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FERBERG: A FERBERG; derived from the fictional character FERBERG( a crazier Deadpool, to put it simply); an entity of supreme awesome-ness

Quotes to Live by

  • Ego opus conquiescamus
  • Aut viam inveniam aut faciam
  • Tibi quid facias mori tecum vivit alteri quod feceris


A lazy teenager who was raised in a circus as an acrobat. He's quite intelligent, but isn't really nerdy. He shows this in his attitude, as he's a sassy show off who can be an avid slacker.


Calix -Child of Asteria
-The Genius Acrobat

 – "What can I say? I'm just that good"

*yawns* Hey, what's up?

A silent individual who keeps to himself, always acting like he's angry, or at at least very uncomfortable. In reality, this is just a defense mechanism and his true personality is like that of a playful puppy

Wolf 2

Connor -Child of Lyssa
-Wolf's Child

*growls through his teeth* Get out of my way

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Like this kid rocking out on a guitar here, I think that your jams are worthy of my ears. Strum away and play your heart out, because life is way too short to even give a damn.
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Because I totally miss you bro. (No homo) c:
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