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I had already made a blog regarding my departure but seeing as hardly anyone had bothered to read/comment on it, I believe that my time's done. I'm proud of the admins and am honoured to have seen this wiki through near-infancy to present day. I've made numerous friends, some who've left, some inactive and others still with me. To my friends, I cannot express how thankful I was to have you by my side. I cannot put into words the whirlwind of emotions/thoughts I'd like to express. It pains me to leave this wiki, truly. I'd lastly like to talk about new users. Through my account, User:SorrowfulReprise, and over the last two and half days, I went on chat, curious to see how people reacted to new users. I will not point fingers but it saddened me slightly when some of those I called friends ignored me, not even bothering to give a small greeting. In addition, few usesrs if any at all made an attempt to help me star outt. I urge you, not for my sake, to please try your best to make new users feel welcome. Now, I quite understand that many of you are busy, lead lives and more but for the first time, I experienced what it felt to enter a new wiki and feel isolated from everyone. I could even feel a slight touch of hostility at times. Please, help these users out, talk to them and make them feel welcome. All it takes is one person to spark a conversation and eventually, a friendship. Now, I know that I wrote "never", but under this account, I will come back time to time, even roleplay, but I will be for the most part severely inactive. I wish each and every one of you a good life and remember me always!
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