I'm Dean, I'm 18, and I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I am an Administrator on this wiki, and plan on becoming a Bureaucrat someday... I am in the Administration department. I got an early psychology degree (yeah, I'm one of those 'child prodigies') and currently working on a fine arts degree and a psychology Master's. If you want to know any more, just talk to me.

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People who are liked by me:

My Characters.

Major Camp Characters:

  • Palimius, demigod child of Mnemosyne, Keeper of Memories.
  • Cytos Tirios, demigod purgatorian child of Nyx, Cocytus' Axiom.
  • Justine Kinge, demigod child of Athena, and Camp Security Guard.

Minor Characters:

  • Nerokoria, naiad / demigoddess. Child of Poseidon and Aegina.
  • Bu Jingxia, pyroead / demigoddess. Child of Deimos.
  • Jasper, erotiad. Firstborn Male Nymph.
  • Via Lefteria, huntress of Artemis/demigoddess. Child of Janus.

Broken Covenant Members:

  • Lysandra Deumos, demigod child of Hera. Leader of the Vardia Enotitus.
  • Serinito, Titan God of Mystics, Second in Command of the Veritum Unitum. Child of Hecate and Kronos.
  • Vytus, Titan of the Elements. Child of Asteria and Perses. Twin of Hecate,

Shared Characters:

  • Heinrich Alten, demigod child of Hebe. Leader of the Broken Covenant. Shared with all faction leaders.
  • Alexander the Great, camp director. Shared with all administrators and bureaucrats.
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