aka Shis, Shi, Turtle, Isaac

  • I live in Merritt, BC, Canada
  • I was born on October 27
  • My occupation is No job
  • I am Male

My background

Hello, my name is Shane Isaac or shisaac. I live in a small town called Merritt, British columbia, Canada. I have a younger twin brother named Shawn. We both grew up. I am really nice and my brother is too. But you happen to get us both mad, we leave nothing but a broken body behind. But other then that we have a nice time. I like Greek Mythology, Manga, Anime, and exotic food that none of family members would never try.

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Im 17, and i weigh 257lbs.

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My Characters

Major Characters

  1. Samael Isaac, son of Hades, Dating Mason Quell
  2. Ivan Kozlov son of Boreas, currently single
  3. Ian Kozlov son of Boreas, currently single
  4. Maryse Atkinson Daughter of Aglaea, deceased
  5. Hinata Otanashi son of Poseidon, single
  6. Jack Tybalt Oullet, son of Eros, currently single
  7. Adriano Capulet, son of Nyx see (Adriano and Romeo Capulet)
  8. Romeo Capulet, Son of Nyx

Minor Characters

  1. Vaska Lynx Spirit, Dating Aloric Bane
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