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Adephagia girl

Name: Colleen (AKA Coco) Campbell

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Daughter of Gluttony (Adephagia)

Mortal Parent: Carter Campbell

Personality: c

Model: Kaga Kouko

Weapon: a celestial bronze sword (looks like this) that can be morphed into a heart knife pendant

Faction: Ortu


Carter Campbell is a famous french chef who was also a son of Aphrodite. Adephagia, the goddess of gluttony, was roaming somewhere around in the mortal world in her chef form: "Colette". One day, Adephagia was accepted in Carter's restaurant to work there as a chef. They both got to know each other very well and eventually, they 'fell in love'. It was actually a one sided love. Carter was the only person who loved Adephagia/Colette but Adephagia/Colette only pretended to love him so she can gain his trust and eventually have sex with him so she can bear a child. That did happen and she suddenly disappeared. Carter was very sad that she left without saying goodbye to him because everybody else who was employed in his restaurant knew where she was off to. (Greece) After a couple months, things were running the same way before Adephagia was in his life. But one day, someone rang his doorbell and he found a baby girl near his front door step. There was also a box next to the basket and in it was a letter and a heart knife pendant. The letter explained who she really was. Since Carter was already a demigod and knew about why gods can't stay for very long, he understood her. But she still never told him of her true intentions of having intercourse with him. She also told him to let their daughter be a free spirit because she's going to have to depend on herself since he's not going to be by her side forever.

Colleen had a fair childhood. In her middle school, she was often teased for being such a gluttonous girl but she really didn't care what her classmates thought of her. She was also a big freeloader when it came to food and even bribed people to give her food when she got super hungry. She wasn't that popular in school but she was well known because of her gluttony. She was best friends with Allie Burton, a daughter of Apollo. After school, she practiced acrobatics and became an expert in it since she started doing the sport when she was 5 years old. She also was taught how to be the best cook by her father and was very good in cooking because of that.

Colleen's life was full of food and fun but when she turned 13, everything began to change for her. She had her first monster attack when she was 13 years old. She and Allie were walking back to her place and a harpy attacked her. She instantly got freaked out but being with an experienced demigod, Allie instantly knew what to do. She morphed her necklace into a bow and celestial bronze arrows and immediately shot three at the harpy. That quickly disintegrated it. Colleen and Allie quickly went back to Colleen's house because she was so scared and got really paranoid that another would come back for her. Colleen then asked her father why on Earth a harpy is attacking her. Carter confessed that she was a demigod but wasn't sure which godly parent was hers. Allie told Carter that she was a daughter of Apollo once he said that and Carter told both girls that he was a son of Aphrodite. Allie has been to camp for two years worth of training and asked Carter if she can help Colleen train. Carter agreed and together they both trained Colleen.

On her 14th birthday, Colleen was given a heart knife pendant from her father who said it was originally from her mother. He told her that it was able to be morphed into a sword. She also had her second attack. A hellhound attacked her when she was coming back from the mall. Since she had her own weapon now, she used it to attack the hellhound and disintegrate it.

When she was 15, she had her last monster attack. This time it was two empousai and Allie was with her. Not being too familiar with such monsters, they both got badly beat up and Allie died while defending her best friend. Colleen was a bit traumatized afterwards but soon got over the fact that her best friend died protecting her. When Colleen told Carter all of this, Carter decided that it was time for her to go to camp half-blood. She agreed to go and was driven down to camp.

She stayed in camp for two months and during that time, she went on a quest for Aphrodite, her grandmother. She and two other demigods, Lily, daughter of Eros, and Ruby, daughter of Poseidon (all three were best friends). In the middle of their quest they battled at least two Keres and two Empousaid both at the same time. It was very difficult for the trio and in that event, Ruby tragically died while saving both Lily and Colleen. Both Lily and Colleen went on to complete the quest but as they were about to retrieve the object Aphrodite wanted them to get, they had to battle two more Empousai and they weren't in the best state to battle them. Lily sacrificed herself for Colleen so she was able to retrieve the object Aphrodite wanted. Colleen did finish the quest but was greatly effected by it. It was worse than Allie's death. At this point, Colleen didn't trust the gods' judgement anymore and wanted to leave camp. She didn't want to go back home though but she did know what the BC was. So she packed her things and set off to search for the BC since she heard a couple of spirits and nymphs talking about it. With some of the nymph and spirits' help she found out where the BC was. And joined the Ortu faction.

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