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  • I live in Portsmouth, England (even though I'm Scottish)
  • My occupation is Child God of Transformation
  • I am Male

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Hi peeps, I'm Son.Of.Khione but if you know me, just call me SoK. This is my
Sok & the gamg

Me (far right) 2 years ago when I lived in Germany.

page. SCREW WITH IT AND YOU DIE!!!!! Please check out my blogs (When I upload some). If you need anything post a message on my talk page. Now enjoy...
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So true


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Patrocat2 Congratulations! You are an official person of the epicness world where I live! Just talk to me here!

For what it's worth, Jake loves you for your awesomeness and such

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For all the funny jokes and for all the late nights. For all the random laughs and awkward silences. For being there throughout my times of trouble, toil and need. And most of all, for being a true friend
-Son Of Apollo

The King of Insanity, The Master of Annoying, and the God of Transformers blesses you with this righteous Badge, for being a Friend
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