If you need to know the time, it is 9 o'clock. That is what my watch drawn on my wrist says.

My real name is Hunter and I live in Florida. I'm 16 and I am a straight A student.

I have many pets. A beagle named Harley. A boxer named Sage. An iguana named Slither. A snake named Dr. Pepper (dont ask), and a parrot named Percy. There is also a small alligator that lives by my house. I named him or her Chomp. I just recently got three new beagle puppies. I named them Jupiter (the one with the strikes like lightning on his body), Neptune (the one with wave like fur) and Pluto (the one with ghost like spots).

I go to a private school that is not known a whole lot. We have no sports teams because the school thinks that the students should focus on their REAL education. We do have a phy ed class for 45 min every day. The school only has about 50 kids in it. My friends are Logan, Markus, Johnathan, and Lindsay.

I dont wanna brag but I'm pretty rich. I live in a three story house with my father, step mother, and my twin step brother and sister. Oh and my pets. We each have our own waiter. I am nice to mine unlike in the movies when people are mean to their waiters then the waiter poisons their food. His name is Clark. He enjoys cooking and reading. His room is next to mine.

I enjoy cooking with our chef and reading with the librarian. Their names are Michael and Christene. Chris has read like every book in human existence. And shes only 34!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Favorites

Movies: Scream, Saw, I am Number Four, I want to see In Time, X-men origins Wolverine


Actors: Matt Le Blanc

Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston

Places: Statue of Liberty, Sears Tower, Eiffel Tower

Books: The Westing Game, The Percy Jackson

Homes: Paris, Miami, Hollywood, Istanbul, Sydney, Ankorage, Nassau, and London.

My favorite Gods

  • Boreas
  • Hypnos
  • Koios
  • Prometheus
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