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Name: Suhail
Pronunciation: Sue-Hail
Meaning: Arabic for the Star, Canopus
Born: 18th January 1996
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship: Single
Native Language: English
Accent: British (Home County - typical British accent)
Languages Spoken: English

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What I Look Like

Eye Colour Really dark Brown
Hair Colour Black
Height 5'6"ish??
Weight I don't actually know
Handedness Left
Shoe Size 6
Blood Type (I don't know I'm awful)
Voice Tenor
Eye Sight Horrific
Health Status Healthy
Clothing Style Skinny Jeans, Jumpers
Distinguishing Marks None
Body Style Slim

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About Me
Marg frame

But that’s just life. We dream, we laugh, we cry. And, for a while, we live. It’s staggered and jagged at best, but a life nonetheless; until we die. And our lives become shadows - slowly forgotten as they pass into the mist.


Hi there! I'm Sonofapollo, but more commonly known as SoA. I've been part of this wiki for quite a while now (over three years now, I believe!). I'm a huge, huge fan of Rick Riordan's works and also have a huge love for Greek Mythology (so far as that I'm doing Classical Civilisations at University!) I've been a Rollback and Admin of this wiki before, so if you do require any help, then please do let me know!

See ya around,

When a Tyrell farts...Margaeryit smells of a Rose.~Sonofapollo

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My Characters

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Reserved Models

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  • WIP
  • WIP

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Useful Links

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Disclaimer: Some/Most of these may contain explicit content and mature themes but mostly swearing so proceed with care, for out there be monsters! **Also: it seems as though most of my links (once clicked) have a "%7C" attached onto the end of the link, which is stopping you from accessing my sites. If you want to access them, just click the link and remove the "%7C" to get the site! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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