Guess who's back, back again? Elfie's back, tell a friend.

Hello friend, welcome to my page. I'm Elfie, 21, and I'm an old hag here. I've been dragged back after disappearing for more than half a decade, so this is why you're reading this and not my horrific, disastrous page before. Let's hope I'm not clowned and embarrassed about this 10 years down the line, but I'm sure there will be something that some people won't let me live down. This is a placeholder for now while I mentally prepare myself to deal with code again. I'm currently in Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) and dying because of uni work.

WIP cos I hate myself

Linky links

empty hole of ideas

to give me headaches

my babies

list of monsters cos i'm dumb

My children

Emeliya Murphy

Abigail Lawrence

Aurélia delos Reyes

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