If you're one of those pesky l'il humans who keep asking, "But, Nata, what are you REALLY???" because they can't handle my unicornness *sparkles indignantly*, you'll like meh second post. Read all disclaimers first, plz, and leave commenty comments because I like them and they are (usually) nice! ^_^

My third post is aimed right at ya, newbs who may be reading through my profile in fascinated horror, and explains how to send PMs in chat! I might make a fourth post on how to get a fancy background and/or chat hacks, but I'm often either busy or lazy so we shall see...

To-Do List

1. Make a bedroom page for Aria Made the page, and a fair use bedroom template while I was at it~

2. Work on le quest with James and Summer and Ash and Fate This quest is on hiatus. Another quest, however, has been approved and will begin sometime around the start of 2017!

3. Make a sandbox to which I will move this list so that it doesn't randomly clutter up my page User:Nata Roebot/Sandbox is a thing now :D

4. Fix my laptop so I can RP again Eh, it's held together by a piece of washi tape, but it works just fine now

5. Make a word bubble for Rory

6. Make a personal WB or character page template that has an image background like Kevin's (gotta git gud at coding)

7. Code up Rory's character page, using that new charrie page template if possible

8. You know what? It's about time I revamp my user page. I haven't changed its format since I arrived on this wiki, and it reflects the me of 2 years ago, not the me of now. Let's do this!

9. Find an older-looking model for Aria

10. Since my username is Nata Roebot and I am a chat mod, I could look into creating a bot account for logging chat and performing various small tasks around here... to the pybot help section I go!

11. Neaten up my Sandbox and Laboratory page coding, and possibly rename them to something more creative

My Characters/RPs in Various States of Deadness

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