wanna one of your characters be in a relationship with on of my charas? ask! :)
wanna dib one of my characters as well? ask! ^^
"Love is an open door." ~Frozen

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Character Dating (Interest) User Status Image
Rosella Pearl Shaw dating Cain Broken Active 38864
Cheryl Anders HYDRO Active Cheryl anders vector
Monique Cook Hydro Active Blondes flowers green eyes anime girls butterflies 1151x1147 wallpaper 28
Tora Mori Dating Johnny McKinney Hydro (again) Active Tora M 1
Chantal Floyd Single None Active Sena airi
Yasmina Amari Single None Active Yasmina word bubble pic
Mallory Levi Single/ Might be dating Titus Harrison in the near future Bluey Active Katie F
Fiona White None None Active Rachel G. Fox 96
Park So-Yung None None Active

Broken Covenant

Character Faction Dating (Interest) User Status Image
Kaeden Black Opus Superum Jemima WoW Active Kaeden
Alexander Ito Civitas Popularis Thea Lee Katniss Active Ranmarender
Rei Yamasaki Opus Superum Hydro-derp Active Rei WB pic
Vivian Greene Civitas Popularis None None Active Laruen Calaway
Miyako Mori Ortu Justitiae has a sex slave >.< Hydro (for like... the sixth time) Active Miyako render 3


Character Dating (Interest) User Status Image
Skye Single nien Active Llyr.full.25041
Elsa Single Nien Active
Basilisk taken Justie Active Basil word bubble render
Luna Diaz Likes Jay Active Jessi Marie
Abella None None Active Alexa havins-334
Octavia Jeffrey None none Active Octavia2
Ivory None None Active Ivory &#039;Ivy&#039;
Lucy Lates Hikaru Realight Wowzers Active Casual Yukino
Cho Min Kyung Ember Glass Broken :3 Active Park-sang-il-2
Winifred Claybrook ASEXUAL/CANNOT DATE None Active RachelDashaeBlackDress-L
Miki Hydro (AGAIN) Active Akeno uniform
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