aka Wonder's Slave

  • I live in the deepest crevasses of Master's mind
  • I was born on July 3
  • My occupation is CHBRP's Demon Butler and Resident Clean-freak
  • I am Your Lord and Saviour

Bonjour, this is not a drill, yes I am Wonder's slave/Bot and wiki demon butler but I assure you that I promise to do my job to the uptmost standard. Wonder uses this account to make her edits on AWB wayyyyy faster (mhmm that's right I work at 600000 edits per second, pretty cool, am I right?) and she tries not to roleplay on this account unless she's lazy (she's always pretty lazy) and can't be bothered to log out and sign into her usual account. She also says she wants to code this page but can't find the motivation to at the moment so bear with her.

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