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Katelyn Roth
Little Red Riding Hood
The Wolf's Bane
  • Name: Katelyn "Katie" Roth
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Demigod daughter of Hecate
  • Appearance:
    Hsh by bellajynx-d64jz7e
  • Weapon: WIP


On the outside, Katelyn has a cheerful and shy personality and can get very enthusiastic about most things that catch her eye. If there is something that remotely interests her, she will instantly act on and pursue those feelings. She's also nice and considerate girl, who is always concerned about her friends' welfare. Due to her caring personality, she is often seen with a gentle smile on her face. However, she is rather weak-hearted and can get scared easily. Because of her past, Katelyn hides her true personality. She hides the fact that she feels alone and scared, leaving herself quite vulnerable without meaning to.

Minor Character Contest Charrie?

The Real-Life Coloring Book
  • Name: Quinn
  • Gender: Female
  • Species:
  • Appearance:
  • Weapon: WIP



Nikita Hawkeye
The Hawk's Eye
The Lost Memory
  • Name: Nikita Hawkeye
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Memory Nymph
  • Appearance:
    Tumblr mjvrunRul51rpnnrno1 500
  • Weapon:

Derek Hawkeye, a young and youthful son of Psyche, had just graduated high school and had recently moved to a nice apartment in Olsztyn, Poland. One night, he was out with some friends of his, celebrating one of his buddies engagement when he caught the attention of the memory goddess, Mnemosyne. After a while, Mnemosyne offered to by Derek a drink and he easily agreed. The rest of the night, the couple talked, drank and danced and soon after meeting they began dating.

After the few months of dating, Mnemosyne disappeared without notice, breaking Derek’s heart and after a few more months, Derek found a small basket on his doorstep with a baby wrapped in light pink blankets. At first he was surprised, not knowing what to do with the child or why it was there until he found a small note hidden in the folds of the blankets. They note explained that the child was his and that Mnemosyne hoped for the best for the two. Derek was mostly shocked at the thought that, like his father, he had ended up having a child with a goddess, but the shocked disappeared not long after and named the baby Nikita.

With the help of his father and step-mother, he raised Nikita, slowly teaching her about the Greek world she was born into. Growing up, Derek wasn’t surprised at Nikita’s skilled memory but, when she started school, her teachers were. Even with her dyslexia and ADHD, she excelled in school although every so often she would get painful headaches or get into fights at school. When Nikita turned eight, her father moved them into a small house, just outside of Olsztyn so he could begin working on Nikita’s monster and demigod fighting skills. Although Nikita had trouble with most hand-to-hand combat weapons, she was skilled in archery and long ranged weapons.

Even though when Derek was younger he had attended camp for several years, he was never a big fan of the gods and goddesses, always feeling like an outcast. So when Nikita turned thirteen, she and Derek’s father began trying to beg Derek into letting her attend camp. At first, Derek was totally opposed to the idea of his daughter going to camp but after a few months, he finally allowed Nikita to attend camp and the next summer she began her camp life.

Three summers later when Nikita returned home for the start of the school year, she began to notice that her father was slowly changing. Little did she know that while she was gone, he had a run in with Lord Dionysus and had gotten curse by the god after insulting him and his curse would slowly make him go insane. At first, she barely noticed any changes but slowly has the months went on, he began having mood swings, talking to himself, saying things were there when they weren’t, and forgetting things. After she turned sixteen though, she and her father were forced to move in with Derek’s father and step-mother for the safety of himself and Nikita.

Around a year later, Nikita was at home taking care of her father when three hellhounds attacked their home. Surprisingly her father battled along side with her, even in his almost insane state. After taking on two of the three hellhounds and defeating them, she went to help her father but she was too late. While her back was turned, Derek had let his guard down and the hellhound landed a killing blow on Derek. After finishing off the final hellhound, she returned to her father’s side and his last words to her before he died were, “Don’t trust anyone, Nikita. Treat everyone has your enemy”.

After her father’s death, she returned to camp not being able to stand living in the same house as her father had. Not long after returning to camp, Nikita went on a quest, the leader being a child of Melinoe, and their quest took them into the underworld. The group ended up getting into a battle on one side of the river Lethe. Even after the years of training from camp and her father, she could never get hand-to-hand combat down and ended up getting overwhelmed and stabbed in the stomach. She fell onto the ground next to the river and bled to death quickly.

Just before she died though, Mnemosyne turned Nikita into a memory nymph, allowing her to continue on living. Sadly though, her fellow questions had decided that she was dead and had left her. Before Nikita could wake up though, one of the few surviving monsters accidently pushed Nikita into the river Lethe causing her to wake but loose all of her memories in the process. She pulled herself out of the river and began wandering the underworld with only her instincts to help her. In the end, she ran back into the group. When Mnemosyne learned her daughters memories had been wiped out, she made a deal with Lethe, so that if Nikita found a special item from her past, her memories would return to her.

Nikita now resides in Camp Half-Blood, trying to retrigger her memories to return although she’s been told it was a hopeless cause as nobody but, Mnemosyne and Lethe knew of their deal.

Nikita is considered to be isolated, exclusionary type and friendships don't come to her easily. She is apathetic and somnolent with little desire to put in any effort into meaningless disciplines or activities, and instead focuses exclusively on regaining her memory to obtain her former life. Yet, somehow she does seem to hold some strange fascination and even feelings of respect towards people that hold a deep sense of duty and righteousness -- in those people who do care and who can devote their lives and even die for causes they believe in. Despite Nikita's usual cold and calm demeanor, she has been shown to emote her feelings in various ways.

Esme - Priests/Priestesses contest

  • Name: Renesmee "Esme" Knight
  • Patron: Nemesis
  • Species: Mortal
  • Appearance:
    Tumblr m6k12g0h2J1qan1eeo1 500
  • Weapon: WIP



Reason for Applying


Reason of Patron's Acceptance


Future BC Charrie

  • Name: Lotus Blackwell
  • Patron: Triton
  • Faction: Ortu Justitiae
  • Appearance:
  • Weapon: WIP



Reason for joining




Twins with Unu


  • Name: Sara Young
  • Family: Poseidon (Father), Frieda Young (Mother/Dead), Deanna Young (Twin), Isaac Young (Uncle)
  • Appearance:
    Tumblr mkxry1Gy421rr17hco1 500
  • Weapon: WIP





  • Name: Deanna Young
  • Family: Poseidon (Father), Frieda Young (Mother/Dead), Sara Young (Twin), Isaac Young (Uncle)
  • Appearance:
  • Weapon: WIP





  • Name: Ellie
  • Family: Dionysus (Father), Nate (Twin brother)
  • Appearance:
  • Weapon: WIP




Future Quests

The Quest for the Staff of Dreams

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Ajax,

Hello my daughter, *yawn* I need your help with an..... um.. extremely big problem I have. You see, it seems my staff, the Staff of Dreams has been... well stolen. I know what you must be thinking, "Wow, my father has lost a stick with a weird name! Oh joy!". Well it's not just a stick with a fancy name. It's a staff with a large silver orb on the end and that orb holds all the dreams ever dreamed. The user of the staff can control any dream the user pleases. So please find my staff and return it to me at the Rio Casino in Brazel. I'm sure you remember the place seeing as your mother took you there once on your travels. Now the only information I know about the location of my staff is this, go to Salvador, Brazil, when night falls go to the Tchê Night Club and ask for Adriano Baile. You'll have to bargin with the boy but, you'll get the information you'll need from him. Now I must go, Stay safe and keep dreaming, my daughter


General Overview

Ajax and three (maybe four) other questors must travel to Salvador, Brazil and find a gang led by a son of Hypnos and bargan with him for information about the location of the Staff of Dreams. Once they have the information, they must head south along the coast to the small town of Vila Velha where they must find a group of demigods wreaking havoc in the town with the Staff of Dreams. The questors must get the Staff of Dreams then they will meet Lord Morpheus in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil at the Rio Casino. Once they have returned it, they may return back to camp.

Locations and Info:

  • Camp Half-Blood Entrance: Questors meet at camp entrance, simple as that
  • New York City Airport: They get on a plane to Salvador. Here at the airport, they are attacked by several dracnae.
  • Salvador Airport: They arrived in Salvador at sunset and quickly learn they're way to Tchê Night Club. Before they find the club, an old begger woman sent by Morpheus gives them all fake I.D.s
  • Tchê Night Club: When they get into the night club, the demigods get sepperated and while asking around for Adriano Baile, gang members catch each of them and take them to Adriano Baile. Here Ajax must bargin with Adriano to give them information on where the Staff of Dreams is and let them go.
  • Lalai Souza Vintage Store: Adriano Baile and his gang take them back to their base, hiden in a vintage store and let them stay for the night. The next morning, he has one of his gang members give the group a ride to Vila Velha.
  • Vila Velha: Once in Vila Velha, they are attacked by three hellhounds. As soon as their finished taking out the monsters they go to the location that Adriano Baile told them about but, not before passing many of the towns people, freaking out about the horrible nightmares they had been having. Once they find the location, they go into the base and have to split up.
  • Underground Base, Tunnel 1 (2 Demigods): While walking down this tunnel, the two demigods find an room full of spirits and nymphs. They are caught and taken to the main room where several demigods and the staff of Dreams await them.
  • Underground Base, Tunnel 2 (2 or 3 Demigods) 3:  This tunnel leads to the main room where several demigods and the two captured demigods await them.
  • Underground Base, Fight (End Game): The Leader of the base agrees with the questors that if they can win in a fight against her and her follows, they can have the staff of Dreams back, if not, three of them must stay and become her slaves. After a hard battle, the questors win and redeem the Staff of Dreams for themselves.
  • Rio Casino: When they arrived, they meet Morpheus in his hotel room on the top floor of the Casino. After that, he allows them to stay for the night and celeabrate.
  • Rio De Janeiro Airport: Next morning they head to the airport and a cornered by a flock of harpies which they easily take down and they fly back to camp.
  • New York Airport: They get a camp and return to camp.
  • Camp Entrance: They arrived and return into the camp boundries.


The questors make a deal with the leader of the base. If they can win in a fight against her and her follows, they can have the staff of Dreams back, if not, three of them must stay and become her slaves. After a hard battle, the questors win and redeem the Staff of Dreams for themselves.


  1. Ajax Ciro, Daughter of Morpheus, Leader, Shades
  2. Ryurik Konstantinov, Son of Prometheus, Harle
  3. -Tommy Wilson, Son of Cybele, Wolfeh
  4. Guy Neilson, Son of Hephaestus, Dark Choco
  5. reserved for hydro

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