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this is my new sandbox since my idea chart page sort of crashed >.> (so pissed when that happened) so yeah, this is for claims, quests im thinking of doing, and all of the other fun stuff.

enjoy looking but don't copy, don't touch any of this stuff unless I say you can! (which is rare)

thank you for your consideration!!!!

Another note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not think about stealing or copying or even "accidentally" use my ideas. it takes me forever to think of these things and they are always perfect to me so please don't think about it. >~< (or else i will rage and it won't look good....)

And another note: please check my claims if you have the time. I know some of you are busy but i would appreciate it if you can check them! ^-^

Yours truly,

Pandy-LSP render“Oh my glob!! Drama bomb!”~Pandora

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