This is a new group I am currently working on. Please do not edit anything on here unless I grant you permission.

Note: These characters aren't based off of continents. They are based off of their capital city. Also, their race will be based off of what capital the character represents. (ex. Tokyo will be Japanese, Ottawa will be Canadian)

Guide lines of the group: We will have 4 guys and 4 girls to keep it equal and we will keep the age range to 16/17. Oh, another thing is that we don't want to have two chars with the same god parent so we'll figure something out for that little detail. Another note: Each character will have their own history and will also include how they met with the Hetalia Group. 

Pandy-LSP render“Oh my glob!! Drama bomb!”~Pandora

OOC lists for pandora

People I've asked:

and why do i have a feeling that I'm going to ask only girls....

  1. Kat-chan
  2. Royal
  3. Ezghad
  4. Madoka
  5. Jay
  6. Wow
  7. Dancin
  8. Demyx
  9. Lopez

People who agreed:

  1. Ezghad
  2. Kat-chan
  3. Wow
  4. Jay
  5. Demyx
  6. Lopez
  7. Madoka

People who denied:

  1. Royal (not that many char spots)

People who want to join:

  1. No more spots left! Unless somebody backs out............


We need these type of characters in our group:

(OOC: optional but would love to do this.....)

  1. Leader/serious one (mine; Pandora) ✔️
  2. comical person (Katniss) ✔️
  3. Shy one/not that talkative (Madoka) ✔️
  4. One who bares a great secret that they cannot/will not tell (Lopez) ✔️
  5. One who's parent's died
  6. Smart one (WoW) ✔️
  7. One who will do anything for their friends (Ezghad) ✔️
  8. Alcoholic/smoker (this can be changed but :/)

Gods/Goddesses that have been chosen:

  1. Mnemosyne (Pandy)
  2. Eros (Ez)
  3. Apate (Katty)
  4. Hermes (Waves)
  5. Hecate (J)
  6. Iris (Demyx)
  7. Thanatos (Lopez)
  8. Ariadne (Madoka)

Group's History:

Seeing that there are a lot of half-bloods popping up in the countries political businesses, Dave Bell, son of Zeus, father of Molly Bell (aka Washington), and a representative of the US, decided to make a group that will train to become "half-blood senators" to work with the demigods on their respective country's political party. Dave Bell is calling this group "Hetalia" because like the anime, they represent each one of their country/capital. (Washington (Aka Molly Bell) is the head/leader of the Hetalia group.)

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