aka Socks

  • I live in in the land of unicorns
  • My occupation is Wizard/Dragon Slayer
  • I am Female

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Hiya <insert name here>

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I was adopted by the very amazing Ruby awhile ago and she helped me tons, so I'm happy to adopt anyone who wants to be! Just message me! I'm bros with Danny (AKA Red). (Well, we're both girls, but we're pretty close both on and off the site) and Laura (AKA, Momo)

Name Origin Creator Okay to Use?
Rachel N/A N/A Sure
Sock Monkey Don't even ask Danny Hhahaaha NO. NOT EVEN YOU, DANNY.

Me staying over at Red's nearly  every night over summer

Laura Just Laura :)
Anime Queen Anime club hehe Collab by Laura and Danny Sure, go right ahead
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