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About the Desk

I am a volunteer secretary for a few users on this wiki. I keep track of any task they need done, or anything they need notes on. If you would like to sign up for my services as a secretary, please sign up here.

Deadline Colors

Red = Needs to be done by TOMORROW

Gold = Needs to be done ASAP (in a few days)

Blue = Needs to be done by the end of the week.

Green = Needs to be done sometime soon (2-3 weeks)

Black = No deadline

Purple = Tasks that are finished



On other wikis/sites

  1. Make backgrounds for Glee RP Wiki and Avatar Roleplaying Wiki
  2. Make a character for the HG RP Wiki (Catsie's wiki, not Rin's)
  3. Make the GM on Lott's heroes/fable rig Wiki
  4. Make Nimue's sister on the DA rpg wiki to share with Ruby
  5. Work on the Ministry on the DA wiki
  6. Get W14RPW up and running for the public
  7. Work on Recipes Wiki
  8. Work on Actors Wiki
  9. Work on Mythology Encyclopedia Wiki
  10. Organise favs and make more pics for DevianART
  11. Post all character ideas on the Sandbox Wiki
  12. Help Jrite designing his wiki
​Finished tasks

On this wiki (CHB)

  1. Think up new contests for June
  2. Get the new contests posted here
  3. Finish categorizing and going through images
  4. Make sure all of the characters are on the Users/Char. forum (also make sure forum is up to date)
  5. Categorize and fix all templates
  6. Fix ALL red links
  7. Go through categories and fix/clean up
  8. Revamp Non-demigod species powers
  9. Revamp BC Non-cabin powers
  10. Help Blood with the comment archiving
Finished tasks
  1. Make three characters here (2 demigods, 1 nymph)

In real life

  1. Go through boxes in storage and get rid of stuff you don't need
  2. Give the dog a bath
​Finished tasks


On other wikis/sites

  1. General help and coding on Glee RP Wiki, HG RP Wiki, and DA Wikis
Finished tasks

General CHBRPW Tasks

  1. Comment on regular, pets, quests and BC claims, etc. (on daily basis)
  2. Update User Levels and User/Char. forum (on a daily basis)
  3. Help with Blood's comment archiving project
Finished tasks
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