aka eror2013792

  • I live in the middle of Nowhere
  • My occupation is being a Photographer
  • I am a Female kid

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Hi <insert name here>! I'm Siriusly Gertified! Though you could call me Sirius or Gerti for short. I'm still new here so please forgive the messy of coding of my profile. I'm still learning how to code neatly. I hope we'll be good friends.. peace out!

Name: Haha, no. I'm not telling anyone about mah name

Age: I'm fourteen years old ^-^

Nationality: I'm a Filipina (surprised?)

Appearance: I have shoulder length black straight hair and I'm ugly

Favorite Color: Blue \(^-^)/

Kasia gorol large

Bernadette -Cloud Nymph
-Sweet Breeze

 – "Let your enemies be disarmed by the gentleness of your manner, but at the same time let them feel, the steadiness of your resentment."

"Hello there!" she smiles

  • Model: Kasia Gorol
  • Status: Alive
  • Relationship Status: Single


Name Origin Who Can Use It
Sirius Part of my Username Everybody
Gerti Part of my Username Everybody
Sirius Black User:DarkMerc << It's up to him
Padfoot User:Angeli di Angelo


Gerri User:Slayingthehalcyon

Him only ><


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