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Philip Lymperopoulos
Father: Zeus
Mother: Effie Lymperopoulou
Status: Alive
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Age: 14
Weapons: (Bow and) Arrows, Astrapi (my spear)
Pets: -
Friends: -
Enemies: -
Quests: -

About Me

I'm Philip Lymperopoulos. I was born in Greece. My mother is Effie and my father is Zeus. Everything was normal until two months ago, when the monsters came. I had never thought that the greek gods actually existed, although I always thought my father I had never met was somehing special. My powers appeared when the monsters appeared. They attacked and if I hadn't had my father's help I wouldn't be here now. I arrived at the camp with the help of my father and stayed in the infirmary for weeks. When I woke up and everyone was sure I was alive my father claimed me.


My weapons, apart from my sword, were my father's gifts which I found the first morning I woke up in my cabin. I found my sword right before the battle with the monsters, also my father's gift. I don't like to use swords because my first one broke , during the battle with the monsters.

I can also use a bow and arrows pretty well although i prefer to shoot the arrows using the wind around them.

My favorite weapon is the spear my father gave me,Astrapi.

All my weapons produce an amount of electricity when used, usually the amount a taser would produce.




  • I can send powerful amounts of static electricity throughout another's body on contact.
  • I have control over air and the sky.
  • I can create lightning bolts at will. This will drain me of a lot of power.
  • I have electrokinesis.
  • Since Zeus is the leader of the gods I have a strong leadership quality.
  • I have control over things that are in my father's domain.
  • I can control the wind.
  • I have a resistance to lightning and electricity.
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