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The Secret Order of Yggdrasil


  • Yggdrasil is a large and mighty ash tree and one of the most beautiful and perfect trees of all time. The tops of the tree branches reach above the sky.
  • It grows between the nine realms and joins them together
  • The first root and the deepest one goes into the underworld (Niflheim) and is the first place to exist before the others. In the centre of the world is ever-turning spring so loud it sounds like a roaring kettle and is called Hvergelmir. A Dragon named Nidhogg lives in these waters and is always gnawing at the root below.
  • The second root goes to the realm of frost Giants that belongs to Mimir. There is an eagle who sits at the highest branch of the world tree and knows many things. A squirrel lives in the branches of the world tree and it gossips and brings messages from the Dragon and to the eagle and back again. The squirrel tells lies to both of them and enjoys invoking anger. Therefore Stags who graze on the branches and uncountable snakes at the base of the tree. The world tree can be climbed and is the tree and which Odin hung himself in sacrifice.
  • The gods do not climb the tree as they travel between the worlds using the rainbow bridge called Bifrost. Only the gods can travel in the rainbow as it would burn the feet of frost Giants are trolls or anyone who attempted to reach Asgard.
  • the last root of the world tree goes to a spring in the home of the gods in Asgard. Each day the gods hold their council here and it is here where they will gather for the last days of the world before the final battle of Ragnarok. It's called the well of Urd. there are three sisters who are wise maidens and they tend to the well and make sure the roots are covered with mud and cared for.

Nine World's of Yggdrasil

  • Asgard - home of the Aesir. This is where Odin calls home.
  • Alfheim - where the light elves live. The elves are as beautiful as the sun and the stars.
  • Nidavellir - sometimes called Svartalfheim. this is where the dwarves also known as dark elves live beneath the mountains and build their remarkable creations.
  • Midgard - the world of women and men and a world in which we make our home as humans.
  • Jotunheim - where the frost Giants and the mountain Giants wander and live and have their Halls.
  • Vanaheim - where the Vanir live. The Aesir and the Vanir are gods and United by peace treaties. Many Vanir gods live in Asgard with the Aesir.
  • Niflheim - the dark mist world.
  • Muspell - the world of fire and flame, where Surtr waits.
  • Helheim - The place is named after its ruler Hel respectfully and is where the dead go and when they do not die bravely in battle.

Modern Day Hatfields & McCoy's (Nine Circles of Hell Dynamic)


Head of Dynasty

Family A - Dumas Dynasty

Family B - Godfrey Dynasty

Family C - Grimaldi Dynasty

Character Tracker

Character Godly Parent Age Weapon About
Celaena Kingsley Hecate (camp) 186 (biologically)
20 (physically)
Celestial Bronze Crossbow & Kindjal Daggers
  • Can shift into wolf and tends to have a lot of wolfish traits
  • Recently appointed to co-beta of her pack at camp
  • Currently in the Big Brother competition
  • Former companion of Artemis
  • Cursed by Artemis and tends to hold a grudge toward the goddess
  • Tends not to trust too many people and keeps herself at a distance
  • Enjoys patrolling camp to ensure that the borders are all secured and safe
Jezebella Matthias Kronos (new athens) 2500+ (biologically)
22 (physically)
Twin Chained Stygian Blades
  • Was a member of the Necromanteion temple
  • Born to be a spy for Kronos
  • Became the only known oracle of the dead
  • Mother used Hades help to hide Jez in the underworld so Zeus wouldn't kill her
  • Saved by her brother Kingston and is now the designated Oracle for New Athens
Sappheire Diamandis Deimos (camp) 2,772 (biologically)
23 (physically)
Serrated Whip
  • She is the head of Demios' Cabin after winning against her brother Jack
  • Pretty good friends with Alexander the Great after going on a few adventures with the autmaton
  • Fought in the battle of Gaugamela and was a determining factor for the win that occured that day
  • Found and drank from the fountain of youth, rendering her essentially immortal and youthful
Seraphim Lévesque Aetna (camp) 3,619 (biologically)
19 (physically)
Celestial Bronze & Steel Twin Axes
  • Was created by Aetna after the volcano Thera erupted and killed her partner
  • Created using her mortal mother's blood and ashes and was sealed in a volcanic cacoon to grow without hindrance and remain safe
  • Was dug out by a child of Hermes after slaying a manticore that wouldn't stop digging at the base of the volcano
  • Barely knows anything about modern day but is slowly learning
  • Has a real eye for fashion after spending time in Milan, Italy


Roleplay Tracker

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