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These are my sandbox links. Please don't edit any of them without my permission. Thanks!
Sandbox Pages:
Coding #1/#2
Character Planning
The Master Box
Character Group Planning

Reserved Patterns (Jelena Aisu pattern) (??? pattern) (Lauren Feng pattern) (Nara Pattern)

To-Do List

  • Make PNG's for Emily, Lauren, and Peony
  • Check the group for group's to-do list
  • Use Seulgi's coding for Emily
  • Work on the group project
  • Get some coding for my future characters done
  • Start planning Lauren Feng
  • Start planning Peony Folkner
  • Update my sandbox pages
  • Decide what to do with Hyacinth, Nala, Cameron, and Rumour
  • Possibly make Hyacinth a memory nymph and Nala a snow nymph?
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