Name: PotatoHead450(What did you think I was going to give you my real name?)

Gender: Female

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. PotatoHead(Not their real names)

Personality: Humorous. smart, wise, knowledegeable, outgoing

Fun facts: 

I share birthdays with Annabeth, who is also my favorite character.

My name is not actually PotatoHead450(Shocker right)

I have met Rick Riordan(Unfortuantely only in my dreams)

I love solving riddles and puzzles. 

My favorite two goddesses are Hestia and Artemis.(No particular order)

My favorite two gods are Poseidon and Hermes.

My favorite two demigod girls are Annabeth and Clarisse.

My favorite two demigod boys are Connor and Travis(I mean come on, who doesn't like them).

I'm not dead(Charon told me)

My favorite pages

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