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My name is RainbowCupcakes, but because you're awesome call me Cuppie. I'm a NEWB! I love pokemon as you can see -----> and I love mythology as well, so I got into the PJO series and I'm obsessed!

I got into roleplaying a couple years ago on random sites like Tumblr and Instagram :3 But I was looking at a Camp Half blood roleplay and I clicked on this.

I might make a few mistakes with HTML, as I am used to using BB code on another RP site I have been using for yeeaarss! they are so different.Help would be amazing and I would give you nine... no ten cookies!

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I just posted my first character, Adair Sterling. But she is still in the unprocessed so It might be a while before she is claimed if she is claimed! I am proud of her :3

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