Saberin Reef

aka Saberin Reef

  • I live in not telling
  • My occupation is Assasin
  • I am Female

Name: Saberin Reef

Gender: female

God Parent: Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Lotte Reef

Appearance: Dark hair, Amber eyes and tan skin. Short and petite.

Personality: Friendly, brave, sarcastic, short-tempered, loyal, and understanding.

History: Saberin had always lived in Georgia, until she moved with her single mother to a small shore-village in South Carolina for work. They were always poor and Saberin had never left the South or even been to the ocean before until they moved. The first time she touched the salty-sea water she fainted for no reason. She never understood that. Not until she was claimed, anyways.

  She first met her sayter, Leven Grassler, after she fell into the water off a ferry she was riding to school. He rushed to her aid as soon as he sensed the power radiate off her when she entered the cold ocean water. He was never sure who her godly parent was. He only sensed power. Demi-god power. And when she had her first moster attack, which wasn't long after Leven noticed her, she was taken off to Camp Half-Blood. There she learned the truth of her life: Her father was a god.

The day she got claimed was one she will never forget. She was on the lava rock climing wall when some hermes son thought it would be funny to shove her off. And so down she fell in a rather large pool of lava. She was rushed to the infermery for burn treatment immediantly. There, she was pronounced unable to live much longer, but she knew what would help. Looking back she never really understood how she knew what to do. She gasped out th e word water and some was brought to her. Then, ignoring the warning cries from the Apollo kids, she poured the bottle onto her red and black skin. What happened was an incredible, unexplainable miracle. She healed in seconds. All she had was a sunburned nose and raspy cough. They were futher blown away when a glowing, green trident appeared above her head. They stood for a minute and then they each bowed on one knee and didn't notice when she fell back, asleep. 

How Her Parents Met: Lotte Reef and Poseidon met when Lotte and her family were on a cruise ship. He was handsome and she was young. They flirted around for a couple days until things went wrong. Poseiden and Lotte got in a fight and because of his anger the sea went crazy and he, without meaning to, sunk the ship. Lotte's parents were killed instantly due to a fuse blow out in there room. Lotte and most of the others were tossed into the sea. Lotte was saved by Poseidon and brought to a secluded island so she could morne her loss. Her relationship with Poseidon flourished however, of course she never knew he caused the disaster. They were in love and one thing led to another, until he told her his true identity. She connected the dots and left him alone and heartbroken. A couple weeks later she realized she was pregnant.

Weapons: Classic Greek short-sword and recurved bow.

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