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God Parent Change/New Body New Patron

1. Nin Daemon

2. From a child of Nyx to a child of Iris

3. Nin Daemon is a child of Nyx, Primordial Goddess of night, and had been his entire life...or so he thought. Nin Daemon is subject to a curse that drained color from his life and stole his vision. All of this was unknown to him and thus he lived his life under this ruse until the moment he died. Unable to see the child under her care die without knowing the truth the Goddess Nyx disowned the boy before he entered the underworld; making Nin a mortal. Having died protecting someone and not being able to receive the benefits of dying a demigod Nin was given a chance by Hades. He would have the opportunity to rejoin the world of the living if he could find a goddess to be his patron and before he could finish Iris appeared. Iris, the goddess of rainbows, came immediately to claim Nin and become his patron leaving everyone in attendance shocked, confused or a mixture of the two. When asked why she replied "Because he is my son." increasing the previous emotions to stupefying heights. All except Nin who could only tap his foot in thought before he spoke up saying "If I am really your son. Then please, explain what happened". It is there in the throne room of Hades Iris explains the curse; stating his color was taken from him and his sight along with it. Nin asked why and Iris opened her mouth to reply in a voice like that of an oracle when giving prophecy.

3.1 Above ground Nin's companions stand near his body in silence wondering what happened to their friend and hoping he hadn't died. While miles away in camp the Oracle emitted a green cloud of smoke and begin reciting a prophecy long overdue Order is compelled, by chaos, to rule. Through this lie beware him true. Beyond it all Khaos does move. Watch the stirring of the darkness muse. Chaos beget Order, Light beget Dark. No balance, is the balance, that perfection doth bring harr. Hark for Nuiotanu, the child who knows both sides of the star. Listen well, or it is fate itself, who will face harm. Color or none, known through and through. If there is no order, no Khaos will rule.

3.2 While the oracle spoke Iris recited the prophecy and both finished at the same time. The oracle went back to sleep, Nin came back to life and, color was restored to his sight and body. A new power flows in his body and even through his staff which starts to crumble and crack before becoming a large orb of light in the palm of his hand. He is still left confused about all that is going on and feeling more than a little conflicted about his god parent but Nin takes it in stride.

1. Nin is killed and drained of his powers on a camping trip in New York while with Audrey. His death wasn't supposed to go down as it did and Hades took it into consideration.

4. Weapons and Possession: Extendable Enchanted Bo Staff. The staff is six feet and made of crystal which is prism-like on the inside. On the outside it is smooth save for the ridges and grooves along the shaft of the staff. The staff has a special property that allows it to elongate or condense at will; ranging from six feet to ten inches. Much like the original staff it's tips can become sharpened becoming spear like in design. Lastly the staff has the unique ability to store light inside of itself like a vessel or container which, at the appropriate time, can be released in a destructive wave of heat and force (if not used so violently it can be used to heat the staff and project light already stored). A stipulation of the storing ability is that all light energy in the staff begins to dissipate when exposed to darkness like night time and shadows.Despite it's capabilities the staff is lacking a divine enchantment so when used against monsters they will not turn to dust, unless beaten severely, crushed, blasted with powers etc. Unlike it's original self this staff is light weight and easier to swing around and be used but it's strength and toughness rivals divine metals making it nearly indestructible.

Immortal setup

1 Name

2 Age

3 Personality

4 Appearance

5 G Parent

6 M Parent

7 History

7.1 Parents

7.2 Childhood

7.3 Monster Attacks

7.4 Camp Half-Blood

8 Weapons&Possessions

Let it be written

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Who is sending them on the Quest? This could be Alexander, or a god/goddess, a personal thing from the character's past. It doesn't have to be the parent of the demigod to send them on the quest, it also doesn't have to be a demigod.

Dream if there was one: This would be if the god/dess wanted to speak to their child to give them instructions in a... dream.

General idea behind the details of the quest: Quests do not have to follow a step by step script, but there should be some general idea behind where the leader would like to see it go. Some users may have a stricter idea of where and how the quest should go step by step, but others may prefer to allow a more open feel for all users involved, as long as it still gets to the desired end game.

General idea of monsters they may encounter: This gives a short summary of the monsters that are Medium through Suicide that will be encountered on the quest.

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Character's Bio

 Birth Place: Unknown  Main Weapon: None
 Accent: Neutral

Character's Powers

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Character Page Template

File:Charmeleon1.gif Xanxus Besta File:Charmeleon1.gif

Owned by: RPKingNin
Basic Info
Full Name:
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Camp
Current Status: Alive, and Healthy
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: 5/13
Current Age: 18
Species: Demigod
Nationality: African & Greek
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Accent: Neutral
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: RPKingNin
Inspiration Behind Creation:
Love Interests Char/Owner:
Active RP's: None
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Page Last Updated On: 01:43, November 3, 2015 (UTC)
Plans: None >.<
3/6/9 Month Powers: None yet
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Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: Powers
Preferred Weapon: (All of this is CB) 2 Hollow tomahawk axes, Ten small pen knives with wire attachment,
Quests/Missions Led: None
Quests/Missions Been On: None

"Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think." ~Buddha
Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: WIP
Pets: MiniRow


Likes: Making weapons
Dislikes: Not thinking things threw
Colour: Gold
Music: Soft Rock
Food: Chocolate chip cookies
Animal: Goat
Book: WIP
Quote: "From the wood comes the flame, from the flame comes the heat, from the heat comes the ashes, and from the ashes a Phoenix will rise"-unknown
Drink: Creme Soda
Song: WIP
Movie: WIP
Sport: WIP
Other Favs: N/A
Appearance & More Images
Model: Chadwick Boseman
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210lbs
Ethnicity: African
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Shoe Size: 12
Blood Type: O-
Distinguishing Marks: None
Body Style: Slim, but muscular
One Word to Describe:
Best Physical Trait: WIP
Worst Physical Trait: Eye Brows
Mental/Emotional State: None
Things to Change: WIP
Mental/Emotional disorders: None
Medical Problems/Ailments: None

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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Caroline Besta
Father: Hephestus
Creator: N/A
Half-Siblings: Hephestus' Cabin
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: None
Home: Camp Half-Blood
Earliest Memory: {{{earliest}}}
Best Memory: WIP
Schooling: Most of high school
First Kiss: N/A
First Love: N/A
First Sex: N/A
Other Firsts: N/A


General Info
Nicknames: Xanu
Native Language: English
Character Flaw: Hubris
Fears/Phobias: Being forgotten
Hobbies: WIP
Personal Motto: WIP
Things He Won't Do: WIP
Most Admires: WIP
Most Influenced By: WIP
Moral Compass: He has a great sense of right and wrong
Most Important Person Before: Mother
Most Important Person Now: Himself
Reacts to Crises: WIP
Faces Their Problems: WIP
Reacts to Change: WIP
Alignment: Chaotic
Dream Job: WIP
Current Job: WIP
"This life is the only one you have. The only chance you got. The only moment this will happen; no thing happens the same a second time. So that means even if you believe you don't matter nothing would be the same without you."
Vices: people who are self-centered
Bad Habits:
Sleeping Habits: He likes to sleep during the night
Quirks: He tends to smile when he’s in trouble
Attitude: Snarky
Special Talents: He can juggle
Social Skills: He's very outgoing
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: When he’s by himdelf and able to read.
Main Priorities: Himself
Past Failures: WIP
Biggest Accomplishment: WIP
Darkest Secret?: WIP
Secret Known by Anyone?:
Personal Tragedy: N/A
One Wish: Why would I wish, when I could live it?
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? Never
Relates to Others?
Perceived by Strangers: Polite and happy
Perceived by Lover: N/A
Perceived by Friends:
Perceived by Family: {{{familyp}}}
First Impression: Nice
Family/Friends Like Most? WIP
Family/Friends Like Least? WIP


Never Forget

Nin Daemon ~ Scrapper
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More Info:

-Kombo King

 Age: 19  Height: 6'0"  Weight: 233 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Miami, FL  Main Weapon: Pair of shoes that allow the wearer to walk on any surface and because of the effect the user of the shoes will always remain upright. Also, a pair of glasses that slow down the users perception of time and can zoom in and zoom out. Lastly a pair of silver and CB batons that can fire compressed air, there is a cooldown time of five seconds on each shot as the batons store air through movement.
 Accent: Neutral
 "Fight till the last breath! That is my creed!"

Faux Zosimos

2. 19 (11/11)

3. Faux is a volatile person by nature and would rather solve things with his fist than solving things with his words. He has an ill-temper and is quick to snap at someone if something is said and he considers it disrespectful. Faux is known to get into a fight no matter the time, the place, the person, the reason, or how he is feeling and he is never one to back down from a challenge. Faux has a nickname that can only be said by one person and if said by anyone else....well then gods save them.

4 Faux is a slender guy with a narrow face and eyes that literally glow with mischief he is of average height only reaching five nine but his presence fills any place he goes, it's nearly impossible not to notice him.

5 Enyo

6 Cornel Maxwell Zosimos

7.1 After a tour in Iraq the Cornel was shot in the leg which severed tendons in his thigh and took away a lot of the mobility he once possessed. He was a decorated man, a soldier through and through yet laying on a mat in the middle of a battle that has been going on for ages is not how he imagined finishing his service before being sent back home. It was while thinking that one day that a different nurse came by to clean his wounds and tend to him; he gave her more attention than the previous nurses because she was different and special. She had an energy that made him feel alive as if he was back on the battlefield and he wanted to feel that again, needed to feel that again, needed to feel her. They're talking lead to kissing, which lead to undressing, which lead to a practice that wasn't exactly medicine anymore. The nurse disappears and he never hears from her again until he is shipping out back to America a couple of months later; she rushes to him before he gets on a plane to the states and hands him two bundles, two baby boys. He is shocked by it sure but he accepts it as his next duty nonetheless even after he reads the letter telling him what she was and the fact that the boys he is holding in his hands aren't exactly human.

7.2 Growing up with Turner kept Faux out of trouble for the most part but as he grew he got more and more out of hand to the point where their father started showing Turner more love and affection. The boys had just reached fourteen when Faux was suspended for the fifth time and was facing expulsion from high school and they were just starting school. Their father had reached the end of his wits and had beat Faux before sending him out the house to think about his life choices but Turner wouldn't let his brother sulk alone. Turner finds Faux at the park the usually play in and sits down next to his brother; talking to him about getting his act together. After hearing this from their father Faux wasn't trying to hear this again and made a move to just walk away from his brother but Turner wasn't going to let him leave that easily. Turner throws a rock at Faux's back which hits him in the head and when he turns around he sees red; not even recognizing the boy as a brother anymore but as an enemy.

7.3 Faux runs at his brother and the two square off throwing savage punches and kicks back and forth as if they were just meeting for the first time and didn't know each other. Faux gains the upper hand grabbing Turner and throwing him against a tree; his brother is dazed for a moment but that passes quickly and he rises. Turner grabs Faux and is about to do the same but when Faux is thrown at the tree he runs up the bark and grabs a branch which breaks, splintering into a sharp stake, and Faux drives the end of that into Turner's chest. Faux pants heavily getting over his bloodlust and it is only when it subsides that he realizes what he just did. He begs Turner to get up, shaking his brother as if he was just sleep instead of dead. This act of violence and the sound of begging gets the attention of the gods who look on mournfully. An hour of this begging passes before their mother comes down to cast a curse on Faux binding his brothers spirit to the branch he was stabbed with which turns into a sword soon after. Faux's curse renders him unable to use any weapon other than the sword created from the branch that took his brother's life and in his haze of grief and lost Faux can do nothing but curse his mother and the rest of Olympians.

7.4 Faux didn't have what it took to face his dad after what happened so he broke into his own home, took what he needed, and left the town he grew up in. Now on the run and wanted for murder Faux didn't have anywhere to go and anyone to turn too; he needed to get his mind off of things so he visits a J-Mart near his house and buys some candy. Sitting outside the store and eating the goodies is when the second of most life-changing fights of his life take place. He looks up a twizzler hanging out of his mouth when a beautiful woman catches his gaze and holds it with a smile almost likes she wants to eat him. At first he ignores the woman but she comes closer and, he can't help but look up again slightly uneasy about the fact that she was coming closer. He looks up and is all of a sudden staring straight into her eyes, like a mouse when it sees a snake he is frozen. She speaks and for some reason that breaks the spell but what she says to him is "You reek of the ssstench of blood young one. What haasss you sssmelling sso sssweet." Faux felt that uneasy feeling growing until he couldn't take it anymore, spitting the twizzler out of his mouth, he doesn't plan to show it. "Back up or they'll be problems." is what he says and means it before he walks towards the store thinking he will be safe around people. Threating her was his first mistake and showing her his back was his next because the next thing Faux knows is the fact that he is in he air and flying through the large glass window pane of J-Mart.

7.5 Faux can't do much to shield his body as he flies through the window or when he lands on the ground and slides like a wounded animal to a register. It is when he comes to a stop, when he hears people screaming, when he hears the woman coming through the window after him that Enyo gets pissed off. The boys rises to his feet shakily but the pain seems to disappear with the adrenaline pumping through his veins and his blood boiling for a fight. He stares the woman down but soon has too look up when she grows to around seven feet standing on snake-like legs; then she smiles after reaching her full height as if to laugh at his stature. Faux is pissed at the disrespect and jumps up landing on the counter behind him meeting her to eye but, suddenly he drops low when she slashes for his face. He dodges the blow and comes back up with the cash register having wrenched it from the counter; he swings it and makes solid contact with the face of the woman dislocating her jaw an knocking her head sideways. Faux isn't there anymore having run deeper into the store when the snake woman turns back around and smiles creepily her jaw relocating because of the natural ability of snakes. She is on him seconds having chased him to the furniture isle where Faux stands ready with a table, he swings it on sight, but she simply slashes through it spraying woodchips and splinters into the air. It's the distraction Faux needs when he rolls past the snake woman and grabs the small round table behind her; he jumps into the air and with a savage grin smashes the table across her back where her spine should be.

7.6 The snake woman falls forward faltering from the sneak attack but recovers quickly and lashes out with her tail like leg grabbing him and bringing him around to her front. She opens her mouth widely and pulls him ready to chow down and demigod but he speaks and makes her pause "You asked what had me smelling sweet haha and you know what blood does kinda smell sweet!". The snake woman looks at the laughing demigod a slight shiver of fear running through her "It's not my blood though. Ha right before you came...I had just killed my twin brother. Haha this is just one bad day don't you agree?!". He laughs again and flexes his arm giving him enough room to bring up the stake like piece of table leg in his left hand with his slashes at her eye with. It cuts her left causing her to wail in pain and tighten her grip on Faux but Faux sees she has another eye and grins wickedly diving the table leg into her right. She throws him and Faux flies across the store and smashes into a steel shelf which temporarily knocks the air out of him. He lies there while listening to the pitiful screams of the snake woman but he rises to his feet again because she isn't yet dead. With the quickness of a monkey Faux climbs to the top of the steel shelf just as the snake woman comes around the corner, her tongue flicking in and out of her mouth, looking for his scent. Her head swivels in his direction and she is about to lunge out at him but Faux stomps on the shelf and the precariously balanced heavy jungle gym set falls; landing on her tail legs. Faux looks down on her hissing and pain and laughs loudly, three simple and drawn out ha's, before he jumps down on a pogo stick. His pogo stick enters the mouth of the snake woman and stops still for a moment before his weight and the force of the jumps split her; turning his foe to dust. His pogo stick lands on the ground and he bounces once before hopping off and throwing the pogo stick behind him with a casual finishing line "Welcome to the jungle." then he laughs again.

7.7 For the next three years Faux doesn't even bother worrying about anything but himself not becoming selfish so much as not caring about anything or anyone. He comes across gangs, monsters, police, and even people and all of them fall to him; as if he was waging war against the state of Missouri. He devastates everything he fights with his hands or anything near; everything from car doors to tables and chairs. Nothing comes without a price and Faux pays with his sanity; while everything he used to be disappears in a haze of blood, tears, sweat, screams, and laughter...an insane and hollow laugh. What worsens Faux is the sword inside of him the voice of his brother that whispers in the quiet times and wails while he fights; the curse that reminds him what he did and asks him why he wasn't the one that died.

7.8 A month passes and Faux remembers that his birthday is arriving; he was making plans to finally leave Missouri and decided to visit the park where he killed his brother one last time. Visiting that park was a wrong move and it's on his birthday he becomes completely alone in this world. Faux is standing with his back to the entrance of the park and his hand on the trunk of the tree where the fight ended when he is grabbed forcefully from behind and thrown backwards onto the ground. He is met with the angry and sad face of his father who doesn't say anything but looks at him for a moment. His father just starts yelling at him and he lays there unsure how to feel about the situation, not even able to laugh, just vacant finally feeling guilt about the murder of his brother. He rises slowly and tries to calm his yelling father by reaching out and placing a hand on his shoulder gently. His father begins to sob hard without words and Faux takes it as a sign that he could come closer, even possibly, hug his dad. He goes in for a hug and he is pushed away again, this time harder Faux hitting the tree behind him. His dad comes up and socks him; absolutely sucker punching him in his chin and finally Faux knows how to feel. Faux's head is thrown to the side and his hair hides his face for a moment; that changes when he turns back around and a cruel smile dominates his lips.

7.9 Faux raises a steel toed boot and kicks his father the older man thrown back forcefully by his strength. Faux gives in to his battle lust, his blood lust, and walks towards his father. Rocks and pine crunch under foot while Faxu reaches his old man and he sees fear in his dad's eyes "Come on cornel! All of the time you served and this is all you have?!". Faux grabs his dads shirt and lifts him by it, laughing in his face wildly, before he throws the old man at the slides. His father struggles while Faux approaches and seeing him struggle makes Faux laugh harder "You're mad about your son? Well you had two of them?! Since we were younger you've had two of them, Dad!". In Faux's clenched fist a sword appears, seemingly made of a glowing black and green energy, the venomous weapon leaks evil and violent energy. Immediately the energy starts closing in around Faux's hand while he stands there, smiling at his father, "Well then join him Father. Embrace your son again!" Then Faux stabs the dark blade through his father who screams like he is meeting death personally. The scream increases in volume while the dark energy spreads over his father's body until the sword and his father disappear back into his own body. The playground goes silent for a short time and Faux stands there with a hand over his face but soon a low chuckle comes from the boy's mouth. It builds to a laugh like someone told him a good joke and after a couple more seconds he flings his hands to the sides and a screaming cackle comes from his mouth. Though he laughs tears falls down the sides of the boys face, either out of sadness or the fact that he can't stop laughing, but his eyes, his eyes change a new color. A bright green, completely green.

8 Weapons&Possessions

9 The curse: For the heinous act committed against your own flesh and blood may flesh and blood ever be your enemy. No weapon shall ever serve you as you wish it to serve you shield will ever provide you with any defense. The branch of the tree, which now holds your brother's spirit, will be the only sword that ever comes to your aid. This sword however will consume you or the person you raise it against and ever soul it consumes will haunt your dreams and thoughts. If violence is what you crave then violence is what you shall receive; live by the sword and die by it as well.

Sauft/ Mnem kid

Makes a deal with someone (still undecided but possibly Thanatos. For something.)

Ignacio Lyric Arcano /Hecate

2. 18

3.He's a comic nerd turned super hero and his personality reflects that from super saiyan loving otaku to a boy blessed with magical powers. Ignacio's biggest asset is his mind which has hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pages and hours spent watching anime and cartoons to reading manga and anime. He did a one eighty after unlocking his powers and went from being shy around everyone to being really outgoing and trying new things. He is a very charismatic person and has a flair for the dramatic sometimes quoting lines from anime when the moment calls or imagining epic battles and last stands in his mind fighting entire wars in a daydream. Though the trait he inherited from all the anime and manga he ever watched was to care and love for all his friends and all of those he considers family he didn't hesitate to help before he got his powers and he won't do it now.

4.He is a hulking human being coming in at six foot five and weighing in at two hundred and ninety five pounds though pushing three hundred. Despite his weight and size he is a pillar of health his body sculpted and muscles defined with every move and breath of his body this package wrapped in smooth dark mahogany skin. His body glows with such perfection that it can be seen through the heavy clothes that he usually wears a fitted t-shirt paired with loose legged jeans and a khaki trench coat that speaks of class. His mane is made up of light brown to black hair bleached from long times spent in sunlight and complimented by dark coffee brown eyes fits into a face as sculpted as his body.

5. Hecate (Acacia)

6. Adish Arcano

7.1 His father was a man of daunting size and an even more daunting aura and filled a room with his presence wherever he went having the looks and the money though only a simple tailor; though he was one of the best in his field for crafting cloths and props. He gave little care to the people around him in his quest to rise to the top of life but didn't treat anyone like trash or disposables. He was a man wrapped in secrets and mist only because he lived on his own world in his own mind. It's in a meeting that he sees a woman or more senses her sitting there and she takes his breath away almost as if she is on the same plane as he is. He thins to himself That is a woman I would make time for on I would trade time to be with. I can't let an opportunity like this pass me by. As a man of his word he doesn't and proceeds to court her for the next month with gifts and phone calls whenever he could send them. He smiled the day she finally came up to him and said yes to his proposal for a date; which went rather smoothly and so did the next few after that. It was six months later after over fifty dates that both of them drunk off wine made their way back to his Condo. What happened next stayed between them and the bedsheets....until she told him she was pregnant two month afterwards.

7.2 Ignacio was a very under average child chubby, unathletic, not talkative and a loner to a point where his teachers and dad were concerned he would never grow out of the shell he was in. Despite their worries what truly kept Iggi in his shell were bullies and people who would tease him the poor boy suffered a lot upon reaching school but the prestige of his father is what had people hopeful he would grow out of this "Phase". Being picked on took it's toll early and Iggi looked for an escape from real life finding it in anime and watching everything he could get his hands on learning to read quicker than most kids helped him get interested in manga as well. The styles the characters displayed fascinated him and he turned his eye to comics and heroes preferring anime to it but still enjoying both his father and him completely unaware that would soon be him living a life of secret identities. It was upon reaching nine that his powers awoke while watching an episode of dragon ball z during witch someone released a Kamehameha wave and he, with nothing to do and feeling excited after watching that, wanted to try it. He stepped into the backyard which was expansive connecting to dense forest behind the house and planted his feet he started off with the beginning of the move and upon shouting ha released a beam from his hands that burned a path through the trees. Though only nine he knew he stumbled upon something amazing and knew it was something others could not do he ran in the house immediately to show his father who was shocked but accepted the new found gifts his son was capable of.

7.20 At nine he developed his powers and from then on he trained day in and day out pushing the limits of what he could do; at one point jumping from the roof to test if he could fly and then breaking his arm but also learning he could heal. Ignacio eventually came to realize he was a mage but with influence from anime and cartoons wanted to expand that and also be proficient in battle knowing his power isn't unlimited. Three years of training with his powers bought him to the full potential of his abilities knowing what he could and could not do but finding new ways to use them like variations of the teleportation spell and the healing ones like teleporting a single object or forming a tele-link healing using magic or using life from surroundings learning he could turn off seeing in all directions or focus on one line of sight but potion making was the favorite of his powers crafting potions to aid in his growth slowly turning himself into a model with good looks and gold medal athletism to match though it is cheating he did it and felt amazing. He was twelve before his father allowed him to have his first weapon ordering a stainless steel katana from offline and when he got his allowance he kept buying more and more weapons experimenting with axes and swords until he was okay at defending himself and getting classes to learn to actually wield them. Though the weapons were nice he still favored his powers but trained with swords the next three years until fourteen when he asked his father to make him a costume, a super suit, black with a silver "I" on the chest stretched and framed with flames and padding in places to make him look extra cool and his katana on his back. He would wear it under his clothes finding it actually added protection for his training sessions and wanted to have it ready whenever he needed it. He named himself "Ignite" but one day at school, the first day of high school after two years of being a super hero at fifteen now, that made him see being a hero a lot differently than he used to.

7.3 While at school everyone was abuzz talking about a real life hero named "Ignite" that had teleportation powers, used a bunch of weapons, and had really cheesy anime style moves but was still cool. While talking about it he over heard a bully he used to deal with talking about how he could probably take Ignite with one hand tied behind his back, how Ignite wasn't all that special and about how he saw the hero's most embarrassing moment. He ignored it for a day or two but the bully would not shut up and it was starting to piss him off so one at he confronted not as Ignite but as Ignacio standing up for the hero. The bully made a big deal of him liking the hero a bit too much and pushed him clearing wanting to start something with the boy he used to bully. Ignacio accepted the challenge without a second thought and beat the former bully to his knees in the middle of the hallway for everyone to see. It was during the fight his shirt rips an exposes the "I" symbol on his chest revealing his identity to his bully and a few children that snuck a peek and he knew he was in trouble. He created a dome around him of energy less dense then usual and expands it knocking out lights and electronics for the whole school causing everyone to go home early and giving Ignacio time to think of a plan. He spent that night creating a giant vat of memory erase potion and teleported it to the school flooding the pipes with the potion and planning to let drinking from the water fountains do it's work. The entire plan fails when an assembly is called and everyone is bought to the gym to speak on the fighting problem the school had yesterday and during the principles speech a giant monster dog burst into the gym. It looks straight at him and he looks back at the dog and he knows the dog was here for him, it was the size of a small car and flames coming from it mane and tail and all of that was coming for him. Ignacio has no time to think ad jumps off the bleachers ducking below them and quickly changing into his outfit but sloppily tying his mask before engaging with the dog.

7.30 Ignacio races for he dog his head bent low and his sword drawn having been grabbed out of his book bag under the bleachers with him. Thoughts from the hours and hours of anime he had seen flood his mind and throws his weight back sliding under the dog and slashing at it's legs. It falls proving the attack was effective but gets up quickly Ignacio watching kind of stunned as they heal super quickly. Is my blade not enough! No I must try again so he does running at the hell hound and jumping into the air, his sword flipped upside down, and he drives his blade into the hell hounds eye. The hell hound faints and then a chant starts people all over the gym quietly saying Ignite ad he looks around the gym honored by their praise but it turns into a cry of look out when the hell hound rises again swipes at him with a paw. He is launched into the bleachers with the air knocked out of him and a deep slash across his face but his mask is gone and someone looks down on the hero and immediately yells out his name giving away the fact that Ignacio and Ignite are the same person. Ignacio doesn't have time to hit the person who gave away his identity or to even catch his breath because the hell hounds fires a blast of fire from it's mouth planning on turning the him and anyone near him well done. He puts up an energy shield and blocks the attack but the bleachers give dropping him to the floor along with those around him and beneath the bleachers he has time to heal his body and face of the cut further proving he is in fact Ignite. He stands up pissed off about his identity and cuts his way through the bleachers his sword charged with electricity which passes through the wood and metal that make up the gym bleachers like butter. Everyone gets the clue to run thinking the battle is about to get much more intense however they find all the doors locked having been sealed shut because the monster had sucked oxygen from the room with the blast of fire. He knows he needs to end this quickly or oxygen will run out so Ignacio taunts the beast calling it's mother a vulgar name for female dogs and it runs at him which he returns running past the dog and pressing a hand to it's side. The dog keeps running and hits the other end of the gym while Ignacio presses his hands together charging a beam of magical energy; the dog figures out what happened and turns around running at Ignacio. He sits patiently charging his beam until the dog is right in front of him jaws open to take a bite and he teleports appearing in the air right above the spot on the dog he pressed his hand to. "IGNITE" he yells and fires the beams burning a hole through the dog, which turns into a massive pile of dust, leaving he smoking hole and an exposed Ignacio the school staring at him but no one saying a word. He stays on one knee, unable to do anything but kneel assuming he is completely done for, but to his surprise the sprinkler system kicks on and douses the entire gym in water and his memory wiping potion. With the change in air pressure the doors unlock and everyone in the gym shuffles out eyes dead and memories of the day wiped permanently; if anyone had looked back they would have seen a kneeling figure in all black suddenly vanish. The reappear grab a red mask and vanish again.

7.4 After the fight with the dog Ignacio goes home and reconsiders everything he has ever thought about being a super hero and protecting people. He spends that in his costume staring at his mask and wondering how he should continue life, as Ignacio or as Ignite because being them both was no longer an option. The next week school is canceled and he spends that time creating a potion to dampen his powers without harming himself or his powers; eventually making a potion that reduced his powers to the point where all he could rely on was his body and weapon skills. Ignacio had chosen to live as Ignacio but he had known at come point he may have to be Ignite just one last time and because of that he had distilled a potion into a powder that when inhaled into his body would reignite (lol) his powers. Though his powers were dampened he was able to live a normal life for the next three years of high school graduating at eighteen before anything life altering happens again. He had just graduated and was a going a week without using his dampening potion practicing in the backyard when a monster shows up attracted to his scent without the potion. The problem was the fact that the monster was giant a more than twelve foot long nine foot tall scorpion with a wicked looking tail but the scorpion looked like it had been around for a while; not old so much as battle worn and he knew off of sight it would be difficult. The scorpion had not one but two stingers and noticing that Ignacio felt a chill knowing should he be stung with one of those death wasn't even a question. His suit was already one and his katana in hand Ignacio channeled magic through his sword and it crackled; the only sound was the electricity coming off his sword while him and the scorpion sized each other up. Suddenly the scorpion lunges at him with a claw and Ignacio runs at the claw jumping onto it and running along the claw heading for the scorpions back. It's tail comes down aiming to pierce him and he misses it narrowly by turning ethereal the attack passing through him just before contact but it fades when he reach the back of the scorpion and stabs through it back plates. It lets out a piercing scream and Ignacio realizes he can't let his neighbors see this in this largest teleportation spell he has ever attempted he teleports himself and the scorpion to a clearing a couple of miles from the neighborhood.

7.40 The scorpion is slightly dazed from the experience but so is Ignacio and the scorpion recovers first and stabs at him again with the tail and Ignacio rolls over and puts his sword up stopping the tail from stabbing into him by holding it in the space between the stingers. He pushes it off by creating a sphere around himself and expanding it rolling away from the tail and off the scorpion back down it's side his sword still crackling. He has a sudden thought about something he spotted on it's back he had seen a sword stuck through a plate in the back of the scorpion near the head but in perfect stabbing range of the tail. He knows he has to deal with the tail first and teleports behind the scorpion near the stinger of the tail; he grabs on and fires a beam at the base of the monsters tail trying to cut through it with his magic. He does so partially and then teleports again but with the tail this time coming around to the front of the scorpion just to let it see it's tail turn to dust. In rage it swipes at him with a claw and Ignacio believing he can dodge it sidesteps missing the fact that the other mandible had been swung to which hits him in the side with the tip of the mandible tearing through his suit and throwing him into a nearby tree. He lies there dazed and the scorpion scuttles towards him a mandible raised to strike and his body screams for him to move; move he does rolling out of the way while the scorpion hits the tree cracking it and getting it's claw stuck inside. Ignacio runs to the other end of the clearing taking the time the monster is stuck to catch his breath but the scorpion soon frees itself and turns blindingly angry about how difficult he is being to eat. The scorpion approaches him again and is poised to strike him when the tree falls and pins the scorpions lower half to the ground and the scorpion screams for the second time that day this time in terror. Ignacio throws his sword into the scorpions lower jaw and it protrudes from there giving him a perfect foothold to jump off of which he uses to get back onto the scorpions head. He quickly grabs the blade in it's shell and channels a devastating amount of energy through the blade lightning crackling around the forest leaving burns on trees and filling the forest with the sound of chirping. He yells Ignite and with all the force he can muster stabs through that shell, cracking it, and piercing the soft flesh of the scorpion underneath that promptly turns to dust. Ignacio falls landing on top of the pile clutching the sword he found in the shell before passing out.

7.5 I am having an out of weapon experience. How log has it been...three, thirty, triple hundred years? is the first thing Ignacio hears and he wakes up groggily because of it. "Who are you" Ignacio thinks but does not say it out loud and loudly the voice says Don't freak out...buuuuttt I am a ghost Ignacio rolls over to his side believing he is dreaming but breathes in a large amount of dust and begins coughing hard. I would pat you on the back but I don't think we are close enough for that and i am you know...dead Ignacio opens his eyes and is greeted by the glowing pale body of a gruff looking man in a robe of sorts with markings inscribed in the cloth. Ignacio thinks about the fact that there is a literal ghost in front of him and the ghost seemingly reads his mind Long story short. I fought the scorpion once and obviously died doing so ,the lucky bastard stabbed me in the back, I was versed in magic and with my dying breath bound my soul to that sword because I was not ready to die. Not because of unfinished business or anything I just did not feel like dying. the ghost shrugs when finished. Ignacio wants to ask and say more but feels like the ghost won't tell him much more than that so with that thought he grabs his metal katana keeps the other in his right hand and teleports back to the house. While in his house the ghost speaks to him about others like him and Ignacio explaining about a camp of sorts in New York which kept demigods like them safe. He and the ghost go quiet and he waits for his father to get home telling him about the camp and how he going to move out and see if this camp is a good place for him. His father ask a couple of questions like is he really going to trust the advice of a talking ghost weapon but he smiles and hugs wishing his son well. Ignacio packs a few belongings and then cast a levitation spell on him and his items taking off for a long flight from Georgia to New York. On the way they stop and rest often at hotels, have an aerial battle or two with a passing bird lady or metal beak birds, and have to barrel roll out of the way of planes but he finally makes it to camp

7.50 Ignacio closes the book with a content release of breath before leaning back in the rolling chair he is sitting on, raising his hand behind his head as if to take a nap. It took you four days of being at camp to turn your origin story into a comic and quite frankly it sucked hard. You didn't even talk about what you did as a hero or anything like that you could have done more. Ignacio scowls at Arthur's comments "Everyone around is a critic." he says but smiles and picks up the sword sheathing it across his back and picking up the book walking towards the big house to deliver his story. You know. We could always suit up and go heroing around New York. We might see spider man or the avengers. Ignacio laughs at Arthur's comments "Shut up man you're the one who doesn't have to eat or sleep. Come on let's just turn this in."

8. Ignacio owns many weapons and is well versed in them but those are rarely used because of his main weapon/companion Aldrid. Aldrid is a stygian iron straight blade katana with a single edge and a soshu kitae style slanted tip. Aldrid is made more special by the spirit attached to it whose name is Arthur a once demigod who the sword originally belonged to. Arthur has the ability to materialize anywhere in a ten foot area by the sword and can show himself to people if he so chooses but he usually doesn't because he doesn't care much for others. When Ignacio is fighting if Arthur lends power then the sword will blaze with a light blue ethereal flame while in this state the blade can project attacks up to ten feet(such as a slash)that act like a normal sword attack which can be defended. Beyond the sword has one more ability while Arthur is lending power to the blade and it can become intangible. Besides those two abilities the flames look extremely cool and can only be used for five minutes. (Arthur was able to bind himself to the sword because he was a child of Melinoe and had knowledge of the after life. To bind himself to the sword required him to sacrifice his body and demigod powers so he is just a funny, sarcastic, and blunt ghost sword now.)

Onphar Socasip- Techne(Broken Covenant)

2 17

3 He is a lover of anagrams, puzzles, numbers, riddles, and word games, a mental challenge, is what ignites Onphar's curiosity to anything in the world. Beyond his love for mind games is his love for life and the beauty that can be found while living and breathing on this earth. Onphar enjoys painting with his fingers and peace and quiet but his dream is to turn the sky another color on; he would like to paint the sky. He takes pride in the fact that he can draw a straight line and Onphar is slow to open up to people afraid they will disappear.

4 Onphar is a small but wiry kid standing at just above five feet with a slim frame. His hair changes color on a day to day basis but only because his natural hair color is bleach white. His eyes have a natural squint from nights spent looking at small details and fine lines. Onphar's most noticeable feature is his lips that have a natural upturn suggesting he just heard a good joke or he is about to tell one. When you see Onphar the first thing you notice however is his cheek; there is a birthmark on it that looks like a splotch of paint.

5 Techne

6 Beaddaet Tafreh

7 A starving artist is common to see and know with hundreds of them making up what we know to be homeless people and day to day vagabonds. Very few of them ever grow past this state because most starving artist don't possess the talent they claim to possess however some do and those few never fail to amaze. Beaddaet was no different and he was a street artist who drew, painted, and sketched people who saw in passing. It was one day in the park when Beaddaet found his muse, a young woman sipping from a can of soda enjoying life and all it had to offer, and immediately he set to work. As if she knew he was drawing her she kept the perfect pose to be drawn and when Beaddaet was done he rushed to her to show his newest work of art. She is overjoyed by his work and pays him for it but Beaddaet takes that money and spends it on her showing her around town but, at the end of the date it is the lady he has taken to calling muse that pays for the hotel. Their art is passion that night and they end the night wrapped in each other's arms making a beautiful scene. Months later when Onphar is born into this world he is taken to a building in the inner city and left there with nothing but a blanket and a sketch of Beaddaet.


7.2 Childhood

7.3 Monster Attacks

8 Onphar uses a weighted ball attached to a paracord with a reach of two to three feet to the paracord while stile but up to six while in motion. A link at the end of the cord is large enough to be a handle which he holds onto while fighting with the weapon. The weighted ball itself is only a bit larger than a tennis ball able to occupy all of Onphar's hand. When the weapon is first made it is steel as he is living on the streets but when he gets to the sanctuary it is replaced by a CB one.

Harmond/Dismond Landon - Harmonia


3. He's the kid that everyone loves and wants to be, the prodigy with a lovely smile and original personality. He is the pacifist that would rather talk it out than duke it out but like everyone he is hiding a secret. He suffers from a two sicknesses both starting with W's the first is called wolff-parkison-white and the second is called Wilson disease. Which work in harmony due to his mother but lead to strange mood swings. When under stress, panic, or sometimes randomly like during something that might lead to a change in heart rate. While in this enraged state his heart rate increases to one hundred and ninety sometimes two hundred beats per minute which increases the oxygen in his blood. This increase in oxygen makes him stronger and faster for five minutes at a time because of the stress it puts on the body.

4. He dresses business casual at almost all times a pair of black or khaki slacks, a white or blue button up shirt, comfortable dress boots and an extended tail jacket. Though when he loses control and becomes Dismon his attitude almost physically changes his appearance. His shirt is untucked and the jacket flares no longer hugging so close to his legs. His eyes and hair do the near same when calm his eyes are deep and dark brown his hair lies flat though still wiry and afro-ish. When he becomes amped up due to the heat coming off his body his hair flares and becomes wild sticking straight up in spike like formations, his eyes dilate widely which would make his eyes completely black but a thick amber line surrounds the eye intimidatingly.

5. Harmonia

6. Daniel Landon (Adoptive) Marion Landon

7.1. Daniel Landon was a man reaching the end of the prime of his youth a man who seemed immortal while alive. His attitude was that of a charismatic and outstanding leader; a man you wanted to be around just because of his potential. Attracting people to him was never a problem at all until he met a woman that he didn't attract. For the first time in his life he had to work for someone's attention and work he did. They courted for the a couple of months before his work finally paid off. A couple of months later after everything paying off he is sitting in a hospital waiting for his son to be born when all the lights go off in the hospital. A voice in his head whispers "Take care of our little boy" and, when all the lights come back he walks into the room his girlfriend holding their child and smiling. They both rub their eyes wet with tears and he begins to wonder why everything looks so Misty.

7.2. Officially he started school around six years old, he had been in and out of school due to telltale signs of health problems that couldn't be identified due to them mysteriously disappearing. He is just starting sixth grade and leading a concert when he passes out nearly falling off the stage. He is rushed to the hospital and is diagnosed with Wilson disease and Wolff-Parkison-White diseases which were working in tandem with each other. The electricity from the Wilson disease burning through the left over deposits of copper but as he grew older his heart rate seemed to stabilize making his deposits larger which lead to more frequent episodes and black outs.

7.3 Despite all of his problems pets, family, friends, and most importantly his parents truly loved the boy and wished for him to reach the heights he was destined to. It was his thirteenth birthday and he had been dragging around the house for a week in a funk for no apparent reason when his mother decided to take him shopping to lift his spirits. He was ecstatic and they drove for nearly the whole day stopping at stores, outlet malls, even the farmers market before stopping one last place on the way back home. They were in a plaza full of multiple stores but he felt drawn to one very specific store in the plaza, it looked eerie and out of place but that didn't stop him for walking to the door and opening it. He hadn't looked around for long before noticing the display case near the back, and in the display case there were prop swords that looked extremely realistic about to reach out and touch them the store clerk appeared out of no where. The old woman smiled a near toothless smile before saying "Looks like we have someone with a birthday! How old are you turning Harmond" he replied twelve and chatted with the woman before turning back to the swords. She catches his wandering eyes and she smiles that same toothless smile before saying "Just for the birthday boy you can have these swords free of charge. Not going to be much use to me anyways". His eyes light up before taking the swords the base metal of both a bronze type metal but either blade intertwined with two different kinds of stones his guess being obsidian and the other being a crystal type possibly diamond. She handed him rings that matched the stones in the swords with a wink and waved them out the door of her shop. He was back in the car before he thought about how the woman knew today was his birthday or his name for that matter. He looked out of the rearview mirror of his mom's car and the store is empty as if it was never there.

7.4 After getting the blades his twelfth year of life was a highlight as he took up gymnastics, fencing and acrobatics along with his other hobbies. All good things must come to an end though and come to an end it did when he ran into a monster; the stuff of nightmares. It was raining hard one day when he was walking home from practice at school and he hears flapping or a slapping against the slick, wet pavement behind him. He takes a look back and he notices there is something wrong with the group of people behind him. Namely the big one in the front who seemed to be carrying a bat or anther type of weapon and like any kid would do he ran. He reaches the door of his house ,the kids behind him making barking noises while also giving chase, and fumbles with his keys dropping them before finally jamming them in the lock. He was just about to twist the doorknob when he feels a cold, wet, scaly fin type appendage touch the back of his neck. He is yanked back with force and when he looks up he is staring into the face of a Doberman which is when he screams and his scream echo's through the neighborhood. It reaches the ears of his neighbors and his mother and father inside in response they rush to the voice of their child. What they see is their child being bullied or jump by four older kids and like any good parent his mother runs and tries to get the large one off her child. Time slows in Harmond's eyes for the next series of event he counts the second by his frantic breathes. One His mom slips and misses a step but reaches for him Two His dad reaches for his mom and misses his fingers grazing her shirt Three He struggles and breaks free trying to catch his mom Four One of the kids pull their arm back and throws a spear or trident of some sort Five The thing flies past him cutting his arm in a line deep enough to scar but continues hitting him mom in the chest Six His dad screams and runs for the biggest one but is hit across the face with the bat and he goes down not moving Seven Harmond closes his eyes and he let's out of wail of sorrow louder than his scream Eight When his eyes open they are dark save for the thick shining amber line surrounding his pupil and his hair frizzes spiking despite the rain Nine He clenches his fist and suddenly his swords are in his hands his rings glinting against the porch light Ten The next sound to be heard through the neighborhood are the cries of wounded animals some human some canine and police sirens.

7.5 Four years had passed sense that time and Harmond had been fractured over the past years. After being questioned by the police about what happened Harmond was put into a foster home; still assumed to be the bright and joyful child from before. He kept the guise up getting even better at the natural talent he has talking, smiling, playing instruments, acrobatics, gymnastics, fencing, and staying calm. A year after the accident he was still in therapy and finally he remembered all of the fight from that night. The large one with the bat made a hard swing at him and with his diamond sword he turns the bat into a toothpick with a swift slice. Everything still moving in slow motion he mid-air barrel rolls over one with a sword like his swinging at his side using the rain to his advantage he spins from his crouched position and slices upward with his obsidian sword cutting the large one from between his legs to his stomach. He runs forward kicking off of the large ones stomach hoping to push his boy into his subordinates but it explodes into dust. With the little distracted he brings his swords down in a v slice the to swords cutting through the shoulders and connecting at the base of the dogs neck. He drives his swords into the stomachs of the dogs on either side of them just as their eyes open his weight bringing all three to the ground. His swords disappear before their points touch the ground and his rings glow before turning into normal rings again. He remembers walking into the house setting his bag on the floor and putting his head down on the table lifting it when he notices the cake in the kitchen. He cries himself to sleep that night in the foster home just like he did a year ago. After therapy and the time spent at the foster home he runs not able to stomach something happening again.

7.6 He waits for his chance and gets it when the school takes a trip up to Ney York in a month. That whole month he is on edge his birthday passing without much notice making him fifteen now but what he is looking for is a whole new start. He lands in New York a month later and while everyone is asleep in the hotel he grabs his bag and leaves striking out on his own in the middle of summer by himself. He runs into trouble almost immediately when he is attacked by a woman offering him free pastries. The Woman grows wings and lunges at him his finger brushes by his ring and his obsidian sword comes out she spits at him "I will kill you little 'Demigod'. The fight his over in seconds when he parries her claws and thrust forward his blade going through her chest. Upon being called a demi-god he looks up the meaning to the words she spoke so vehemently and what he finds makes him reconsider his entire life. He walks out of the library awakened to his surrounds watching out for half human boars, bulls, birds and the likes more thankful than ever of his swords. Another years pass bringing him to the age of sixteen and still on the streets of New York not knowing next year is the year that changes everything.

7.7 He was finally seventeen a grown man in his own right due to his time on the streets and the many fights he has been in human or otherwise. Known on the streets as Dismond due to him blacking out and going berserk from time to time and despite this they still came to knocked down. It was another warm night when he was approached by some man wearing a hat and high tops as this man moved closer he felt his guard go up but still let the guy approach. First thing out his mouth was "Do you already know" and despite the act Harmond shouldn't have had a clue he knew exactly what the guy was talking about and his scalp tingles in anticipation. The man turns out to be a satyr on a quest from a goddess to find a boy wearing two rings on black one clear. He explained the goddess who sent him was Harmonia and that the boy was her son should he be found, he says going off the fact that his name is Harmond or Dismond it was probably him. After listening to the satyr the satyr asked him what he wanted to do, find the place he belonged or continue to live on the streets. Needless to ay he choose finding the place he belonged and they took a wild taxi ride up a hill to a little camp named Half-Blodd (Dyslexia kicking in ;) ) Half-Blood

Vifera Savage - Cybele

2.Unknown (Guesstimated between 15 and 19)

3.He is as his name suggest a savage mind, body ,and soul more animal than human. He is calm and almost regal like a wolf but turns hostile very quickly and never hesitates to protect himself or those he cares about. He has one flaw and that is the fact he flips out and goes primal at the smell, and or sight of blood. But despite that if he happens to like you he is like a puppy towards you.

4. He looks at first glance like an animal for lack of better term. His skin is a bronze almost dark ebony color and has scars and imperfections all over it. His hair is shaggy kind of like fur and untamable; they hide eyes that are amber in color and slitted like some big cats. He is lean having a body type that experienced fighters have and muscle that some would envy if only for the definition. He bares straight, white but sharp teeth in his mouth and fingernails almost as sharp could be called talons.


6.Father and his whereabouts unknown

7.1 My father... I know nothing about him maybe no remember him. I mean I can't remember him but one memory someone saying Hush. It will be alright. Wait here that is about it. I have no memory of my life outside the forest and know nothing of my beginnings all I know is where I was reborn.

7.2 My childhood was a constant battle of survival from the moment I woke up in that mossy log a small child with no food or water and afraid. I sit there looking around the forest when I notice someone standing there watching me, so I sniff away my tears and stand to face him looking brave. Who's there what I see was unexpected ,it was a man, but he was only a man up top and his legs looks like deer legs or maybe goat legs. He replied tentatively My name is Jiminey but you can call me what you like and you are I replied My name is Vifera sir, Vifera Save and I am. Then I realized I didn't know much more than my name not even my birthday and that made my tears come back to my eyes. Jiminey came over to me slowly and kneeled in front of me It will be alright little one shhh and he hugged me and I felt safe. Needless to say that Jiminey raised me teaching how to live off the land, fight with my hands, taught me about animals and much more. He told me tales of the Greek gods and who my parent probably was Her name is Cybele mother of the Earth and all the animals that live from it. Since she is your mother you are a demigod a half god, half mortal mix and amazing as far as life goes. He walked over to the other side of the cave and handed me these gauntlets that looked like claws made out of a strange metal and shoes that matched and made my footsteps silent but also had claws. There are monsters in this world and you must learn how to defeat them because they will find you. These monsters won't hold back and you can't talk to them like you do me and the forest creatures. Then he handed me one more thing This is a Satyr flute and will make nature help you with the right tune. He pulls out his own an teaches me different songs for different things.

7.3 Many moons pass in my time in the forest with Jiminey and we become family not only do I become family with him but all of the creatures in the forest. Running with the wolves, fighting with the bears, playing with the bobcats and basically becoming more one of all the creatures in the forest. Until one day I encountered one of those monsters that Jiminey had talked about and immediately I didn't like what I was seeing. I climb a tree and approach her from the tree tops silently hopping from branch to branch like the squirrels I chased. I send a call to Jiminey from my mind I see one of those monsters here Jiminey so come quick, I continue watching it till it hisses and says I sssmell you little Demi-god come here and let'sss chat. I stiffen from the tree and my gauntlets dig groves into the wood, the branch already weak is cut in half and I tumble to the ground landing in a crouch. I growl at the strange snake woman and she smiles curling a finger as if beckoning me to her and I never run from a challenge. I run at her and we both throw wild slashes at each other until one of her talons catches me across the eye, and I falter. Seeing an opening she slithers towards me ready to eat my face when I hear music a sweet melody from the best flute player I know. Vines come from the earth wrapping around the snake women her arms raised and completely defenseless. I shove my claw gauntlet into her chest and she explodes becoming dust and floats away carried on a passing breeze.

7.4 Knowing it was becoming dangerous Jiminey and I train even harder teaching me ways to fight with the claws. Showing me how to become truly one with nature by coping how different animals move. My senses, my thought process, the way I am is completely altered by my time in the forest. Until one day our peace is disturbed again I hear crashing coming through the forest and arrows flying through the trees. So I take shelter in the leaves above and watch as a majestic lion crashes through the bushes pursued by beautiful Huntresses and my breath catches. One trips and the lion sees it's opportunity it turns and is bearing down on the girl so I react by blasting a note on my flute as I jump from the tree. Thick vines burst from the forest floor taking the Lion by surprise and stopping it while I fly towards it my claws extended and I stab through both of it's eyes. The lion screams, struggles briefly, and collapses but instead of turning to dust it's body dissolves and leaves it's pelt. As I look at it a young huntress walks up to me and speaks in a voice that doesn't sound like that of the body she has Young one you have committed a brave act and for that the pelt is yours as a gift. What is your name child"? I pick the pelt up wary of the others girls hunting me and state that my name is Vifera Savage a demi god and as I speak a sign comes above me. The huntress in front of me smiles and says You are the son of Cybele little demi-god and should go to camp half blood..

7.5 Me and Jiminey follow the huntresses to the half-blood camp they spoke of and they leave us there in an awful hurry to leave. A satyr comes up to Jiminey and looks at him in disbelief You were outcasted why are you back. He smiled I have a demi-god to bring to camp. He walks past the satyr that still has his mouth open and leads me to a giant house near the front of the camp knocking on the door politely. Suddenly a man is at the door he scowls at us both but, let's us in and begins to ask questions about me. Eventually the questions end and he just says gruffly Welcome to camp Half-blood..

Allen Burrows/Dionysus

2. 16

3. Still waters run deep and that could never be more true in the case of Allen Burrows. Generally calm and kind of placid he has a not so much friendly but approachable aura. Despite this he is a very random, quirky, overall deviant person.

4. Lithe, posed and daunting he is only 5'10 but seems 7'0 ft his appearance is like his personality in terms of strange. Though he is average height almost short he is big making him intimidating.

Xanxus Besta/Hephastus


3.Xanxus is a natural leader with great charisma. Despite this he is a dreamer and is usually in the clouds. A brilliant mind and a genius in his own right, he has a suave you can't put a hand on without knowing him. He attracts people to him he is like the flame in the night. Though at first glance he is a giant who always smiles, when someone he loves is hurt he gets angry. His flames are those of rage and nothing stops his rampage. Despite that he is usually up for any challenge thrown his way. He gets serious and nothing stops him no matter what.

4.He is tall around 6'2 and a lean but thick build and beautiful ebony skin. He has a barrel chest and large arms athlete legs and an abed stomach. Although most of his clothes are fire retardant he usually wears a knit cap, dark reflective sun glasses, white button-up collar shirt with the sleeves rolled, a black button-up vest, a loose black tie, fingerless black gloves, dark slightly faded jeans and white shoes. He will usually be seen with a lollipop between his lips as well.


6.Caroline Besta

7/7.1 Caroline Besta was a engineer in college and was the best at what she did. Her ideas changed the way people thought and her inventions shed new light. Intrigued by this a student from someplace overseas transfers to college. She meets the first and only challenge ever, they compete and only grow closer until she makes something not metal. Xanxus was born.

7/7.2 He was raised around blueprints, coffee, unfinished products and prototypes. His mother didn't have much time but the time she did have she always spent with him. Just like his mother inventing was a way of life, since when he could first hold a tool and read at 8 he built. Although he had a secret he couldn't tell, one that would get him in trouble at years later.

7/7.3 He was ten years old at his school science fair and having a blast. The judges come but his display goes haywire. during the fair he gets a thanks for participating ribbon. He is mad after the fair thinking to himself "I am 12 years old and getting a ribbon like this". He gets mad and burns it but sees more smoke than he should he looks up and is face to nose with a fire breathing horse.

7/7.4 Later that night he gets a dream from a strange man claiming to be his father. He is told about his power, the need to invent, and the monsters that hunt him and how to stop them. He spends the next few years inventing, reading about Greek mythology and trying to control his flames. He made a robot that dispensed lollipops and snacks for him called MiniRow. He gets flown out to New York by his mother when the attacks get really bad. In New York he becomes a street performer learning to control small fires and add dyes, but also flip and spin knives and wires. His act is watched by the same person a couple of times and after one show they confront him. The guy tells him about a place to go to called "camp half blood" and hands him a whistle. One night confronted by a telekhines near the beach he blows the whistle, the guy shows up lends a hand. After the fight he reveals himself to be a satyr and they go to camp half blood.

8. CB throwing knives with CB wires, fire dye, MiniRow,

Jedidiah Noel/Mnemosyne


3.Jedidiah is on first glance strong and silent type with a keen look in his eyes and the first glance is right until you see the pain, wisdom and knowledge in the boys eyes. Having lost so much early on led him to become one of very few words and even less time around people. Although he doesn't talk much doesn't mean he doesn't talk at all and most of what he says is cold and translate that he does not want to be messed with. He stares down his nose at everyone he meets condescending being an adjective for his personality and his very being. He put up walls around his heart, then a box around those walls, and then encased it in diamonds if only because his heart was to broken for him alone to fix.

4.His face is a concrete mask of either aloof disregard, callous indifference, or a smile that sends chills down the spines of everyone who sees it. His glasses reflect light so you rarely see his eyes but when there is moderate darkness and the light isn't reflecting he glass his eyes are a bright mocha brown. He can usually be seen wearing a button up shirt black or white and black slacks always creased. He has a suit jacket that is usually with him but he hangs it off his shoulders like a cape kind of some . He wears comfortable dress shoes that have a metal tip and running insoles. His skin is a cross between the Caribbean and Dark French ancestry, it looks like a cup of fresh mocha. He has a thick build that would suggest he is more than meets the eye and that is noticeable even with clothes on. He looks like a predator, all the way down to his shoes, standing at 6'3 he commands attention even though you would be a fool not to notice him anyways.


6.Walter Noel

7/7.1 Father was a librarian and historian who loved and lived inside the world of books. He begins to get frequent visits from a woman that comes to the seminars he teaches and the library he works at. They get to know each other doing crosswords, reading books, drinking coffee. Until one night he takes her on a date red wine is drunk and roses coat the bedroom as they finish the night in bliss.

7/7.2 His father never expected a child but that is what he got after that night. The child appeared on his door step with two packages a letter for him and a box for the boy when "He is of the right age". Walter raises the boy to the best of his ability even getting a new job as a professor but this leaves the boy to be raised by a babysitter or nanny more than his father. In the beginning the boy had a bright future, being such a smart and happy child, his future was very bright indeed as anyone who saw him could tell. He was around nine when the brightness was snuffed out completely; he gets home to find the place intruded. His father was finally home before he was asleep for the first time in a week and he is racing up the steps of his home to greet him. Jedidiah knows something is off because the door is slightly open and unlocked even though his father just started trusting him with the key. He moves cautiously to his fathers study when he hears people behind the door talking in hushed tones and a rustling and banging behind the door. He pushes it open to find his father's mouth open in shock ,his skin pale as the blood leaves it, and a man with a gun and a mask on also looking towards the door. His father moves to cover his son in his arms and the burglar taken by surprise compresses the trigger firing a shot off then saying quietly "Oh god" before rushing out.

7/7.3 The boy is shell shocked by all of this for months it seems not being able to sleep, eat, or even speak while life passes him by. He is finally transferred to a foster home in his district ad it is there that he will call home for a long time the only thing to remind him of his father are the reflective reading glasses and the two packages that found there way to him despite the commotion. Up late one night he is laying on the bunk bed he calls home and thinking over the events of his life when he hears a creaking in the kitchen. Thinking it is one of his foster siblings he roles over but he starts when he hears the fridge open knowing no one is supposed to go in it at night. He stealthily goes down the steps and peeks around the corner when he sees a large man going through the fridge and the door ajar. He is hit with a wave of nostalgia and a flashback of a door being left ajar like that, his walking up the steps, and the gunshot followed by the "Oh god". He realizes that these visions aren't just coming from his mind but from the burglars as well and things suddenly fall into place. He mutters to himself "stupid, stupid stupid" until all of a sudden he feels stronger, faster and angry. Extremely angry! He runs into the kitchen the burglar looking up in surprise when he runs past and then in shock when the young boy advances on him with a knife. He catches the boy's hand before he can stab him but is overwhelmed by the strength of the boy and feels the knife plunge into his chest. Breathing his last breath out slowly.


Ini Seraphim/Pandia

2. 17

3. Ini is not a man of many words you would be right to say he was a man of no words at all because of how little he speaks. He isn't mute but Ini just doesn't like to talk very much though it changes once he gets to know you, the few words he says changes to maybe a solid sentence or two at a time. Anger isn't an emotion he allows himself to feel not bothering to get very passionate at all in everyday life. However he does feel emotion and when he does he is blinded by them turning into a completely different person in action and tone of voice. He isn't a usually bright or cheery person like his siblings or even his mother but his smile is a beautiful sight to behold though it was seen only once.

4. Ini suffered from a stress so great in his life the pigmentation cells in his body were thrown out of wack which turned his hair, nails, and eyes unnatural colors . His eyes might have been blue previously their are extremely white near the same color of his eyeball his hair bleached as snow and his nail instead of being usual pink and clear are dark as if painted black . Though his skin is rich with color a stark contrast to his hair and eyes he is usually covered from head to toe in clothing and equipment. Ini is also never without the mask on his face only three people know what he looks like currently and if up to him no one would ever know.

451-people photomanipulation.jpg
This character is a child of Pandia.

6.Dominic Seraphim

7/7.1 Dominic was reading in a café lit by the soft low of candlelight; a cup of cocoa cooling down near his hand and his glasses perched delicately on the end of his nose. He looks up for the briefest of moments and goes back to reading until his brain registers the attractiveness of the woman he happened to glance. She is gorgeous he whispers in his own head stunned by her beauty and almost blushes despite his dark skin color. Wanting to spark conversation he waves to the waiter and orders her a mug of hot cocoa waiting until she received her glass and looked his way to toast her. This banter continued for a week until she moved to his table, two weeks until he left his book and paid complete attention to her, and a month before he welcomed back to his place for a talk and possibly a nightcap. There they exchanged words like they did in the shop but both of them shared a fondness of the other akin to new lovers. The conversation progressed slowly but they're progress to the bedroom however did not; their first kiss was a soft one made by Dominic in the middle of one of her sentences. Their second, third, fourth, and fifth were made down the hallway of his penthouse and the sixth was when they were both nude and in the bed room. They lost count of how many followed after that.

7.2 Ini walks into the big house and takes a seat in a rocking chair across from a man in a wheelchair. So...Ini I believe that is what Nin called you. I hear you just made it to camp via your cousin. Tell me more about what happened to you; from childhood to now. I'd like to hear it all; my name is Chiron by the way. The centaur smiles friendly but Ini doesn't feel anymore comfortable sitting on his chair as if ready to move suddenly. "My childhood was spent in my room or in the park near my house where I would do work and read or wander through the woods. My father and I often communicated and bonded but I had one and he was gone often." He pauses thinking about what they just went through. The blood covering the trees, his fathers scream, Nin arriving too late, the daggers he is holding now, the mask and his coat. He shakes his head and continues despite that "I was homeschooled for all of my life which is why I read for most of my early childhood. Now the park that was near the house was a different story, I would run through the trees at full speed, climb up every large oak I could find...it was in the woods that I would find the joy in my life. It was in the glade near the middle of the park, protected by trees and shrubs, that I would look at the moon and stars and imagine a life outside of the one that I have now. I remember whispering to the moon some nights Show me something amazing and looking back I wish I would have kept my mouth shut.

7.3 A girl walks in and with a wave from Chiron she hands him a glass of amber liquid and a cake-like loaf of food. Though Chiron couldn't see Ini's face through the mask he knew the boy was uncomfortable and turned around as he ate and drank turning back around once the chewing stopped. Ini nods his thanks and continues with his story feeling only a bit better thanks to the food and drink. He clenches his fist as he goes over his first monster attack; flashing thoughts of this latest one flicking through his mind. "I was fifteen in the woods one night when I was looking at the moon as I was fond of doing and I wondered what it would be like to touch moonlight. I alone in the woods and I figure who will see me if I try and I reach for a moon beam. I as incredibly surprised when it felt real in my hands but I went a step further and made a sphere marking it like the surface of the moon. It came to life in my hands looking like a replica of the moon itself and I stared at it with even more shock wondering how this is possible. Immediately I ran inside to show my father excitedly explaining about controlling the moonlight and going on about it but his face only grew more and more worried. That night I was wondering why my dad was so worried so I went downstairs to speak to him and I heard him whispering on the phone. Alex he is like Nin! What should I do! I can't go through what you went through what if monsters comfort my child! Huh? Ye-yes we have a guest room. You want to do what? I will talk to Ini about it in the morning. I rushed back up to my room wondering who would be coming and what did my father mean by monsters. Terrified I slept that night tossing and turning dreaming of the boogie man and a dark angel.

7.4 He continues without pause talking faster and drumming his fingers on his chair as they draw closer to present day in his story. "The next morning my father talks to me about the powers I have; explaining Greek mythology as if it is real. I read of the Greek legends before hand had seen Zeus and the Olympians a number of times but never had it seemed real. The fervent way my father explained frightened me as much as it enthralled me I remember him speaking of my mother. He told me how she left him after telling him about her being a Greek goddess and leaving me wrapped in the purest white blanket he had ever seen. He knew that it was possible for me to have powers but it was hard for him o believe nd he never mustered the strength to tell me. In the middle of his apology there was a knock at the door that seemed to ominous to be a pleasant visit. The boy that walked through the door seemed to have shadows pouring off of him; his own shadow writhing as if alive every so often. With his head down my father says Ini. Meet your cousin. Nin. After finding out that I was the son of a goddess it wasn't hard to believe my father was hiding family from me. My cousin had yet to say anything but after my father introduced him he gave a smile showing off his impeccable teeth and said" Sup cuzzo.

7.5 He skips around the telling of the next year as if it wasn't very important "Nin stayed with us for the next year and a half. I remember because it was the longest I got to interact with anyone getting used to my cousin was strange, exciting, aggravating, and thrilling. He would regale me with stories of camp, the people he met, monsters he fought, and how he trained. Though I didn't have natural battle prowess he showed me what he knew teaching me his confrontational fighting style and then helping me make it my own because I wasn't as strong and tough as him. It was one night I was practicing alone despite my cousin saying not to do that, that my dad wandered outside and found me training. You've grown so much in the past year Ini I am so proud you I had a gift in my room to give you so co- but we hear a hiss in the grove. It's a bone chilling sound that freezes my blood and makes me look for it's source when I come face to face with a woman. She has bright ambers eyes that leave me in a trance of sorts until I notice movement from the corner of my eye and see snake tails where her legs should be. I jump back creating a simple dagger in my right hand not even pausing as my training kicks in. Before I move I realize my dad is still in the clearing and look back to notice he is holding stick. I yell for him to put it down and not attack! I scream dad don't move just run! I beg him to run but he charges the beast."

7.6 He is overcome with emotion as he thinks of yesterday and the death of his dad but he continues the story with a nod from Chiron. "He runs and yells as if to distract her waving the stick blindly. I don't move frozen as I watch him land a hit on the snake woman's face but she lashes out in pain and throws my dad bodily backwards into a tree. I scream and run forward staying low and lashing at her stomach which I graze enough to leave a shallow cut. She whips her leg forward and catches me in the stomach which throws me off guard despite my training with Nin. I roll onto my feet and circle her before charging again and elongating my blade leaving a deeper cut this time because I caught her off guard. I notice she leaks a sand from her stomach but still distracted by my emotions I care little for it. She swipes downward and leaves three claw marks across my chest which are shallow because I jump back but bleed and that pisses me off more. So I condenses my blade back into moonlight and channel it in my palm before firing it at her causing her to dart to the side but she loses one of her legs. We stand at opposite edges of the clearing and we stare each other down when she sees my dad against the tree moving slowly. She and I move towards him at the same time but she reaches him first! His talking speeds up a lot as he becomes more and more excited I throw up a dome of moonlight around my dad but her hand slips through because of how close she is. She looks at me and smiles and without looking I know something horrible has transpired under there. I cause the dome to go super nova and blind her for a brief moment which I use to run and jump on her back. I focus a beam of moonlight again and burn straight through her neck her bod turns to sand and I fall in front of my dad."

7.7 He is choked with emotion but continues caught in the memory completely now "I crawl towards my father confused on why his front is covered with blood when I notice dark holes in his neck. I try to stop them with my hands but I can't. I can't seem to stop the bleeding. He struggles to say something and fin- finds that he can't speak! So he smiles. He reaches for my face and cups my cheek! I smile back begging the gods that my father doesn't die! But he passes away his eyes open wide with the smile stretching his lips. I squeeze his hand as if that will bring him back to life but it doesn't and a tear falls down my cheek when I realize he isn't coming back. I am shocked when his body starts fading like moon light and I grasp at my father begging and pleading silently that he stay but he fades completely. In his place are two curved blades made of a silver material stained dark in some places to bring out something written in Greek but my eyes are too filled wit tears to read it. I look towards the moon an scream loudly asking my mother why this is the first time she did anything for me. Nin shadow travels into the clearing spotting me covered in blood and the daggers and realizes what happened. I- I pass out after that and wake up in the house."

7.8 Nin steps into the room patting his shoulders as he cries under his mask and decides to finish the story. "I grab the daggers and Ini and shadow travel us both to the house letting him sleep and keeping guard until morning. In the morning I pack his stuff and my stuff into travel bags thinking it is time to get to camp kicking myself for not going sooner. I knew I should have come but I was trying to figure out if Ini had to go to camp because of how safe his home was. I make an Iris call to a few demi-gods in the police force to report what happened and I arrange a one way flight to New York from Colorado. Once we are packed up we move towards the door but Ini races back to his dad's room returning with a trench coat like mine but all white and a mask all white save for pits where the eyes should be. He smiles reading a note in his hand before putting on the coat and the mask then strapping the blades in his coat and joining me at the door. I show him a picture of the airport and he looks back at me silently his emotions hidden behind the mask then we both teleport to the airport. Hop on the plane. Fly here and tell you what happened." The centaur sighs heavily and shakes his head "That was quite a story indeed. Well Ini welcome to camp half blood. though I am curious. What do the blades say." He pulls them from his coat pocket and hands them to the centaur who reads them aloud "The light of the darkness...is the darkness of the day." He hands the blades back and with a furrowed brow mutters "Interesting Indeed"

8.He dual wields enchanted curved blades shaped like half moons that can channel his powers (at the cost of energy) through his blades to make them stronger and increase their length. When the blades are connected at their bases the link and then can be drawn apart connecting them like a bow. Once the tips align a magical string of moon light connects it turning the blades into an actual bow. He has no sheathe but pulling the string will cause an arrow to appear he can only fire twenty of these before he runs out of arrows (without using energy) and will need three minutes to recharge.

Rylus Monk/Aeolus

1 Rylus Monk

2 19

3 Rylus is a sage of sorts full of wisdom and quotes about life and the pursuit of it but is a goofy kid beneath all of that. He is inquisitive about the world and how it works and does not hesitate to explore or gain knowledge about the world and it's inhabitants. He is fiercely loyal and protective and freely displays every emotion he feels an open book to the world. Though strange Rylus is a people person and fits in with most of the people he meets and is able to tell instinctively people's feelings and true colors.

4 Rylus has a thick mane of wavy raven hair adorning his head that falls around his shoulders as if weightless and suspended in the air. His eyes are a piercing and calming grey though most would never know because his eyes are almost always closed. His mouth is permanently lifted at the corners in a cheeky but friendly manner and his skin is perfect a deep ebony brown. His body is a temple filled with muscle and strength but always covered by his loose fitting clothes. He feels most comfortable in his robes the flowing garments tight and not tight in just the right places making it feel as if he is wearing nothing just wrapped in the blue of the skies themselves.


This character is a child of Aeolus

6 Gentekra Johnston

7.1 Rylus's mother was a dancer from India said to be blessed by the God's themselves because of the way she was able to move. When dancing it was as if the wind was carrying her across the stage and giving her a grace unknown to mortal people. Though a dancer she was a scholar at heart and wrote books on her dancing technique and how to move more freely in every day life. Where there is a scholar there is a student but where there is a dancer there is a partner and she had one; a man named Aeolus that moved in a way indescribable. As her only match her heart was given to no one yet not given to him because neither knew (or pretended not to know) how the other felt. However one night Aeolus approached her and showed her an entirely new way to move her body and exposed her to what it really meant to dance with passion. Just as the new couple finish Aeolus walks into the room and looks at his clone his mouth agape and a horror dawning on Gentekra. The man that she was in bed with turned into air while her Aeolus fled the room in betrayal and sadness. Gentekra waits nine months for the baby to grow, fighting herself on whether or not to keep it, when she finally decides to give the baby up after giving birth. Gentekra walks to a temple on the top of a mountain nearby where the monks are known to have incredible powers and leaves the baby slipping a book on how to dance into his basket. A gust of wind picks up when she is walking down the mountain and a baby cries before the door opens and monks are heard at the top of the mountain inside the find a baby, a book, and a string with beads in colors white blue and red in different shades.

7.2 Rylus grew a curious, rambunctious, and mischievous child a very bad combination for a baby of any kind and for it his nickname was monkey for a lot of his life. The Monks in the temple had a hard time raising a baby what with food and water and clothing but they managed and made sure to shower the child with love and attention. He grew out of most of his ways by the age of ten but by then he was smarter and faster and would be able to get into more trouble now. Stealing bread from the elders and playing pranks when he could just to pass the time and if not dong that he was dancing without music in the field of flowers behind the temple. Reading and rereading the book as he grew becoming wind itself with his movements barely touching the ground when moving. Upon seeing this one day the monks began training Rylus in the ways of physical arts teaching him how to use his force and how to fight. As his abilities grew he became the air itself becoming one with it through his dance and through the ancient technique of the monks.

7.3 So high in the mountains the monks rarely got visitors or even animals for some reason not birds or snakes, people or monkeys. When he asked a monk the monk chuckled about their being a ward on the mountain against evil and animosity but the location and the distance from anything is what kept everything away. Though that didn't stop a chance encounter one day with an evil creature that seemed to have gotten though the ward. As Rylus is dancing in the field of flowers behind the temple he catches a scent on the wind like the smell of cow and must which sours his steps momentarily. He follows his nose to the lip of meadow and finds what appears to be a bull climbing the mountain though upon closer inspection he notices something not quite right with the creature. It spots him as he watches it and it bellows shaking loose stones with the power of his voice alone and it makes him move back away from the edge turning in an attempt to make it to the temple. A boulder comes flying from the side of the mountain that the bull man is on and it makes him pause stopping in his tracks his escape route cut off. He turns and faces the bull man the creature already in the meadow after climbing up the stone and into his field of flowers crushing many of them. It snorts as it stares Rylus down steam coming from his nostrils and Rylus returns the stare refusing to back down.

7.4 It charges Rylus like any bull he sees a flag of red would do though it pumps it's arms like a man. Rylus dives to the right side rolling onto to his feet in time to see the bull man stop and turn around and runs towards him slower than before. It doesn't stop but this time swings it's arm at Rylus who attempted to slide under the bull's arm this time. He is hit with a clothes line and is sent flying back a couple of feet his breathing rasping but the bull just stalking towards him prepared to dine into a meal. Rylus grabs a handful of dirt and throws it at the bull man hitting him in the eye and blinding him briefly. He summons a strong breeze and pushes himself to the lip of the meadow resting against the wall with the treacherous drop behind him. The bull man, enraged by Rylus throwing dirt, charges him again with another bellow and Rylus waits for the right moment. Just as the beast is upon him Rylus takes the air from his lungs causing the bull man to stumble and almost fall on top of him. Rylus rolls out of the way and then creates a strong gust of wind giving the bull man the push he needs to fall off the cliff.

7.5 Once it settles down he reaches for the beads around his neck and begins to pray to his dad thanking him for victory and for healing. The wind circles pleasantly restoring his strength and fixing the broken bones he has losing track of time in his prayer. When he opens his eyes he I surrounded by monks who look at him with mix expressions of astounding, sadness, and bitter sweet joy. An English speaking elder approached his and spoke for all the monks there "Rylus you have overcome a great challenge on this day and have truly become a worthy warrior monk however. The temple will always be your home but you must take the next step of your journey! You must take you destiny trip into the next chapter of your life." With a heavy heart Rylus nods in understanding and gets up healed after his fight and bows before them all "Where will I journey?" he asks and as soon as he does the wind picks up out of no where whooshing past all those gathered. Their eyes follow the direction of the strong wind and at the edge of the meadow stands a silent grey horse that seemed to phase in and out of sight as if made of wind. Rylus takes it as a sign and walks over to it slowly picking up speed until he is at a full run not stopping until he reaches the horse and hops onto it's back in a smooth motion. He waves to the monks that raised him and took care of him all his life then the horse takes off into the sky to god's know where. Over the course of the trip they stop frequently and bond Rylus eventually naming the horse a loud sound that it slowly began to respond to over time. A month after they initially took off Rylus arrives at a camp some where in the world with a sign reading half blood and a feeling that he should enter. He steps off of "Whoosh" and walks towards the gate taking the next step into his destiny but pauses just at the gate suddenly nervous. Whoosh nudges him with his nose and pushes him into camp before the horse turns into a breeze and rises into the sky only a call away and with that nudge he steps in.

8 Weapons&Possessions Beads: A colorful loop of beads in shades of white, blue, and red that Rylus keeps on him at all times. It allows him to pray to the wind and receive and quicker healing time from wind passing by but he must be in a state of prayer/meditation to properly use it. If in dangers the beads glow softly alerting Rylus to the danger around him and if his life is at risk giving him a boost in strength and speed. Whoosh: A horse that has the ability to shift between a breeze and a horse. While in a breeze state when it passes by it makes a whoosh sounds hence it's name. It is Rylus's companion and confidant.

Eris kid (Calm)

Either hormone or curse over his heart to explode or put him close to death should he get to excited. Possibly going to be the curse break char and the pent up power explodes out of him.

Weapon, Item, Style, and Armors

Metal elbow length Tonfa (squeeze hilt and spikes come out)

Sword length Jitte

Nodachi (large but light weight sword usually twice the size of the person)

Sword Arm Blade (front facing tonfa with blade and handles)

Bronze knuckles (blades or studs)

(combo for Xanxus)

(Bo staff with Baton enchantment for Nin)

(Grass bracelet and .... for Allen)

Talisman or imbued pieces of paper (For Mnemosyne)

Bow&Arrow (Twelve arrows and the arrows are indestructible and return to quiver upon call or in a minute)

(Symphon/Disson) Twin Acrobatic Double edge serrated Dao blades has a chain feature that activates when the blades are touched together on certain spikes.

Forearm length (Thin or thick) gauntlets that have propellers (big for thick ones and small for thin ones) that enhance speed and power for a ground fighting char. The propellers began to rotate slowly as more air passes by and through them air entering from the direction of the hands an exiting the direction of the elbow. The more air passes by the propellers the faster and stronger and harder punches become. Safely increasing speed and power by double what it was before without damaging the demigod too much however should those limits b surpassed a joint can be displaced.

A celestial bronze Hula Hoop with either a protection ward and a highly experienced char. The char would be a trickster type and be able to wind the hula hoop around his body always keeping his momentum up. The hula hoop would double as a ring of sorts able to split itself as the user needed down to six each growing smaller as split.


Quest Weapon Idea's

Super expansion of Xanxus's ability to "know" by way of notebook by materializes and dematerializes at will.

Enchanted blade (made of drakon bone) that has the spirit of a warrior and a drakon that is embued with a bit of the power of each. the drakon's might, which is a pure body enhancement ability that the drakon spirit can grant him, and makes all his strikes more ferocious and powerful but also makes him more violent and he could hurt his friends and the hero's valor, which is a skill-enhancement ability that makes all his motions more precise like he's in slo-mo (doesn't make him faster) and boosts his raw skill

Alright so since the drakon and the warrior don't get along i was thinking they would be in constant battle and thus unable to speak. A Belt that allows I'm to borrow one specific ability from an animal that he has a forged a very strong bond with like one of the wolf cubs he grew up with or the mountain lion who raised him for a brief period. He an only borrow one ability at a time and must return it before borrowing another ability and the ability is returned immediately if the belt is taken off; it is extremely difficult to cut or pierce it.

Yo the quest item will be a ring that goes on the proximal (first) finger of the hand. It is made of stone (therefore fire resistant) and has a knockback effect that takes and amplifies all force that collides with the ring or the area of the fist. It is passive and is always in effect but can be turned off if the owner wishes it to be. The knockback's strength depends on the strength of the collision, like if a car were to collide with Xanxus's fist then the car would either crush itself or flip backwards multiple times; If a punch were to connect with Xanxus's fist or he was to punch someone it would possess enough force to lift them off their feet or if the person on the receiving end didn't move it would break armor or bone if not wearing any.

A hell-fire Imbued shape shifting weapon which is linked to ancient Japan. The weapon changes into a different weapon every 24 hours and can freely attack with a limited supply of hell fire from the user. The weapon acts as a vessel for the child of Hades hell-fire ability specifically; which would lessen the cost of using the weapon but would still consume energy.

First Quest

Who: Xanxus went into the woods searching first a monster to kill and collect for his experiment. It was there he met he met Steven a charismatic camper who he bonded with before going into the woods. It was in there they find a Lamia that they battle and eventually kill and afterwards Xanxus collects the dust.

What: The reason for collecting the dust is to build a machine that could track monsters by using said dust they turn into as a way to pinpoint them. Months after building it, he is asleep in the forge, and he gets a ping on his screen. Shouting in success he grabs a lollipop from minirow and dances with the robot excited that his invention worked so well.

When: It is winter when they leave camp and around summer when they make it back. Although it is a possibility that they could be gone a whole year tracking the monster.

Where: From camp to California the Lamia presumably went to a desert near there.

Why: Despite this he knows he needs to find the Lamia and see if it is the one he killed which would then let him go to second phase which is binging the creature to a demi-god by using it's dust.

How: His father gives them a car that they can use to travel it changes appearance on the outside but on the inside it is about as big and roomy as a bus.

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